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I still have orphans.

It just occured to me that when I started blogging over here, I never finished moving all of my old dirty martini posts.  Much to my chagrin, I was having to do it manually.  Which also sucks because I lose all of the comments that went with them.  But I would much prefer having everything in one place and finally being able to delete the old blogdrive one.

Not remembering my logic on how I was moving posts before, I decided to just start at the beginning, in August 2005, and work my way forward.  Some of the 2006 and on blogs are already here (no idea what the method to my madness was).  So anyway, as of right now, I officially have all of August and September 2005 on here.  Looks like there’s at least a year or two missing for me to copy/paste.  This weekend, I’m hoping to get the rest of 2005 moved.   We’ll see.