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Shelter from the Storm

Last Sunday, my high school gal pal, Barbie, her mother and grandmother, and 4 dogs arrived at my humble abode seeking shelter from big bad Ike.  Since my parents and other family members impacted by the storm were already tucked away safely at Dilbert’s, I was happy to be able to provide Barbie and company a place to stay.

It is now almost a week later.  They are still without power in Pinewood, but rumor has it sometime in the next day or two it should be back on.  I know they are anxious to get home.  I am mostly enjoying them being here, but I have to admit, as someone who lives by herself, it has been taxing on my sanity.  I’m a creature of habit and my normal routines have gone out the window.  Nothing compared to what they are going through though, so I am grateful to be in a position to help out in some way.

Her mom and 3 aunts all had beach houses at Crystal Beach.  yes, I said HAD.  All 4 of them are now GONE.  Completely disintegrated and washed away to parts yet unknown.  All that remains, from what we’ve been able to see in videos and online photos, is the concrete slabs. 

It’s so sad to see the massive destruction there and in Galveston.  Growing up, I (mis)spent a lot of my fun-filled youth cruising the beach and window shopping on the Strand. 

Anyway, just had a few quick minutes to myself and wanted to blog a bit while I was thinking of it.

Learning to FLY

For almost a year now, I have been constantly struggling with and stressing over the constant state of chaos my house has been in. I try to give myself task lists and focus on one thing at a time, but in the end, I still end up feeling guilty and overwhelmed and throw my hands up in defeat, thinking there is no way I’ll ever get everything done.

I learned about this website awhile back and, last night, decided to look at it more closely. While some of the references and terms used initially came across as cheesey, the more I read, the more convinced I was that this just might actually work. The “flylady” starts you off with a month-long set of “baby steps” towards taking control of your home and “Finally Loving Yourself.” (See, I told you there was cheese)

Her basic principle, and the first task she has you do is to Shine Your Sink. As part of the month-long baby setps, you do this every night and it becomes a habit. Of course, the initial shining is more complex and involved things like bleach and scouring pads and windex. But after that, you just make it a point to clean your sink to shiney every night. Sounds silly, right? That’s what I thought, too. But, being willing to try anything at this point, I shined my sink at 1am this morning. I didn’t focus on the mess surrounding it, the counters that needed to be cleaned, etc. Just the sink. Emptying it out and then doing the full “shine” on it.

When I got up this morning and walked into my kitchen to make coffee, I have to admit that seeing that shiny clean sink made me smile. There weren’t dishes piled up in it, no mess there to deal with, just a clean shiny sink! It made me feel good to see at least one place in my house that was actually spotless. And now I feel more motivated to keep it that way. I rinsed my dishes and put them straight into the dishwasher after lunch today!

There’s a ridiculous amount of email reminders and such that you get when you sign up, but she does point out not to stress over those….they will become part of your routine in time. Each day you add additional steps and establish morning and evening routines. And by repeating these throughout the month, you establish them as habits. And by establishing these habits, you have a process in place to get your house cleaned (gradually at first) and then maintain it. Having read through almost the entire website, but not allowing myself to get ahead of myself, I’m convinced that this approach could work for me. Using timers to keep you focused, 15-minute decluttering, hot zones, etc. Yeah, I definitely think this could work.

I’ve got my month of baby-steps lined out as tasks in Outlook and am going to give this an honest effort. Wish me luck!

Friday night…

I am home with my dog.  Did a little cleaning, took a nice hot shower, and am now listening to music (yes, I even listened to that cd), browsing the internet, flipping through magazines, and drinking Bacardi Silver Watermelon (wimpy girly drinks, but they taste good), and thoroughly enjoying myself.  I must be old.

Training camp yesterday was so much fun.  Got to see the new players and how they mesh with the rest of the team on the ice.  Not too bad.  I took entirely too many pictures but that’s ok.   I got some great shots of some of the players coming off the ice.  Now if I could just figure out a way to stowaway inside Modano’s hockey bag and go home with him, life would be great.  He’s got lips I could suck on for hours.  Sadly, I’m lacking a few of the requirements to catch his attention.  I’m not blonde (I have been before though…big mistake…never again!).  I’m not skinny.  I have small boobs.  And I have a brain.  Such is life, I suppose.  First preseason game (away) is tomorrow night, but unfortunately won’t be televised here. 

Tomorrow night is also GNO.  Only this one should actually be called Girls Night In.  We’re going over to a friend’s place for dinner, appletinis, and watching Sex in the City.  Which, of course, means that we will end up talking and giggling all evening.  I was relieved to not have to worry about what to wear until, today, this month’s hostess told me we have to dress “fabulously,” like on the show.  It’s like the theme of the night and stuff.  Having only seen the show a handful of times, I’m not sure what that means.  I told her I can’t fit in anything fabulous right now.  I have some fabulous wigs…like drag queen fabulous, but apparently that’s not the same thing.  So the compromise is that I have to atleast wear heels.  Um…ok?  I’m kicking them off as soon as I walk in the door though.

I’ve got the last 2 dvds of the first season of Six Feet Under now.  Think I’ll watch those now.  If the alcohol doesn’t work and insomnia strikes again, I may be back here rambling later.