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Won’t you please, please help me?

I love Mexigoalie.  He and Nala came over after his game tonight and Mexigoalie has spent the last 5+ hours sitting here helping me write bios for the program.  Tomorrow we’ll start on the ads.  Mr & Mrs Dubya are supposed to come by for a bit, too, so hopefully we’ll have this knocked out by tomorrow afternoon.  Then I can get started on projects for work that I needed to have completed long before now. 

Oh, and Sharla, I’ve tried the free beer and pizza thing before.  It always just turns into a social hour where nothing really gets done.  The less the merrier in this case! 

Happy New Year!

The Stars have had a winning tradition on NYE for years.  They even fought to get the schedule rearranged so they could play at home on New Year’s again this year.  Something magical always seemed to happen at each year’s game.  This was the first NYE game I ever got to attend.  My baby daddy scored two goals.


It was the only two goals the Stars scored all night.  We lost  3-2.  Dammit.  Why the hell did my boys wait until the 3rd period to start playing to win??  Oh yeah, and it was our group’s declared green hair night. 


jh5366    100_5365a

We sat around on the patio, drinking appletinis and reflecting on the past year and what each of us had accomplished and learned in 2005.  We got a little emotional (I’m sure the alcohol helped) and talked about our friendships and relationships and stuff.  And then realized it was almost midnight so we ran back inside, grabbed the party hats and scrambled to find the countdown to the New Year on tv.

We found the channel just in time to catch the “3…..2…..1….” part.  I’m a dork and forgot the whole kissing thing that happens.  I’ve been home by myself on NYE the past 5 years.  So as we are all saying Happy New Year to each other, I give Nala a hug and he gave me a peck on the cheek.  The kissing thing still didn’t occur to me.  Then I go to give Curly a hug.  He was apparently going for a kiss and ended up with my cheek.  It wasn’t that I wouldn’t have kissed him, I just didn’t expect it.  And to make matters worse, I then kissed everyone else after that.  Everyone but Curly and Nala.  I hope he didn’t think I intentionally dodged him.


>My faraway friend, I’ll call him Dr. Honeydew, called after midnight, on his drunken walk home.  So we passed the phone around and let everyone say hello and Happy New Year and stuff.  He’s an absolute doll and I love him to pieces.  I’ve alluded to him in here once before, but I won’t point it out now.  That’s a story for another day.

So, Curly is this guy that I’ve known for a year or two now.  He has short wavy hair, hence the Curly.  Tall.  Nice looking.  Incredibly dry wit.  Very quiet.  Introverted.  Very even-keeled.  He’s a great guy.  He really is.  And sometimes I think there is a potential relationship there.  Several of my friends insist that he’s into me.  I’m not so sure.  But the bigger question is, am I interested in him?  Sometimes yes.  Sometimes no.  I think maybe he’s too old for me.  I don’t necessarily mean in years, although he is about 8 years older.  What I mean is, he’s a lot more settled down.  A lot more laid back.  I don’t know if we’d like the same things, other than the Stars. 

Dr. Honeydew, who I can talk to about damn near anything, says that these are things you find out when you date someone.  And that I either want to date Curly or I don’t.  I, however, am of the opinion that I don’t want to cross that line of friendship to find out if I like him as something more.  Because it’s hard to backtrack from that and remain friends.  I think that, in spending more time with him as friends, I’ll learn more about which direction I am leaning and whether or not I really am interested in something more.  And if he is as well.  Dr. Honeydew says that is me being a chicken.

What say you?

Comments from old blog:Nilla – Jan 01, 06:  Which one is Curly?

I get really philosophical in themiddle of the night… I say, if you didn’t want to make the guy your soul partner, then, don’t push it. I personally don’t want to “settle” for someone. Yeah, he’s nice and I like him or whatever, but if there isn’t that pssion and connection then it’s just not there. I don’t think that kind of stuff grows from nothing.

SWF – Jan 01, 06:  Curly is the guy I’m hugging on my patio.

I know what you mean about not wanting to settle. Boy howdy, do I! There’s a spark there, I just think I’ve just become so overly cautious and guarded over the past few years that I am nit-picking every possible scenario and how it might play out.

Nilla – Jan 02, 06:  Yup, he’s pretty cute. And every time I see new pictures posted of you on here, I’m struck by how pretty you are! I don’t see why you’re trying to lose all that weight. I think you look fine!

