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You can’t take that away from us!

Friday night, Red and I returned to the scene of the crime to reclaim our stomping grounds.  We’ll be damned if we let some silly iranian boys run us out of our bar!  That was the first step…let the healing begin!

V turned up a little later and regailed us with stories of her vacation in Viet Nam.  She’s the only person I know who can return from a 2-week trip, a long ass plane ride, and then be up for meeting for drinks within a couple of hours of returning home. 

There was a brief moment when Red thought we might end up in a fight with random guy’s girlfriend, but that appeared to be unwarranted.  So, aside from the initial trepidation about returning, it was a great night!

Quotes of the evening:

Red:  She just got back from Viet Nam. 
Drunk guy:  Whoa.  Are you in the service?  Are you ok? 
V:  Um…you know that war is over, right? 
Drunk guy:  Sorry.  I’m not very educated.

“Tell striped-shirt-guy that I will make him moan all night.”

Red:  Just how horny are you?  
V:  DAMN horny. 
Red:  Ok, let me see what I can do (as she wanders off to chat up random guys).

Happy Birthday, V!

Went to her birthday dinner tonight and managed to find my way there, in the dark, without getting completely lost.  It was a big crowd…about 15-20 I’d guess.  Luckily there were a few people there that I knew or I would’ve had serious anxiety.  And V seemed to enjoy herself, so that’s what counts, right?

Conversations with Dr Honeydew are becoming more and more intense.  I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or a bad thing yet.  What I do know is that the next 5 weeks are going to feel like an eternity.

The Craig Machine

Mexigoalie, Nala, and I went to see Stephen Lynch’s Craig Machine show at the Majestic last night.  It was the first time I’ve seen him live and he did not disappoint.  This guy is hysterical.  He had us cracking up from the very beginning with “Craig.”  Mexigoalie and I were hoping he’d do “Priest” as well, complete with microphone licking, but he didn’t.  Oh well, it was still an amusing night!

I had never been to The Majestic before.  It really is a beautiful old theatre!  Very ornate.  Lynch said it looked like an ancient Greek porn theatre, complete with a sticky floor!  He did “Superhero” and took suggestions from the audience for additional verses.  The funniest one resulted from an annoying girl in the audience who felt compelled to yell things out throughout the entire show.  I managed to get some video of it….the video is crap but the audio came out pretty well. 

He wrapped up the show with an encore that included a performance of a song from The Wedding Singer that he is performing in on Broadway.  The show ended a little after 10pm.

Afterwards, we headed to V’s for her house party.  After the previous drama, we made it a point not to talk about the show much.  The party was fun though.  We got there in time to catch the last half of the Stars game on tv.  Then hung around and chatted out on the patio until the wee hours.  Good times

Moving Time

I think it is inevitable.  And that sucks.  But I think I have to change my blog location.  V saw it when she was here before the Halloween Party.  She said she was good and didn’t look, because she has one that she uses for the same purpose….a true journal, and understands wanting to keep it private from anyone she might mention.  So as to be able to not be influenced, and therefore less honest, by knowing those people might be reading.

But….I know she reads blogs religiously.  And I know that my earlier entry about our conflict was soooo not my honest reaction.  And I know I wrote a followup entry to that entry that has been sitting in ‘Draft’ mode because…well, I am a wimp and don’t want to worry about whether or not she is reading here.

And dammit, I want this to be a TRUE account of my inner thoughts at the time.  Sooooo, I think I’ll be moving soon.  What a pain in the ass.  Sigh. 

Comments from old blog:
gak – Nov 08, 05:  i’m glad you changed. i will keep up with you! at this point i’d like to move too… for honesty’s sake… but i don’t.

Nilla – Nov 06, 05:  Hmmm. My email notification things don’t seem to work. I am never ever ever notified for the lists that I am on, and, I have no idea if the people on the list of my blog are getting notified.

I would say it’s not really a headache but, not everyone is on the notify list- I have bunches of people that read and comment but only four on my ‘list’.

