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Musings in the Waiting Room

I’ve been having headaches for two weeks straight. Two of which were migraines. It has not been fun. I went to the doctor this week and he said the headache that just won’t let go is likely a tension headache. Me? Tense? Ha. Ok, so I’m working on that. Meanwhile, I’ve got pain pills and muscle relaxers to help me recover.

While I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, a lady and her two young children came in and joined me in waiting. I was staring at the ground or my lap mostly because the light was hurting my eyes. I heard the little girl yell what I misunderstood to be an inappropriate word. I looked to her mother and saw no response. Then the little girl, who was standing at the aquarium in the waiting room, yelled again.

“Hey Biisssh!!”

Ah, fish. Ok. Cute.

She repeated this a number of times until the fish swam behind one of the large rocks. Then, the glass-tapping began. I was about to crawl out of my skin as this was all doing a number on my headache.

When she turned away from the glass and then quickly turned back and yelled, “RAWWRR!” I didn’t know whether to cry or order a round of shots! It was like she was channeling my girl. Red!

Note to self: must have drinks soon

Addedendum to note to self: Oh yeah, having drinks for V’s bday tomorrow!

Addedendum II: Don’t take the vicodin or muscle relaxers tomorrow.

Modern Medicine


I just found out that, a couple of weeks ago, a guy I went to high school with suffered a terrible loss.  His wife died in what can only be described as a needless tragedy.  As if any tragedy is needed.  My heart goes out to him and his children.  I cannot even pretend to fathom the amount of pain they are going through.

I understand the need for medications, and appreciate the great advances being made with them.  But I think they are handed out too freely and with too little knowledge.  I’ve seen and heard of too many examples where, especially with bipolar, anti-anxiety, and antidepressant treatments, it really seems like a game of russian roullette if not monitored extremely carefullly.  Even then, there are no guarantees.

We trust our doctors with our very lives.  They are the experts.  Yet more and more, we are told that WE should do our research on medications and possible side effects.  Where does a prescribing doctor’s responsibility end and the patient’s begin? 

Being sick sucks.

Being sick during a holiday week, after accepting the fact that I would be staying in town rather than spending Thanksgiving with my family, when I committed to working every day except Thursday so I could use the Friday day off during Christmas, and when I went ahead and bought tickets to the Stars games Wednesday and Friday night (since my ticket partner got those games because I thought I’d be out of town)….well, sucks.

I woke up at 4am this morning with the most horrible pain in my ears and my sinuses.  My throat was hurting so badly I could barely swallow.  And my head felt like it was going to explode.  Being one of those people with an amazing talent for turning the simplest of colds into bronchitis, or even pneumonia, I was on the phone with my doctor’s office as soon as they opened making an appointment for this afternoon. 

There’s nothing I love to do more when I am feeling like utter shit than to drive to the doctor’s office, sit and wait to be seen, go describe my symptoms to some nurse that I have already explained to the lady on the phone, see the doctor, do a breathing test, wait on him to come back and give me prescriptions and fuss at me about quitting smoking.

The best part is going to get the prescriptions filled.  My regular store has closed, the new store (which also bought out the old store, including prescriptions) has not opened yet.  So where the hell do I go to get the new ones filled.  I finally decided to go to another location of Tom Thumb to get the new ones filled, knowing that I’ll have to transfer them to the new store when it finally opens.  And then I get to wait for the “20-30 minutes” that it is supposedly going to take for them to slap a label on an inhaler and count out some pills. 

So I end up wandering around the store, looking like death warmed over.  And what does one do while wandering around a store waiting for prescriptions to be filled?  I’ll tell you what….find all kinds of shit that you don’t need but suddenly think you have to have.  I got a cart and start throwing random things in it:  tomato juice, Diet Sprite, soup, chips, etc.  All of which I already had at home.  Finally my prescriptions were ready.  What should have been a $40 total was now $80. 

I get home almost 3 hours later, still feeling like shit, and start popping pills and squirting nasal spray and huffing inhalers.  Eat a bowl of soup and lay down on the couch and finally fall asleep.  Then, around 8pm, a friend, who knows that I am sick, calls my phone…3 times in a row.  Awake and annoyed by that point, I answer it.  Only to hear her say “Oh I’m sorry….did I wake you up?”  And then she proceeds to tell me about her wonderful experience at the Season Ticket Holder event that took place that night.  The event that I had to reschedule (luckily there was a choice of 3 dates, this one being the first) because I am sick.  Forgive me for not sharing in your excitement.  Now if you don’t mind, I’m going back to bed.