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Musings in the Waiting Room

I’ve been having headaches for two weeks straight. Two of which were migraines. It has not been fun. I went to the doctor this week and he said the headache that just won’t let go is likely a tension headache. Me? Tense? Ha. Ok, so I’m working on that. Meanwhile, I’ve got pain pills and muscle relaxers to help me recover.

While I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, a lady and her two young children came in and joined me in waiting. I was staring at the ground or my lap mostly because the light was hurting my eyes. I heard the little girl yell what I misunderstood to be an inappropriate word. I looked to her mother and saw no response. Then the little girl, who was standing at the aquarium in the waiting room, yelled again.

“Hey Biisssh!!”

Ah, fish. Ok. Cute.

She repeated this a number of times until the fish swam behind one of the large rocks. Then, the glass-tapping began. I was about to crawl out of my skin as this was all doing a number on my headache.

When she turned away from the glass and then quickly turned back and yelled, “RAWWRR!” I didn’t know whether to cry or order a round of shots! It was like she was channeling my girl. Red!

Note to self: must have drinks soon

Addedendum to note to self: Oh yeah, having drinks for V’s bday tomorrow!

Addedendum II: Don’t take the vicodin or muscle relaxers tomorrow.

I look for sense, but I get next to nothing.

I’m having another of those strange days where my dreams are mixing with reality and I’m confusing the two. I woke up at 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I played around on flickr groups for awhile. And then I was watching the early morning news.

It gave me flashbacks to when I worked at the news station in college. And I could have sworn I blogged about it. Apparently not. I also thought FedEx knocked on my door and I went and found the package on my doorstep. But alas, no package. Work emails that I sent detailed replies to, only to find that there were no replies sent. Submitted a BeautiControl order that doesn’t exist. Then there were the city workers digging a line through my yard who asked me to bring Mazzy inside while they worked out back.

So the reality of my day is apparently this: stayed up all morning, dozed off and on and had a variety of life-like dreams, did a little bit of work, dozed some more, re-did the work emails I apparently wrote in my head. Wonder if I have already taken my medicine or not.

Oh, and I think I saw a mouse in my kitchen. Gosh, I hope that was part of the dreams. I don’t deal well with rodents. Don’t make me tell those stories.