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Santa Monica Pier and Hwy 1

Sunday morning we had to be out of the hotel by 11am.  So we loaded back up into Dilbert’s truck and headed north again, back into LA.  He drove us through Rodeo Drive so I could atleast say I’d seen that.  And then we drove through the Brentwood area.  Sooo bummed I didn’t know Marilyn’s address off the top of my head.  If I’d known we were going back into that area, I would have made it a point to find out so I could see that, too.  Oh well.

Then we headed to Santa Monica pier.  I was thinking wooden thing over water.  No thanks.  Instead, it was a big huge thing, only partially over water, with games and rides and vendors and restaurants and stuff.  Pretty cool.  We spent most of the afternoon there, wandering around, taking pictures, letting the kids play some games, and ate lunch next to a little stage area where there was a really good blues band performing.  Dilbert and I liked that.  I could’ve sat and listened to that all day long.

Then we piled back into the truck and headed towards San Diego.  We took the scenic route that was pretty much ocean-view the entire way.  Soooo pretty.  At one point, there was an easy access area to pull off, so we pulled over so I could take some pics.

Not far past that, we saw the most gorgeous golf course ever.  I don’t even play, but I’d be tempted to learn with a view like that.  As we got further down the highway, we found out it was a Trump golf course.  Dilbert looked it up online when we got home that night and said it was like $140 for the twilight (cheapest!) times.  Um.  Yeah.  Don’t think any of us will be playing there.

We got back to Escondido around 10pm.  My eye was killing me by then, so I crashed pretty early.

Monday morning, I woke up with my eye barely even able to open it was so swollen.  And RED!  I flushed it out as much as I could but could barely see out of it.  Everything was blurry.  I talked to my mom the nurse and she said warm compresses and to get my ass to a doctor.

After a hot shower, it felt a little better and was not as swollen but still awful and red.  So when my sis-in-law got home, I got her to bring me to a doctor to get it looked at.  After waiting about an hour, he looked at my eye and said he could tell it was irritated (DUH!).  Put some weird dye stuff in it and looked at it under a blacklight.  But said he couldn’t see anything in there.  Just that it was scratchy.  He ended up giving me a prescription for some eye drops to help with and/or prevent infection that I’m supposed to use for the next 2 days and if it’s not better by the time I get back to Dallas Wednesday night, to go see someone there.

Here’s hoping it helps.