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Playing catchup

I’m not meaning to neglect you, dear blog.  I’ve just been on brain overload.  This past weekend was good though.  Another day or two longer and it would’ve been perfect.  😛

Met MommyK and MrsDrillTeam for lunch at 1pm on Saturday.  An appetizer of fried pickles, our entrees, and several glasses of wine later, we found ourselves on the patio, with more wine, a couple of shots, and a case of the giggles.  Good times.

A phone call with Dr Honeydew during the midst of all that was funny.  He may not have thought so though.  I told him MrsDT wanted to talk to him, he said ok.  Then she, loudly, asks in the background, “CAN I ASK HIM ABOUT THE PHONE SEX?!”  Guess he got his first taste of the bluntness that is my girlfriends….which, of course, is why I love them so much.  One reason anyway.

We finally left Love & War around 8pm.  Since it was so close by, I decided to swing back by the furniture store to check out the living room furniture I’ve been eyeballing for months.  I couldn’t find the exact match I was hoping for, so, with the decision making skills of someone who’s been drinking (lightly) for the past 7 hours, I ended up getting the whole set (sofa, chair and a half, ottoman, and chaise) in the same fabric.  It’s a cool golden tapestry print with a little burgandy and olive green in the background.  It’s scheduled to be delivered on Thursday.  Yippee!  I can’t wait to curl up in that big cozy chair with a good book this weekend.  Or lounge around and watch movies on the chaise.  Or maybe even snuggle with Dr Honeydew on the sofa next weekend!

I’ve got another game-watching gathering and GNO dinner scheduled with the hockey girls this Saturday.  Should be good times as well.

Work has been busy, but better lately.  With the transitioning of my being the primary support for all functional issues to me being the backup and 2nd level support and SD becoming the primary, that will free up a lot of time for me to get the rest of my responsibilities handled.  Granted, there’s some training time to make all of this happen, but the plan is, by the end of the month (and before I leave for vacation) she’ll be up and running and able to handle it moving forward.

I finally started yesterday, thanks to the added push from the progesterene pills Doc prescribed.  I’m supposed to insert the NuvaRing 2-5 days into my cycle.  So I’m going to try to wait until Thursday or Friday to do that to make sure the 3 week removal date doesn’t fall during my trip to San Diego.

She also called me with my test results from all the bloodwork I had done last week.  No pregnancy, no HIV, no STDs, no thyroid problems, no extreme hormonal imbalance.  So YAY for all of that.  She wants me to come back and do the glucose test again, after having fasted for 8 hours.  Apparently she has a very slight concern about that and something called PCOS.  But I’m not to panic until we redo that test.  I’m not horribly worried about it yet anyway because I don’t think most of the symptoms apply to me.  Although, the fact that I’ve been on birth control pills for the past 15+ years could have been what has kept (or delayed) me from experiencing some of them.  Hopefully I’ll make it by there this week to do the repeat bloodwork.  Figure if I go first thing in the morning, that will take care of the fasting part.

Dr Honeydew flies in next Thursday night.  He’s got a work-related trip to Chicago first, so now will be flying in from there….after having been up for atleast 24 hours straight from the labtime.  Anyway, I’m excited.

Onward and upward

Having fallen dreadfully behind on our plans to get together atleast every other month, I met MommyK and MrsDrillTeam for lunch on Saturday.  When the emails first started being exchanged, I was under the impression that they were going to come to my house to visit and catchup.  Neither of them has seen my house since the day I closed on it (over a year ago) when they brought me a basket full of house goodies.  Needless to say, the house looks completely and utterly different.  And they have yet to see it.  So I said, sure this weekend looks good for me.

When I got the voicemail from MrsDrillTeam Friday evening, I was informed that we were meeting at BJ’s in Plano for lunch.  Ummm…..ok?  I’ll admit, I was a little annoyed and a little hurt by the change in perceived plans.  But whatever.  I was just glad we weren’t cancelling the plans all together.

I know I’m being silly, but I just feel sooooo outside the loop with them now.  They are both married.  One has an almost-year-old baby girl and the other is dealing with the whole parent-child reversal.  Suddenly (not suddenly at all) the usual topics of conversation have evolved from hot guys and sex to babies and family vacations and stuff.  I feel like I don’t have anything to contribute.  It’s still great to see them and catch up but I just feel like the third wheel sometimes.

