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I just haven’t had the time to blog lately.  And when I have had time, I just wanted to relax (and enjoy my latest addiction).  So, I owe entries on the following:

  • Hurricane Ike (my family lives in Beaumont)
  • Friends who vent about others’ acts of “rudeness” when, in fact, that friend is guilty of the very same acts
  • Biting the bullet and calling EAP to get back into counseling
  • How the Roku box for Netflix instant viewing over my tv is taking over my life

Money, it’s a gas.

I made the right choice in not going to the lake this weekend.  Granted, it would’ve been more fun, but as a result of my staying home, I manged to get a ton of work done yesterday.  I still have more to do today, but I feel a huge weight off of my shoulders already.  Of course, that weight will be replaced with all the other tasks coming in relation to testing, recreating training, and the upgrade itself.  But…it’s nice to breathe a little easier, if only for a day.

I’m trying to get control of my finances.  I’m an online shopaholic.  There’s just something about those lovely packages arriving on my doorstep.  Nevermind the fact that I already have enough philosophy, smashbox, and bare escentuals stuff to open my own store…I have a hard time passing up a deal.  And wouldn’t you know it, philosophy had the TSV on QVC yesterday.   I lead such an exciting life.  Yes, after working more than a full day, I spent my Saturday night with the infamous shopping channel on in the background while I read.  I displayed some restraint, but not enough. 

Anyway, I need to cut my expenses wherever possible if I want to get out from under my debt. A car note would not even be close to an issue if it weren’t for that…and I will be needing to upgrade my transportation soon.  So I’ve just changed my wireless phone plan (I never came close to using up all my “anytime” minutes), found a plan that include the earlier time for night and weekends (that I was currently paying extra for), eliminated the PCS to PCS (because I talk to less than a handful of people who have Sprint), and got rid of that stupid insurance they talked me into with my new phone last year.  Should result in about a $25 savings per month over my previous plan. 

Now I need to get to work on my cable tv & internet pricing.  I’m considering ditching the HBO for awhile.  I rarely have time for it anyway and, besides, that’s what Netflix is for!  And that, I will NOT live without.


Technically, it’s Saturday now.  But since I haven’t gone to bed yet, it still counts as Friday.  I was supposed to go to the game tonight but was too damn worn out and all I wanted to do was come home, put my pj’s on, drink some wine, watch the game, and veg. 

The Stars won in a shootout.  I’m still not crazy about those deciding the game, but I have to admit, they are pretty damn exciting to watch.  Even more so in person.  The whole crowd is on its feet cheering through every shooter’s attempt and every goalie’s save and every puck that makes it into the net (unless, of course, it’s against MY team).  It’s electrifying!

Now I am watching the 5th (of 6) disc of the second season of Queer as Folk.  Thanks to Mexigoalie for loaning them to me, I am so freaking hooked on this show. I don’t want to watch the last one yet because then what will I do?  It will be atleast a week before Netflix starts sending me season 3.

Jesus.  I really am living vicariously through gay characters on a tv show.  I guess gay sex is better than no sex though, right? The writers for this show are awesome.  The characters are incredible.  And there’s lots of hot guys and bare asses.  What’s not to like?  :)

Season 2…and a completely unexpected engagement!

Got the 1st dvd of the second season of Six Feet Under last week and am just now getting around to watching it, what with hockey back on, my Netflix rentals are taking a backseat. 

I was at that miserable 3-2 loss to the Avs on Saturday.  Talk about a BAD time to take a (ridiculously long) penalty.  But it was only the 2nd game.  And good to see the guys defending each other, justified or not.  I’m splitting my seat with a friend’s mom, so will be watching tomorrow night’s game from the comfort of my living room. 

Oh, and now for the jawdropping news I received this weekend:  a hockey friend of mine, let’s call her Miss Hut, is ENGAGED.  To a guy she met online.  Barely a month ago.  I’m trying to think positive for her but….that’s just a little creepy to me.  They’ve spent every spare minute together since they met, which is, well, weird to me.  I mean, people talk about wanting to spend every waking moment together but they don’t actually do it.  Do they?? 

I should also add that Miss Hut has never even had a serious boyfriend before.  She’s a few years older than me, so she should be able to take care of herself.  However, she’s also got some issues that she has been working on.  The most obvious being her weight.  She’s lost somewhere in the ballpark of 100 pounds since we all first met.  She still has more to go, but that in itself is bound to inspire a serious boost in confidence.  Anyway, I’m just worried that she might be latching on to the first seemingly good guy to give her the time of day.  I hope I’m wrong but…Sigh.

Ok, time for SFU.  Then hopefully to sleep.  Early meeting tomorrow that I need to prepare for.

Million Dollar Baby

I finally watched it earlier.  It was a pretty good movie, but don’t believe (all of) the hype.  I cannot comprehend how this won best picture this year.  In comparison to Finding Neverland, Hotel Rwanda, and The Aviator, it was average at best. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I liked it.  I just didn’t LOVE it.  The story was kind of cliched for the first half:  Girl (well, she’s over 30) from nowhere wants to be a boxer.  Wants a trainer.  Trainer doesn’t want to take on a girl.  Eventually he does.  She goes on a 1st round knockout spree.  Wants a title fight.  Then something bad happens.  And I pretty much cried for the rest of the movie.

It’s not a feel-good movie.  But it’s a good movie.

Oh yeah. I like it.

I watched the second disc of Six Feet Under:  Season 1 today.  It has episodes 4-8 on it.  After the first disc, I wasn’t sure, but having watched the next 5 episodes, I really like it.  I’m irritated that I didn’t time my Netflix movies better so that I’d have atleast the next one here to watch over the weekend. 

Instead, I have a foreign film and Million Dollar Baby.  And don’t feel like watching either of them.  So I’m watching this 80s marathon thing on Encore.  I’ve sat through Weird Science, About Last Night, and now, the 2nd Nightmare on Elm Street.  My life is so exciting. 

Atleast tomorrow isn’t the day before work.  It’ll be like it is Saturday all over again, only hopefully without all the cramps.