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Mobile Blogging

So I’m sitting in my bed, doing a bit of reading before I go to sleep, and realize I have not been keeping my promise to myself to blog about the latest comings and goings of my life. Seeing as I am already bundled up under the covers with my book (Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult), I wonder if I can blog from my phone.

Turns out, I can! Its a little slow loading and not as easy to navigate, but it works!

So here I am. Its late and I really should be sleeping. Work is pretty chaotic and stressful lately. Lots of layoffs have taken place and, the big bombshell that got dropped on us recently is that HR has decided to combine my current department, Staffing, with my old department, Training. The manager over my old department has decided to take the voluntary retirement package that was offered last month. So with her departure, I guess the collective “they” have decided to use this opportunity to consolidate.

Everything is very hush-hush with the leadership team members as they try to hash out what the “new” organization will look like. Based on conversations with my boss and new responsibilities she has given me, I feel pretty safe for now. But there is no telling what the future will bring. We should know more in the coming weeks…