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It’s Playoff Time!!!

Playoff hockey for my Stars started tonight.  And we are, again, facing the Ducks in the first round.  Stupid Ducks.

I’m hoping this is the year we finally break the one-and-done cycle.  The Stars haven’t made it out of the first round of the playoffs since 2003!  I said I wasn’t even going to watch the first round because it was just a tease. 

Obviously, that was a lie because here I sit, cheering the boys on in their currently 3-0 lead towards the end of the 2nd period.  And hoping that they don’t blow it in the 3rd like they’ve been known to do in recent games.  I’m outwardly not getting my hopes up, but inside I just know we can beat these pesky Ducks.  And a game one win on the road would be  a big boost for the Stars.

SWEEEET!  It’s now 4-0. 

Bring on the 3rd.  And LEHTS GO STARS!!!