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Jury Duty

This week I had jury duty on Monday. From 8am until almost 5pm, I was shuffled about the various areas of the Courts Building, participated in a VERY LONG Q&A session for potential jurors, and then finally was released. It was an aggravated robbery case and I guess the fact that I have 2 ex-boyfriends who had been arrested (not for the same charge!) set me free.

I had my little tiny Fuji with me, so snapped some shots outside during our lunch break.

Looking Up

It was interesting to hear some of the potential jurors’ responses to the questions the DA was asking.  More interesting was the fact that this DA had among the worst communication skills I’ve ever encountered.  He would start off asking one question, but by the time he elaborated and provided (bad) examples, he was asking something completely different! 

I was utterly dumbfounded at how people used the example scenarios, that had been provided to gauge their feelings in the questioning, to automatically apply to the defendent….and ultimately assume his guilt.  Apparently they can’t seperate hypotheticals from reality. 

One lady even said, “Just look at him.  C’mon, he’s guilty.  He’s done something.”  Not surprisingly, she was not selected as a juror.

Me and my big mouth.

Not too long ago, my friend, V, got summoned for jury duty. I told her about the time I was summoned and had to sit around the entire day, got selected for a jury in the last hour, had to go back the next day and wait some more, only for them to end up settling before we were brought into the courtroom. I told her to bring a book or something else to keep herself entertained.

And of course, I just had to point out that it was the only time I’d ever had to go in all the years I’ve been in “eligible.”

Guess what I got in the mail today.