Daisy – Nov 06, 05: Well the only few I know of that read somewhat regularly are on my email notification list. Won’t that work? Or is this going to be a bigger headache than I thought?

Nilla – Nov 05, 05:  Do what I should’ve done when I changed blogs: Post a note saying to pass over email addresses if they want to be updated on your change. Then you can choose whether or not to let that person know where’ve you’ve gone. I went from over 40 readers to about 4 or 5 I think, and it really really annoys me, because after a year or so, it can feel like they are sort of your friends!

The Mermaid, The Punk, and The Drunk-Driver

I thought I pulled off the costume pretty well.  I got a hot pink leopard print bra to wear underneath, with the straps showing, of course.  Hot pink fishnets.  Ripped fishnet gloves.  A really tacky pink purse.  Some fake tattoos on my shoulder blade and chest.  A pearl necklace (too obvious to pass up), some fun rings, the silver nails.  The fake eyelashes.  Bad makeup. 

And here’s the very best part….I found some kickass hooker shoes at Payless.  They have the clear lucite bottoms and heel.  With a clear and silver band across the top of the foot.  And the heels light up when you walk!!!!!   They are hysterical!  

I rode to the party with V, who did the punk rock thing.  We got there around 9pm, so we completely missed the game (my fault, I was late and dealing with fake nails popping off left and right).  The normal happy hour bunch “got” my outfit.  But some random guys had the nerve to ask me if I was a mermaid!  WTF?! 

After numerous glasses of too much Turkey and not enough 7, I was feeling pretty good.  And at some point, the clear plastic straps that were helping hold my dress up broke.  The dress was already sliding a little too low up top before that, and I’d been pulling it up all night.  By the time the straps broke, I was oblivious apparently.  There are far too many pictures with far too much of my pushup bra showing.

There were some good costumes.  Marilyn, Elvis, Spongebob, Rasta Guerin, a Royal Flush, a Wet Tshirt Contest Winner, a Vagina, some scary creatures.  And more people asking if I was a mermaid.  Grrr!  The best costume of the night, IMO, was a (gay) man dressed as a priest…with a young boy, um, attached…to his groin area.  I was in tears from laughing so hard.  Does that make me a bad person?  😛


V & I left around 3am I think.  We didn’t get 10 minutes down the road when some crazy person in a truck jumped a curb and was headed straight for us.  Luckily there was a split in the road to the right, so V jerked that way really quick.  But not fast enough.  The asshole nailed the driver’s side rear of her car, denting up her fender and completely ripping the bumper off. 

We stopped in the middle of the road, got out, and the truck was no where to be seen.  V went running down the street to retrieve her bumper and threw it in her back seat.  We turned around and pulled into a parking lot.  Noticed some girl walking across the street and figured she was walking over from the apartments to get some food.  Then V spotted the truck…through the fence of that apartment complex.  And we realized that girl walking across the street, who had since disappeared, was none other than the hit-and-run-and-plow-through-a-fence driver.

V called the police and they asked if we were part of the wreck at some intersection (barely a block away).  No, we’re really close to there, but that’s not us.  They tell V there is a cop at the gas station on the corner dealing with the other wreck and for us to go over there.  So we do.  V had changed into jeans before the party ended.  I was still in my dirty whore martini getup complete with light up heels.  Quite a sight, I’m sure.

Come to find out, this driver had ran a red light, hit someone, took off through a gas station parking lot, hit someone else’s car in the parking lot, took off again through the Wendy’s parking lot, out onto the street, over the curb, bounced off of V’s car and then drove through a fence.  Un-freaking-real.  Luckily they had caught the girl and she was already in the back of the police car.  And there was insurance on the vehicle (which apparently belonged to the crazy driver’s girlfriend).

After the police got V’s statement, they asked her what her “friend was supposed to be.”  Atleast they didn’t think I was a mermaid. 

A few more pics here.