 Laura – Jan 03, 06:  I think you should GO FOR IT with Curly :) I agree it would be scary, because when you cross over the friendship line it *IS* hard. And I know he’s mentioned things about certain attributes that are important to him in a woman that would be hard for anyone to live up to!! Like awesome credit scores and stuff. lmao But I think he is DEFINITELY into you. He’d be crazy not to be!! And I think he’s absolutely adorable. You definitely need to think about it, because of the friendship there. But I’d say it is definitely something worth thinking about!!!!

Daisy – Jan 03, 06:  Rats, Laura! I’d forgotten someone was reading that knows me in “real” life. LOL

And hey, I have an outstanding credit score! I’ve been more than responsible with my debt…I just have too much of it. 😛

Yes, he’s adorable. But I don’t know if we are compatible. I think we (all of us! lol) are a little too wild sometimes. I just don’t want it to be awkward. And if I’m wrong about it (on both sides), it could be.

Daisy – Jan 03, 06:  Oh, and Nilla. Thanks. But I have the benefit of only posting pics of me where I don’t have 5 chins or my gut rolls aren’t showing. 😛

Laura  – Jan 04, 06:  That’s okay….. your secret is safe with me! :)

I have nothing to say.

Really, I don’t.  It’s late.  I should be asleep.   Besides, I sound like one of those mechanical voicebox things so you really don’t want me to say anything. 

I thought I was feeling better last Thursday.  So I met Mexigoalie, Nala, and Cat at Uncle Julio’s for Nala’s birthday on Friday afternoon.  Then went to the Stars game with Red (hey, I paid $50 for that ticket to sit in the lower bowl and I wasn’t about to let some silly illness make that money go to waste!).  All week I had been able to last, at most, 4 hours before curling up and sleeping for an hour or two.  The stupid decongestent my doctor gave me makes me sooo drowsy.  So by the time I got ready, drove to the restaurant, ate, and we headed to the game, I was already a good 3 hours into my semi-alert and awake time. 

Midway through the first period, my eyes were tearing up, my throat hurt, and I couldn’t pay attention to the game.  That’s right…I could not stay focused on the hockey game.  Now you know I felt like shit.

Stars vs Coyotes

Somehow, by the beginning of the 3rd period, I was feeling a little more human and was able to yell and scream and enjoy the game.  Except for the fact that I had essentially no voice.  We lost the game, which sucked.  And confirmed my superstition that I can not ever sit in a different seat again.  From now on, it’s my season ticket seat or bust. 

After the game, Red had begged and pleaded with us days in advance to meet up afterwards for post-game adult beverages.   So about 12 or so of us hit the Old No 7 for a few.  I guess the alcohol numbed my throat so I felt ok, but my voice was getting harder and harder to tolerate.

After staying longer than a sick girl should, I finally headed home around midnight.  Decided to stop at Jack in the Box for some coffee.  Now keep in mind that I had not uttered a word since I said bye to my friends and left the bar.  So it was to my complete surprise, and utter horror, that when I opened my mouth to order at the drive thru, I couldn’t get anything out louder than a whisper.   I had to pull around to the window and repeat myself (as if repeating the words in my head that I couldn’t seem to vocalize really did much good) and use various attempts at sign language to order my coffee. 

Three days later and I can talk now atleast.  But I sound like a complete freak.  Like I should be pushing some invisible button on my throat to speak. 

The Craig Machine

Mexigoalie, Nala, and I went to see Stephen Lynch’s Craig Machine show at the Majestic last night.  It was the first time I’ve seen him live and he did not disappoint.  This guy is hysterical.  He had us cracking up from the very beginning with “Craig.”  Mexigoalie and I were hoping he’d do “Priest” as well, complete with microphone licking, but he didn’t.  Oh well, it was still an amusing night!

I had never been to The Majestic before.  It really is a beautiful old theatre!  Very ornate.  Lynch said it looked like an ancient Greek porn theatre, complete with a sticky floor!  He did “Superhero” and took suggestions from the audience for additional verses.  The funniest one resulted from an annoying girl in the audience who felt compelled to yell things out throughout the entire show.  I managed to get some video of it….the video is crap but the audio came out pretty well. 

He wrapped up the show with an encore that included a performance of a song from The Wedding Singer that he is performing in on Broadway.  The show ended a little after 10pm.

Afterwards, we headed to V’s for her house party.  After the previous drama, we made it a point not to talk about the show much.  The party was fun though.  We got there in time to catch the last half of the Stars game on tv.  Then hung around and chatted out on the patio until the wee hours.  Good times