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Itty bitty notebook

Today I received my Dell Mini 10″ Netbook.  It is green and adorable.  I have not, as of yet, determined how usable it is.  I’m using it now. 

I have been trying to break the bad habit of using my work laptop for everything, but I missed being able to sit in the living room and browse the internet at the same time.  If I go sit in my office, it’s too confining, and I end up spending way too much time online.  With the laptop, I could check email, facebook, flickr, just quickly for updates and then go back to the movie I might be watching or the book I might be reading.  But am seeing more and more how using my work laptop was keeping me tied to my job when I am supposed to be off.

So, a few weeks back I ordered this cute little netbook.  It’s about the size of a small spiral notebook.  The keyboard is slightly smaller than a regular keyboard, but not unbearable for my average-sized hands.  it just takes some getting used to.

The screen is pretty small, making some fonts hard to read.  I have 30 days to decide, so I’ll try and use it as much as possible between now and then to see if this is something I can live with.  The added benefit will be that I can take this one with me if I travel and be able to download pictures, etc, without having to lug the big laptop with me.

Did I mention it was green?  A pretty shiny lime green.  Too freaking cute.