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Playing catchup

I’m not meaning to neglect you, dear blog.  I’ve just been on brain overload.  This past weekend was good though.  Another day or two longer and it would’ve been perfect.  😛

Met MommyK and MrsDrillTeam for lunch at 1pm on Saturday.  An appetizer of fried pickles, our entrees, and several glasses of wine later, we found ourselves on the patio, with more wine, a couple of shots, and a case of the giggles.  Good times.

A phone call with Dr Honeydew during the midst of all that was funny.  He may not have thought so though.  I told him MrsDT wanted to talk to him, he said ok.  Then she, loudly, asks in the background, “CAN I ASK HIM ABOUT THE PHONE SEX?!”  Guess he got his first taste of the bluntness that is my girlfriends….which, of course, is why I love them so much.  One reason anyway.

We finally left Love & War around 8pm.  Since it was so close by, I decided to swing back by the furniture store to check out the living room furniture I’ve been eyeballing for months.  I couldn’t find the exact match I was hoping for, so, with the decision making skills of someone who’s been drinking (lightly) for the past 7 hours, I ended up getting the whole set (sofa, chair and a half, ottoman, and chaise) in the same fabric.  It’s a cool golden tapestry print with a little burgandy and olive green in the background.  It’s scheduled to be delivered on Thursday.  Yippee!  I can’t wait to curl up in that big cozy chair with a good book this weekend.  Or lounge around and watch movies on the chaise.  Or maybe even snuggle with Dr Honeydew on the sofa next weekend!

I’ve got another game-watching gathering and GNO dinner scheduled with the hockey girls this Saturday.  Should be good times as well.

Work has been busy, but better lately.  With the transitioning of my being the primary support for all functional issues to me being the backup and 2nd level support and SD becoming the primary, that will free up a lot of time for me to get the rest of my responsibilities handled.  Granted, there’s some training time to make all of this happen, but the plan is, by the end of the month (and before I leave for vacation) she’ll be up and running and able to handle it moving forward.

I finally started yesterday, thanks to the added push from the progesterene pills Doc prescribed.  I’m supposed to insert the NuvaRing 2-5 days into my cycle.  So I’m going to try to wait until Thursday or Friday to do that to make sure the 3 week removal date doesn’t fall during my trip to San Diego.

She also called me with my test results from all the bloodwork I had done last week.  No pregnancy, no HIV, no STDs, no thyroid problems, no extreme hormonal imbalance.  So YAY for all of that.  She wants me to come back and do the glucose test again, after having fasted for 8 hours.  Apparently she has a very slight concern about that and something called PCOS.  But I’m not to panic until we redo that test.  I’m not horribly worried about it yet anyway because I don’t think most of the symptoms apply to me.  Although, the fact that I’ve been on birth control pills for the past 15+ years could have been what has kept (or delayed) me from experiencing some of them.  Hopefully I’ll make it by there this week to do the repeat bloodwork.  Figure if I go first thing in the morning, that will take care of the fasting part.

Dr Honeydew flies in next Thursday night.  He’s got a work-related trip to Chicago first, so now will be flying in from there….after having been up for atleast 24 hours straight from the labtime.  Anyway, I’m excited.

Cervical WHAT?!

** WARNING:  Totally girl stuff below **

I finally had my appointment to see the new GYN today.  Definitely better than that last woman I was seeing.  New Doc actually sat and talked with me in her office, got my medical history, asked and answered questions.  The only conversations or answers I got from the old doc typically came when I had my feet in her stirrups.  And who really wants to talk then?

So I tell new Doc that, up until the past 10 months or so, I have been on birth control pills since about age 14.  I was put on them because I was incredibly irregular in my monthly cycle.  It was more like a once every 6-8 weeks cycle.  Sometimes longer.  Having been on them for so long, you’d think I would’ve somehow become regular.  But no.  The past year-ish, I’ve been at my body’s random whim as to when to expect that particularly unwelcome, and yet always welcome as a sign of not being pregnant, visitor.  And it sucks.  Especially considering Dr Honeydew’s visit in 2.5 weeks and my vacation after that. 

