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Ready to soak up some rays…and some rum!

Tomorrow is the big day!  I have to leave here at a ridiculously profanely early hour to head to the airport.  I can’t believe we have to be there THREE hours early for an international flight.  That’s just crazy.  Hopefully I can get a good nap in on our 2.5 hour flight to Cozumel.  I’m still debating whether or not I should try and get 4 hours of sleep between now and leaving for the airport.   I’m seriously afraid of sleeping through my alarm.

I’m about 90% packed at this point, certain that I have more clothes than I’ll need, and yet still worrying that I’m forgetting something.  I always do.  I’ve got my cameras, my chargers, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuits, hats, sandals, books, some cash, a toothbrush and clean underwear.  That’s the necessities, right?

As an added boost of excitement, I got to watch my Stars win game 2 tonight against San Jose.  I was thrilled that they made it out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time in YEARS.  And even more ecstatic that they managed to win not one, but BOTH of the first two games (on the road) to kick-start round 2.  We won’t get to see games 3 and 4 that will be played here in Dallas…unless someone knows of a place in Cozumel that will be showing the game.  😛  But I’m feeling better about that knowing that, at least the series won’t be over before we get back…well, unless the Stars make a clean sweep of it, but I’m not holding my breath for that.

Anyway, I have no idea what kind of internet access there will be at the resort we’re staying at.  I’ve seen no mention of it being in the rooms, so not even going to bother with bringing my laptop.  There’s supposedly an internet kiosk, but who knows what that will cost.  So, with only my blackberry to keep me semi-connected (email and mobile web only….everything else is waaaaay expensive….glad I checked that out before I leave), I won’t have any way to give updates on my trip.   Well, I can send updates on twitter.  That’s something.  I haven’t figured out how to post email blogs here yet.  But I’ll be sure to blog all about our adventures in Cozumel when I get home.

Have a great week! I know I will.

It’s Playoff Time!!!

Playoff hockey for my Stars started tonight.  And we are, again, facing the Ducks in the first round.  Stupid Ducks.

I’m hoping this is the year we finally break the one-and-done cycle.  The Stars haven’t made it out of the first round of the playoffs since 2003!  I said I wasn’t even going to watch the first round because it was just a tease. 

Obviously, that was a lie because here I sit, cheering the boys on in their currently 3-0 lead towards the end of the 2nd period.  And hoping that they don’t blow it in the 3rd like they’ve been known to do in recent games.  I’m outwardly not getting my hopes up, but inside I just know we can beat these pesky Ducks.  And a game one win on the road would be  a big boost for the Stars.

SWEEEET!  It’s now 4-0. 

Bring on the 3rd.  And LEHTS GO STARS!!!

Not the road games I was hoping for

I have to say, that first step out of the car towards Arrowhead Pond, in my Stars jersey, was the tiniest bit intimidating.  I got over it pretty quickly, but it was my first time having a game experience as the “visitor.”  I was surprised how many Stars jerseys I saw once we got inside.  Not that I blame them…..good to know some Anaheim folks recognize talent when they see it.  Wink

Met a few guys that had made the trip up from Dallas.  One of them winked at me, according to my nephew.  I miss everything. 

The game itself was disappointing.   The Ducks scored on Turco about 30 seconds in.  Not a good way to start off.  The whole game we just looked sloppy.  We ended up getting ahead, only to let them tie in the final minutes, forcing it into OT.  We played better in OT than we did the entire game.  Ugh.  No score after 5, so we went to a shootout.  And, of course, we LOST.  Our FIRST loss in a shootout the ENTIRE season.  And I had to be there to see it.  cry

Saturday we headed up to LA and Hollywood.  I got to find Marilyn’s star on the Walk of Fame (which is not nearly as nice and fancy as I expected it to be).  Got several pics of that.  Then we headed over to the Chinese Theater and found her and Jane Russell’s hand and footprints.  More pictures.  I could’ve been all emotional about it if given time to savor it more, so it’s probably a good thing that one of my nephews was a little restless.  lol 

And a bad thing to realize that my battery in my digital camera was dying.  I don’t know what that was all about….a full charge should’ve lasted way longer than that.  I only took a dozen or so pics the night before.  And since we weren’t going back to the hotel before the game, that meant I’d get very few digital pics that night.  Which sucks even more because I don’t have a zoom on my 35mm and we were sitting in the nosebleeds.

Bought a few souvenirs and gifts to bring back and then we went to Chinatown and wandered around for a few hours.  Hopefully I got some good pics there, too.  It’s been so long since I’ve shot film, I’m a little nervous about seeing how they turned out.  Plus noticing the film speeds i was using mid-way through the roll.  D’oh.

Bought more stuff there, ate lunch, wandered some more.  Then it was time to head to the Staples Center for the game. 

I saw far fewer Stars jerseys there.  People looked at me like they were completely appalled to see me walking in with a Stars jersey on.  It was pretty funny to see some of the weird looks I got.  But no one was rude about it atleast.

One of my nephews and I went down to watch the warmups before the game.  Saw a few other Stars fans then.  And was horrified to realize that my Mikey was not on the ice!  I fired off some text messages to Dr Honeydew and Mexigoalie to see if they knew wtf was going on.  Morrow was wearing the C, so Mo was definitely not playing.  Neither of them could find any news on it.  Since my digital was almost dead, I took the film camera down for warmups.  And then quickly realized I was out of film and didn’t bring my purse down with me.  So I might have gotten 4 or so shots before resorting to my camera phone.  D’oh again.

Another crap game.  We did good killing off penalties, but our PP was non-existant without Mo and Zubie on the ice.  The fans around us didn’t really heckle me at all.  And I coerced one of my nephews and sis-in-law into yelling STARS with me during the anthem.  That was fun.   And we certainly weren’t alone.  We may not have seen all the Stars fans, but it was obvious they were there. 

