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Hooray for Friday.  I have got to spend some time this weekend cleaning up my mess of a house, not to mention playing catch up on my blog posting and visiting.

This afternoon I take the new puppy to the vet for his 2nd set of shots.  Hopefully he’ll behave.

Tomorrow I am planning to start back at the gym.  I’ve been a bad gym buddy the last month between the tooth problems, being sick, etc.  Time to get back on the horse, so to speak.

But for now, I need to get ready to head into the office.

Stinky Pants

I’ve been dog-sitting my sis-in-law’s little furball and I have yet another reason why I don’t want a long-haired pet.After going outside to do his business, Duffy had some poop clinging to his butt fur, which of course I didn’t see until he carried it back into the house with him. Of course, when I yell, he proceeds to SIT. And then drag his butt across the floor. Yeah, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

With the aid of an old towel, some scissors, and a booty-rub in grass wet from the rain, I managed to get him cleaned up enough to allow him back in the house.

We were not friends for awhile.