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I ran. I ran so far away.

Well happy hour was loads of fun!  Of course, any time you involve these people, fruity beverages, and Scene It, it’s impossible to not have fun.  I figured people would start to leave well before midnight.  As it turned out, we were ordering pizza around that time!  Wheeeee!  And KC left enough Smirnoff in my fridge for TWO more happy hours. 

I managed to make it up in time for Miss Hut’s shower this morning, even with the feelings of exhaustion and malaise.  But despite my best efforts, I still ended up being late because I got the directions all screwed up.  Averaging 5-6 hours of sleep a night for a few weeks will do that to you.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!  The shower was really nice and Miss Hut was fun to watch opening her gifts.  She was so excited about everything!


I felt a little “outside” the group.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t been around much lately.  Or maybe I’m just making myself feel that way.  Self-ostracizing or something.  A lot of the girls who weren’t really that close before seem to have paired off and become the best of friends now.  Yay for them, I guess.  It’s just weird to see how much things have changed in a matter of a month.  Or maybe they haven’t really changed at all and it’s just something you can only see once you’ve been distanced from it.  I’m not making any sense.  Nevermind.

I stopped by Wolf Camera on my way home to, finally, drop off some film from two of the lomolitos and two regular rolls.  I don’t even know what all is going to be on them since they got shot over the course of a couple of months.  I know the rest of the BotB pictures are on some of them.

While I was there, I had to wander over to visit my baby, the Nikon D70S.  Since I wasn’t feeling too well, I was just going to look at it longingly for a minute or two (that has become my ritual) and then head home.  Yet, before I was even aware of what I was doing and could stop myself, there I was, standing at the counter with no other customers in sight, and I ended up asking the sales guy if I could take a look at it.

I should really stop tormenting myself.  I try to not to have physical contact with the camera very often because I know the temptation is more than I can bear.  I WANT THAT CAMERA!!!  This was, purposefully, only the 2nd time I’ve held an untethered D70 in my hands.  And it was also the closest I’ve come to taking it home with me.  Thankfully, another customer had some questions, so I told the sales guy, who has acommodated my D70 lust and no-touching rule a few times before,  he could go help them and let me play with the camera for abit (and drool over it). 

While checking out the various program modes, testing the autofocus vs manual, figuring out the digital controls for aperture, shutter speed, even ISO, and generally just checking this badboy out, I had convinced myself to finally go ahead buy it since they were offering 10 months no interest.   I was all giddy with excitement!  Then somehow, clearer thoughts prevailed and I forced myself to set the camera down and do some realistic thinking.  Rough calculations in my head indicated, on a 10-month financing deal, I’d have to shell out about $130 a month to pay it off. 

My bubble burst.  I went from feeling elated to depressed in the span of about 5 minutes.  I don’t have an extra hundred bucks a month right now.  And I won’t any time soon.  Sigh.  When I go back Monday to pick up my film, I will not even glance in the direction of the cameras.  Not the next time either.  Not until I know I’m ready for it. 

I know one thing to be true:  The next time I stand at a retail counter and allow myself to wrap my hands around the hefty digital goodness that is the D70, I will buy it.  It will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.

Why did I agree to this?

I’ve been promising to do a happy hour on “this side” of town for awhile now for me and some of my nearby friends.  Some of which have still yet to see my “new” house, which I’ve been in for almost 2 years now.  So I agreed to host a happy hour tomorrow at my house.

My house is a WRECK.  I like to blame the 14-hour days I’ve been working, but it was a mess before that, too.  It’s just REALLY bad right now.  I should be running around cleaning, but I’m not.  I’ll try to leave work a little early tomorrow so I can come home and run the vacuum and swiffer the wood floors at least.  I predict everything else will get stuffed in a drawer or closet.

This isn’t the “usual” happy hour bunch.  It’s a few blunt, no BS, call-it-like-they-see it women.  Which is just part of what makes them fun.  I invited a few others, including Mexigoalie, Nala, and Rockstar.  And Curly.  So I get a message from him today indicating he might be a little late and leave a little early because of some messages 2 of these women have been sending him, in jest, but still.  Apparently they are trying to get him to “hook up” with one of them, who is in a long-term relationship.  And they flirt endlessly with him.  And he is sooo uncomfortable about it because A) they are both married in one sense or another and B) he’s not interested.  Of course, he’s too nice to just SAY that to them.

