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What you gonna do with all that junk?

Well, I got the equipment.  Still haven’t determined whether it was a good deal or not.  She had tons of stuff, that’s for sure.  But after spending a few hours digging through the boxes, a lot of it seemed to be either stuff I wouldn’t necessarily need, things I couldn’t identify, and junk.  I knew, from Tom, she was hoping to sell it all at once for $300-400. 

There was no way it would be worth $300 to me.  Granted, she had 3 enlargers, but only one of those looked to be in good working order.  Those, plus 1 small darkroom light, what I believe to be a film wash, several enlarger lenses, enlarger contrast filters, several timers, plus quite a few film reels and tanks were the main items I was interested in.  She also had some color equipment but I don’t know enough about that to judge what I was looking at.

I knew she didn’t want to piece it out.  And I knew I wasn’t willing to spend more than $150-200 because that’s how much I felt would be useful to me.  So Tom agreed to pitch in another $150 and we’d buy the whole lot.  He wanted a few items that I wasn’t interested in.  Plus, he wants the large format negative holders, film tanks, etc.  Well, I should say he wants ME to have them because he’s got several (ok, dozens) of older cameras that he’d like to try shooting  with.  And would like me to have the necessary equipment to do development and printing for him. 

So, we loaded everything up in the back of Tom’s truck and brought it back to my house.  It has now taken up residence in the car part of my garage, forcing my POS out into the driveway for now.  Tom has another enlarger that he was forced to purchase to get a lot of cameras that he wanted.  So he’s giving me that, too!  I hope to start going through all of it this weekend and getting a good inventory of what all is there in addition to sorting out what I know I want and what I’m unsure of.

The challenge of it all will be clearing out a place in one of the rooms in the garage to put all this stuff until I’m in a position to start doing something with it.  I’m not leaving my car in the driveway long term for this.


She had some other nice antique furniture and stuff in her garage from her parents’ house.  Two cool olive velvety chairs that I might buy…just have to figure out if I realistically have a good place to use them.  And she had one of those old (and this one is reeeally old) sewing machines with the big iron foot peddle.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!  I don’t know where I’d put it, but it is sooo cool.  I know my mom would love it because her mom had something similar.  I told her about it last night and she wants to go look at it when they come up to visit on Monday!  lol

I’ve been run off by carnies!


Apparently they don’t like someone taking pictures of their signs and games and concession stands.  I wonder if I’d had a large tree tattooed on my back if it would have made any difference.

I got to play with the bulb setting on the Holga for awhile at least.  Hopefully there will be at least a couple of decent night time shots.  Plus some black and white on the 35mm.  And a couple of lomolitos exposures. 

I’ve got several rolls to be developed now so will drop those off at BWC on Tuesday.  Now if I can just figure out some rival carnival to send the prints to.  Honestly, I don’t understand what they were so “uncomfortable” over.  Afraid I’m going to expose how they cheat people on those silly games or something perhaps.

My neighbor called me the other day about a lady friend of his who has a TON of darkroom equipment she wants to get rid of.  Her dad was a photographer and he passed away and now she wants to find a loving home for all his equipment.  Neighbor says she has 3 or 4 enlargers plus about 6 boxes full of anything else i could ever need.  I’m supposed to go on Thursday after work to check it out.  I’m trying not to get too excited because, if she has half as much as my neighbor said, I wouldn’t feel right offering her just a few hundred dollars.  But can’t afford to offer her what it’s worth either.