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Guess I’ll be going back to the old have-to-remember-to-take-it-everyday-pill.

I started my new job in January, but because of the freebies from my doctor, I just now got around to needing to fill my Nuvaring prescription.  On the old insurance, I always did the mail order because I could get 3 months at a time for about $45.  So, without concern, I mailed in my prescription the new insurance.  Afterall, I’m working for a Fortune 500 company so certainly should get the same or better benefits, right?

Much to my shock and horror, my prescription arrived the other day.  I had provided them with my check card info for billing.  The invoice?  $140.  ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS?!?!?!!!

In sheer panic, I immediately called my insurance company for an explanation.  Turns out Nuvaring is on their 3rd tier….nonformulary and non-preferred.  My copay is 15/25/50.  In the past, I could get a 3-month supply for less than my copay now for ONE.  WTF?!?!  For whatever reason, Cigna doesn’t like Nuvaring.

I asked them if there was any way I could return my package.  I was desperate here, I mean that is a hundred bucks out of my bank account that I was NOT planning on spending.  I’ve been playing catchup from my dental work and thought this would actually be the month my finances would return to normal.  Ugh.

So yeah, they won’t let me return it.  Their policy is “the same as at retail:  once you walk out with it, it’s yours.”  I told them, “Yes, but the difference is, at retail, I stand at the counter, they hand me the prescription, I see the amount, and I refuse to accept it!”  In this situation, I was hoping they would see my logic that, opening the shipment box and viewing the invoice was the same thing.  They didn’t see it that way.

I guess I’ll be giving my doc a call and asking her to write up a new prescription for me for some generic pills that I’ll have to remember to take every single day.  After two+ years of only having to remember once a month.  Lovely.

For someone who isn’t even having sex regularly (or at all lately for that matter!), this sure is one hell of a price to pay for birth control.