So, he asked if I would invite Mr & Mrs Dubya, too.  Since I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to the other happy hour thing in Ft Worth….which might as well be New Mexico it’s so far away!  Mrs Dubya is pregnant.  And half the group that will be here smokes.  Which means, out of respect for her and the baby, we’ll go outside to smoke.  I know it’s petty for me to say, but it is HOT outside and I still haven’t gotten an umbrella for my patio furniture.  Not sure if they are coming or not yet.  Anyway, the point is, it should definitely be an interesting mix of people.  I’m hoping for a drama-free night…we’ll see.

Oh.  And I get to go to Miss Hut’s bridal shower at 11am on Saturday.  I don’t get up by 11am on a normal Saturday, much less after having people over the night before.  I’ll have to set about 5 alarms to make sure I’m up early enough to run by Target and pick something up from her registry.

I finally finished the last season of QAF last weekend, too.  It rocked.  I cried.  I’ll miss those silly queers.

Anyway, nothing exciting or interesting to blog about….just checking in.  I’m still alive, but just barely. 

Impromptu Girls’ Night

I met Miss Hut and Flirt for dinner last night.  I’ve been forcing myself out of anti-social mode lately and decided I should stop turning down the invites.  They were planning on a dinner and a movie, so I agreed to meet them for dinner. 

I got to hear all the latest on Miss Hut’s wedding plans, Flirt’s latest crush, and of course, a few bits of gossip.  Dinner evolved into relocating for drinks elsewhere and them skipping the movie all together. 

Thanks to Flirt’s probing questions, we soon discovered that, while Miss Hut has gone south on her fiancee, he has yet to return the favor.  I was appalled by this initially.  Like, that selfish bastard!  But Miss Hut, who had never been intimate with a man before this, indicated that she wasn’t sure she was comfortable with the idea.  I guess I can understand that.  So we told her to have a few drinks, relax, then go home and insist on a little oral action.  😛  Flirt and I bought rounds of shots…but somehow I doubt that was all it would take for Miss Hut to be comfortable.

Then I got 20 questions from Flirt about Dr Honeydew’s visit.  I probably said more than I should have, knowing that the two of them used to talk online pretty often, and still do on occasion I think.  I do know that, when she got home, she IM’d him about his visit.  I know this because I was on the phone with him at the time.  😛  So I have no idea if whatever I said was repeated to him or not.  Meh…I don’t care.  I am pretty certain I didn’t say anything to the 2 girls that I haven’t already talked to him about anyway.

We left the bar around 11:45.  I called Dr Honeydew and talked to him all the way home….and until the way wee hours of the morning.  I think I was well over a 3-hour phone call.  Thank heaven for free weekend minutes!  😛

Supposed to head out to Corinth for the superbowl thing at 3 today.  I need to find out how long the people I’m riding with are planning on staying.  Found out the game will probably last until 9 or 10 tonight and I can NOT stay there that long.  In the meantime, I need to try and work some support issues today.  I am waaaay behind.

Season 2…and a completely unexpected engagement!

Got the 1st dvd of the second season of Six Feet Under last week and am just now getting around to watching it, what with hockey back on, my Netflix rentals are taking a backseat. 

I was at that miserable 3-2 loss to the Avs on Saturday.  Talk about a BAD time to take a (ridiculously long) penalty.  But it was only the 2nd game.  And good to see the guys defending each other, justified or not.  I’m splitting my seat with a friend’s mom, so will be watching tomorrow night’s game from the comfort of my living room. 

Oh, and now for the jawdropping news I received this weekend:  a hockey friend of mine, let’s call her Miss Hut, is ENGAGED.  To a guy she met online.  Barely a month ago.  I’m trying to think positive for her but….that’s just a little creepy to me.  They’ve spent every spare minute together since they met, which is, well, weird to me.  I mean, people talk about wanting to spend every waking moment together but they don’t actually do it.  Do they?? 

I should also add that Miss Hut has never even had a serious boyfriend before.  She’s a few years older than me, so she should be able to take care of herself.  However, she’s also got some issues that she has been working on.  The most obvious being her weight.  She’s lost somewhere in the ballpark of 100 pounds since we all first met.  She still has more to go, but that in itself is bound to inspire a serious boost in confidence.  Anyway, I’m just worried that she might be latching on to the first seemingly good guy to give her the time of day.  I hope I’m wrong but…Sigh.

Ok, time for SFU.  Then hopefully to sleep.  Early meeting tomorrow that I need to prepare for.