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Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.


The Misfits was on Encore earlier this afternoon.  Again, one of those movies I have on DVD, but I still can’t pass it up when it’s on cable.  Surprisingly it isn’t part of either of the Diamond Collection dvd sets.  That really amazes me because I just don’t see how you can have any compilation of Marilyn Monroe movies without including this one.  Her last (complete) film and it really is one of her best.

Aside from being a great film, it’s well-photographed and filled with great performances, there’s also a lot of interesting trivia that surrounds it:

  • Clark Gable complained about Marilyn’s tardiness, among other things and is quoted as saying he was glad filming was over because Marilyn “damned near gave” him a heart attack.  Gable’s last film, he died of a heart attack 11 days later.
  • Gable is also quoted as saying this was the best picture he ever made!
  • Arthur Miller, Marilyn’s 3rd husband, wrote the part of Rosalyn especially for Marilyn.   

Anyone who likes to dismiss Marilyn as a dumb blonde who only got her roles because of her hourglass figure really should watch this film.  Sure, the acting is a bit overdone, but that was true of all movies from this time period.  It’s a kind of dark movie but it’s an absolute pleasure to watch.

Comments from old blog:

gak – Aug 03, 06: after watching marilyn multiple times in a picture whose name i can’t remember (took place when she was maybe in Reno getting a divorce???) i began to take her seriously and really appreciate her. it’s so easy to blow her off… but once you watch one of her films it’s less easy to take her as only a mere sex goddess.

Playoffs: Round 1 Game 1

Well that was just….shit.  My boys kicked off the playoffs last night with a miserable 5-2 loss against Colorado.  The first period wasn’t so bad…in fact, it’s when we scored our only 2 goals.  Then it just went downhill from there.  Sloppy passing, tons of turnovers, and just an overall disappointing display of something that was so NOT Stars hockey.

Mexigoalie and I managed to get plenty of extra rally towels and game programs to share with out of town friends.  Although, I don’t know that anyone would actually want a souvenir of this game.  Except maybe an Avs fan.  Ugh.

Anyway.  Bring on game 2 tomorrow night.  We better have our heads out of our asses for that one.  As far as I’m concerned, it is a MUST WIN.  We certainly don’t want to head to Colorado down 2 games in the series.

Got home last night and watched the Marilyn special on 48 hours (thanks again, Laura!)  It was pretty interesting.  No one is ever going to “solve” that beyond a doubt, but I still don’t believe, nor will I ever be convinced, she committed suicide.  There’s far too many question marks.