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I’ve been run off by carnies!


Apparently they don’t like someone taking pictures of their signs and games and concession stands.  I wonder if I’d had a large tree tattooed on my back if it would have made any difference.

I got to play with the bulb setting on the Holga for awhile at least.  Hopefully there will be at least a couple of decent night time shots.  Plus some black and white on the 35mm.  And a couple of lomolitos exposures. 

I’ve got several rolls to be developed now so will drop those off at BWC on Tuesday.  Now if I can just figure out some rival carnival to send the prints to.  Honestly, I don’t understand what they were so “uncomfortable” over.  Afraid I’m going to expose how they cheat people on those silly games or something perhaps.

My neighbor called me the other day about a lady friend of his who has a TON of darkroom equipment she wants to get rid of.  Her dad was a photographer and he passed away and now she wants to find a loving home for all his equipment.  Neighbor says she has 3 or 4 enlargers plus about 6 boxes full of anything else i could ever need.  I’m supposed to go on Thursday after work to check it out.  I’m trying not to get too excited because, if she has half as much as my neighbor said, I wouldn’t feel right offering her just a few hundred dollars.  But can’t afford to offer her what it’s worth either. 

1st rolls from the Holga

This past Sunday I had plans to go shot a roll or two of black and white in the Holga.  I wasted the first roll of ISO100 because of the damned foam in the camera getting rolled up in the film and forcing the back of the camera off, exposing the film.  (Didn’t I say this was a cheap plastic camera?)  So that left me with one roll of ISO400 to use on a bright sunny day.

I went out to Firewheel and then drove through downtown Garland and took quite a few shots on the various colored lomolitos, but haven’t finished any of them completely yet.  I did finish the roll of 120 film however.  And had the foam issue again but just kept shooting through it (thanks to taping the back of the camera on so it couldn’t come open again).  The problem with that was, when it came time to remove the film from the camera, the foam was wound up in the film.  So I pulled it as tightly as I could and sealed it and crossed my fingers that most of the film was covered well enough to prevent exposing it further.

I found a place locally that could develop 120 film, so dropped it off on Monday and just picked it up today.  Considering it was my first 2 rolls ever on medium format film AND on this crazy camera, I’m pretty encouraged by the results.  Especially for the color roll.  The b+w roll was pretty crappy because most of it was way overexposed (due to the film speed and the light leaks from the foam issue…lol).  I just got a contact sheet of it but got prints of the color roll.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:

I had to order more 120 film from B&H because it’s so hard to find it here.  At least any variety.  Should be here by Friday, just in time for a weekend of picture taking during Dr H’s visit.  We’re going to the Wildflower Festival on Saturday, so I should get some good shots there hopefully. 

Mini photo expedition

Forgot to mention, I did manage to find a place to take some pictures in Plano Tuesday after the eye doctor.  Went to a park and finished off a roll of 35mm, the 120 film in the Holga, and several shots in the various lomolitos colors.  All this in way less than an hour because it was HOT as hell (and ridiculously humid) that day.

I went by Wolf Camera afterwards and confirmed that they do NOT process medium format film on site.  Has to be sent off and takes about 2 weeks.  Well, that sucks.  I want to see the results of the first roll before I take more.  So I got the name of a pro place that does medium format.  Not sure if they do it on site or not.  I would think so, but I’ll call tomorrow to find out.  Er…make that today.  Hopefully they do, and if it doesn’t take too long, maybe I could actually have the film back by the weekend.  In time to go shoot some more this weekend.  *fingers crossed*

Hello, Holga!

More new toys!!!

After looking at various models and kits, I finally broke down and bought a Holga.  I’ve been browsing a ton of pictures taken on Holgas and they (the good ones, that is) are amazing.  They have such a soft focus and timeless quality that fascinates me.  The vignetting is fantastic, too!  They are basically crap cameras with a bulky plastic body and plastic lens.   Seriously, this thing comes with a roll of black electrical tape so you can tape up all the light leaks and keep the back from falling off.

I got the one with the color flash on it.  It’s my very first medium format camera, so I’m excited about that.  Although, processing and printing may be a huge pain in the ass (and the checkbook), but I’m not going to let that discourage me.

I wanted to get out this weekend and play but the weather didn’t cooperate on Saturday.  Sunday I had other things going on, but did snap a couple of pictures with both it and my lomolitos (disposable lomographic cameras with color flash).  Because there are only 12 shots on the roll, and the uncertainty of developing and stuff, I have been much more restrained in using it than I would normally be with any of my other cameras. 

Since the Holga’s “effects” differ from camera to camera, I plan to shot a roll or two through it before I even bother with the tape or any other modifications.  I fully expect those test rolls to be crap.  I’m thinking, since I’m spoiled with my meters in my other cameras, I’ll over or under-expose everything.  But as with anything else, the more I do it, the more I’ll get the hang of it. 

I have a followup eye appointment in Plano tomorrow so think I’ll pack my cameras up and, if the weather cooperates (supposedly more rain tomorrow), I may try and find a place nearby to blow through a few rolls.  Wheeee!