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Go Mo! Go!

Mikey Mo had one hell of a game tonight.  He was like a man possessed…and more importantly, he looked, every inch, the Mike Modano superstar I’ve known and loved.  He scored a goal in the first minute of the game and another one before the first period was over.  We had the lead but ended up letting them come back and tie the game, forcing it to overtime.  After 5 minutes of a scoreless OT, we got to see our very first ever regular season shootout on home ice! 

Zubov, Jokinen, and Modano were the 3 shooters for Dallas.  Zubov missed his (he’s been incredible in the 2 we’ve faced on the road).  Jokinen slipped his past Carolina’s goaltender.  The visiting team made 2 of theirs.  So it was all up to Mikey as the third shooter for the Stars.  It was his first chance at a shootout in the regular season.  I’m not crazy about the new rules that allow a shootout to decide the winner in a tie game, but holy crap is it intense and exciting to watch!  And hallelujah, Mo made his shot!  And won the game for us!!!

Since a shootout goal is considered a “team” goal, he didn’t get the hattrick, but still.  No surprise that he was named the #1 Star of the Game.  And also the #1 Star of the Night from NHL.  YAY Baby Daddy! 

How much for the hot hockey player?

Mike Modano

Seriously.  Best Buy would make a fortune.  And with their 18-month no interest financing, I wouldn’t hesitate.  Hell, I’d take TWO! 

Modano was at the grand opening of a Best Buy store this afternoon, so, of course, I went and stood in line to (finally) get my jersey signed (no, not the one in the picture) and managed to get a picture with him.  I’ve been to his signings before, but never managed to have my jersey with me.  Giddy like a school girl, but not yet satisfied, I returned to the end of the line for a second round and got a magazine and game program signed, too.  And another picture with him.  *blush*

I would have willingly gone back a third time (the line was super short by then) but my friends convinced me that was too stalker-ish.  Besides, I didn’t have anything else with me for him to sign.  A little boy nearby overhead me saying that and suggested I have him sign my face.

Oh honey.  If I was going to ask him to sign a body part, that would so not be it.

Friday night…

I am home with my dog.  Did a little cleaning, took a nice hot shower, and am now listening to music (yes, I even listened to that cd), browsing the internet, flipping through magazines, and drinking Bacardi Silver Watermelon (wimpy girly drinks, but they taste good), and thoroughly enjoying myself.  I must be old.

Training camp yesterday was so much fun.  Got to see the new players and how they mesh with the rest of the team on the ice.  Not too bad.  I took entirely too many pictures but that’s ok.   I got some great shots of some of the players coming off the ice.  Now if I could just figure out a way to stowaway inside Modano’s hockey bag and go home with him, life would be great.  He’s got lips I could suck on for hours.  Sadly, I’m lacking a few of the requirements to catch his attention.  I’m not blonde (I have been before though…big mistake…never again!).  I’m not skinny.  I have small boobs.  And I have a brain.  Such is life, I suppose.  First preseason game (away) is tomorrow night, but unfortunately won’t be televised here. 

Tomorrow night is also GNO.  Only this one should actually be called Girls Night In.  We’re going over to a friend’s place for dinner, appletinis, and watching Sex in the City.  Which, of course, means that we will end up talking and giggling all evening.  I was relieved to not have to worry about what to wear until, today, this month’s hostess told me we have to dress “fabulously,” like on the show.  It’s like the theme of the night and stuff.  Having only seen the show a handful of times, I’m not sure what that means.  I told her I can’t fit in anything fabulous right now.  I have some fabulous wigs…like drag queen fabulous, but apparently that’s not the same thing.  So the compromise is that I have to atleast wear heels.  Um…ok?  I’m kicking them off as soon as I walk in the door though.

I’ve got the last 2 dvds of the first season of Six Feet Under now.  Think I’ll watch those now.  If the alcohol doesn’t work and insomnia strikes again, I may be back here rambling later.