She asked me if I had any problems with the pills.  None that I know of.  I mean, I’ve been taking them forever.  The same brand or generic equivalent for all these years.  So she mentions the NuvaRing and asks if I’ve heard of it.  I’ve seen the commercials with the women walking around with the glowing circles around their lower abdomen, yes.  Apparently it is supposed to be a much lower dose of hormones and more evenly distributed so less mood swings.  Sounds like heaven to me!  Plus, the fact that I smoke makes the lower hormone stuff supposedly a tiny bit “safer” in theory.  You insert it, vaginally, and leave it in for 3 weeks.  Then take it out for a week.  Then insert a new one for 3 weeks…etc.  You can still wear tampons, have sex, play sports, whatever.  And supposedly you don’t even know it’s there.  And your partner (should there be one) won’t either.  So after she shows me one and how it works and stuff, I agree to try it, only after she promised that if I didn’t like it, all I had to do was call her and she’d phone in a prescription for my birth control pills.

So in asking her when I’m supposed to insert/remove this thing, I find that, like the first cycle of pills, you should wait until after you start your period.  Great.  And when the hell might that be?!  So she gives me a prescription for progesterone or some such to take for 5 days that should make me start.  In the process of this discussion, I am reminded of a question I wanted to ask her.

For the past several months, I’ve been noticing some (This might be gross.  Feel free to stop reading now) clear gel-like….stuff….down there.  And when I say gel-like, really jello-like would be more accurate.  It’s been noticeable for several days at a time and then gone.  I’d notice it every time I went to the bathroom and would spend those several days freaking out, wondering if I had some weird disease or infection or something.  Then it would go away and I’d forget about it.  Until it reappeared weeks or months later. 

So I asked new Doc about this.  She very matter-of-factly said, “Oh, that’s cervical mucus.”  What???  MUCUS?!  WTF does that mean?  Does my vagina have a sinus infection?! 

Apparently, this is a sign of ovulation.  And something that the past 16 years of being on birth control pills has prevented me from ever seeing.  Why have I NEVER heard of this before???  I called my mother immediately after my appointment so she could laugh at me.

Doc asked me when the last time I noticed this was.  It was a couple of weeks ago I think.  Either right before or right after I saw T.  So, she says, this may mean that I should be due to start any time now.  In addition to all the other bloodwork I was having done (pregnancy, HIV, THS, cholesterol, etc) she had them do some sort of hormone level thing.  If my progeste-whatever is high, then that should be a sure sign of the Red Wings’ visit. 

Meanwhile, I’m supposed to go ahead and start the prescription she gave me and she’ll call me as soon as she gets the results back to let me know if I can stop taking them sooner than the 5 days worth that are supposed to kickstart my cycle.  I sure hope so.  I’d like to get this NuvaRing started soon so I can get used to it and see if I’ll be able to deal with it or not…before Dr Honeydew’s visit.  You know, just in case.  😉

If you’ve got a spare $40k…

You can get a really sweet bathroom remodel.  Can you tell I’ve been watching HGTV?  Honestly, it’s insane what people spend on stuff like this.  Granted, I’d LOVE to have a big spa-like bathroom, but come on.  Of course, I’m guessing the houses of the people doing these remodels are probably worth infintely more than mine, too.  I’m just in awe.

I finally called the new gyn today about scheduling an appointment.  Turns out I have a 10 page form I have to submit first.  Can’t they just get my previous medical history stuff from my old gyn?  I can’t answer more than half of the stuff on this damn thing.  I’m supposed to remember dates of procedures I had done a decade ago?  Yeah, sure.  And define frequent.  Do I have frequent headaches?  Um…yes?  I have one right now, thanks to all these questions.

An old highschool boyfriend use to have the best headache cures ever.  First, he’d do this weird, painful massage thing on my hand.  Then if that didn’t work, he’d talk me through describing it to him.  I thought he was insane the first time he did it.  What color is your headache?  What shape is it?  What does it smell like?  You get the idea.  Then after lots of that, he’d say “how does your head feel now?”  And believe it or not, about 70% of the time, the headache was gone. 

If all 3 of those “cures” failed, there was the old reliable:  sex and ice cream.  Made that remaining 30% more bearable.  Maybe I just need to get laid.  If dinner with T pans out this weekend, it could make for an excellent dessert.