I was literally tearing up hearing MrsDrillTeam’s latest story of heartache in dealing with her mom and her dad.  Her dad is still living with them and they just recently had to put her mom in a facility.  So she’s had a lot of guilt over that, but I think she’s coming to terms atleast.

The odd part is, while I was sad for MrsDrillTeam and for her parents and the simple fact that her family seems to have had to endure one crisis after another, what I was most saddened by was to hear her talk of her husband and how she could not get through it without him and his support.

I am so happy for both she and MommyK for that fact that they have truly found remarkable husbands and are still so obviously in love.  I don’t think either of them could have been better matched.  They are so supportive of each other, too.  I can’t help but smile when I see them together or hear them talk about their significant others.

Which is why it is so horribly wrong that I should let that get me down.  I guess it’s a touch of the green-eyed monster.  I feel horrible that I should get that poor pitiful me outlook from spending time with them.  I really do.  But some days, especially in the past week or so while going through one of my “down times,” I can’t help but wish I was the one who had some incredible guy who loved and supported me through the good and bad days of life.

After questioning from Dr Honeydew later that night (apparently my happy-go-lucky facade had worn thin), he brought it all to the surface and got me to tell him what was eating at me.  He may regret it now because I was in true emotional crybaby form.  I hate that I was such a wreck, but it was just one of those days.  Anyway, he reminded me that I shouldn’t feel bad about the fact that I am strong enough to make it on my own.  Not that I want to, but just the fact that I can.  And sure, some days we just fall to our knees.  But that’s why we (should) have friends that can pick us back up I suppose.  Lucky for me I have him.

I’m feeling much better today, so apparently the battle of the blues has ended for now.

SPF: Back to School

   Stuff Portrait Friday

This week’s assignment (brought to you by Random and Odd):


  • Your Yearbook (any year)

  • The person who made life hell for you.

  • The person you still talk to.

 One of you blogger types tell her I played, ok?  For some reason it’s not allowing me to comment over there.  Mean blogger.  😛

So, it would appear that I do not have a single yearbook from high school.  I know I got screwed out of my senior yearbook (thanks, Mrs I’ll-Get-You-One-For-Planning-Junior-Prom) but apparently I don’t have any other ones either.  Either my brother , Duckie, has them all, or they are still stacked on a bookshelf somewhere at my parents’ house.  So, no yearbook pic for me.  EDIT:  Well crap.  I found 2 of them after I posted this.  If I get good and motivated, I’ll add a pic here later.

Person who made life hell for me:  Would have to by my junior high / highschool sweetheart, and I use the term loosely, because, while we did date off and on (mostly on) from 7th grade until after graduation, he was no angel.  It’s funny how a lot of my best and my worst memories of school involve him. 

Here we are in 8th grade.  Anyone remember those Rude Dog shirts?  LOL

Junior High

And at my Senior Prom.  Check out his mullet and my big hair!  We broke up, for the last time, about 3 months later but kept “in touch” (insert evil grin) for almost another 6 months.  He was my first love.  Years later, I would become friends with his (now ex) wife and mother of his twin boys!  Hearing her stories confirmed that I did the right thing.  He hadn’t changed a bit.  Still playing the same old games.  I hear he is remarried now.  Here’s hoping he’s finally settled down and happy. 

Senior Prom

Person I still talk to:  There’s quite a few actually, so I’ll just pick 3.  Two girls I went to school with (MommyK and MrsDrillTeam) ended up living in the same area as me, so we try to get together when we can.  Of course, they are both married and one of them just had her first child, so those get togethers are further and further apart these days. 

MommyK     MrsDrillTeam

And more recently, at our 10-year reunion with their hubbies:

And another, that I don’t talk to as often as I’d like, but always make it a point to go see her when I head south.  One of my very best friends from school, let’s call her Barbie, because she’s pretty and skinny and blonde. 


 It’s amazing we ever became friends in the first place.  I met her in 7th grade and we couldn’t have been more opposite of each other.  I was the bad girl, she was the wide-eyed innocent new kid.  My how times have changed!  Here’s us one night at our 10-year reunion:

I miss you, Barbie.  Come visit soon, please!