My brother, Dilbert, was cracking up at me because, at one point, we were on the powerplay and it was dead quiet (those fans could make some noise, but only when prompted by the video screen).  So, being down 1-0, and wanting to motivate my boys (ha), I yelled “Let’s go Stars!” at the top of my lungs.  The people around me all turned around so fast I’m certain they got whiplash.  Every one of them’s facial expression was priceless.  I guess they were expecting to hear “Kings” so when I got to the Stars part, they were all aghast.  Funny. 

After the Kings first (and only) goal (damn you, Roenick), when we were killing off a penalty, some guy behind us, apparently unhappy with the fact that we were clearing the puck constantly, said, “Dammit.  Now we suck again.”  That was pretty funny, too.

Anyway, after enduring another crappy Stars game, which we lost 1-0, not a single LA fan was rude or obnoxious to me.  Which was surprising considering, at one point, towards the end of the game, the ENTIRE place started a “Dallas Sucks” chant.  I honestly thought that was tacky.  And I was surprised that EVERY SINGLE person seemed to join in.  I’ve never been a fan of booing the other team or specifically using the word sucks in a chant.  I guess my mother taught me better.  But after the game, no one really had anything to say to me.  I got more weird looks, but that was about it.  One guy actually turned around and realized I was in a Stars jersey and said, “Tough loss, huh?” 

So then the drive back to the hotel in Anaheim and off to bed.  That’s enough for now.  I’ll tell about Sunday later.  I’m having serious eye problems today.  One eye has been bugging me for almost a week now.  Just when I first wake up it’s all scratchy and tearing and hurting.  Then it would get better after about an hour and I’d be fine.  Starting Sunday, it’s pretty much hurt all day.

When I woke up this morning (we got back to my brother’s late last night) my left eye would barely open.  Two hours later and it will still barely open, hurts like hell and is all puffy and watering.  And light if almost unbearable.  I’ve been wearing sunglasses all day, even inside.  Not sure what to do about it. 

Happy New Year!

The Stars have had a winning tradition on NYE for years.  They even fought to get the schedule rearranged so they could play at home on New Year’s again this year.  Something magical always seemed to happen at each year’s game.  This was the first NYE game I ever got to attend.  My baby daddy scored two goals.


It was the only two goals the Stars scored all night.  We lost  3-2.  Dammit.  Why the hell did my boys wait until the 3rd period to start playing to win??  Oh yeah, and it was our group’s declared green hair night. 


jh5366    100_5365a

We sat around on the patio, drinking appletinis and reflecting on the past year and what each of us had accomplished and learned in 2005.  We got a little emotional (I’m sure the alcohol helped) and talked about our friendships and relationships and stuff.  And then realized it was almost midnight so we ran back inside, grabbed the party hats and scrambled to find the countdown to the New Year on tv.

We found the channel just in time to catch the “3…..2…..1….” part.  I’m a dork and forgot the whole kissing thing that happens.  I’ve been home by myself on NYE the past 5 years.  So as we are all saying Happy New Year to each other, I give Nala a hug and he gave me a peck on the cheek.  The kissing thing still didn’t occur to me.  Then I go to give Curly a hug.  He was apparently going for a kiss and ended up with my cheek.  It wasn’t that I wouldn’t have kissed him, I just didn’t expect it.  And to make matters worse, I then kissed everyone else after that.  Everyone but Curly and Nala.  I hope he didn’t think I intentionally dodged him.


>My faraway friend, I’ll call him Dr. Honeydew, called after midnight, on his drunken walk home.  So we passed the phone around and let everyone say hello and Happy New Year and stuff.  He’s an absolute doll and I love him to pieces.  I’ve alluded to him in here once before, but I won’t point it out now.  That’s a story for another day.

So, Curly is this guy that I’ve known for a year or two now.  He has short wavy hair, hence the Curly.  Tall.  Nice looking.  Incredibly dry wit.  Very quiet.  Introverted.  Very even-keeled.  He’s a great guy.  He really is.  And sometimes I think there is a potential relationship there.  Several of my friends insist that he’s into me.  I’m not so sure.  But the bigger question is, am I interested in him?  Sometimes yes.  Sometimes no.  I think maybe he’s too old for me.  I don’t necessarily mean in years, although he is about 8 years older.  What I mean is, he’s a lot more settled down.  A lot more laid back.  I don’t know if we’d like the same things, other than the Stars. 

Dr. Honeydew, who I can talk to about damn near anything, says that these are things you find out when you date someone.  And that I either want to date Curly or I don’t.  I, however, am of the opinion that I don’t want to cross that line of friendship to find out if I like him as something more.  Because it’s hard to backtrack from that and remain friends.  I think that, in spending more time with him as friends, I’ll learn more about which direction I am leaning and whether or not I really am interested in something more.  And if he is as well.  Dr. Honeydew says that is me being a chicken.

What say you?

Comments from old blog:Nilla – Jan 01, 06:  Which one is Curly?

I get really philosophical in themiddle of the night… I say, if you didn’t want to make the guy your soul partner, then, don’t push it. I personally don’t want to “settle” for someone. Yeah, he’s nice and I like him or whatever, but if there isn’t that pssion and connection then it’s just not there. I don’t think that kind of stuff grows from nothing.

SWF – Jan 01, 06:  Curly is the guy I’m hugging on my patio.

I know what you mean about not wanting to settle. Boy howdy, do I! There’s a spark there, I just think I’ve just become so overly cautious and guarded over the past few years that I am nit-picking every possible scenario and how it might play out.

Nilla – Jan 02, 06:  Yup, he’s pretty cute. And every time I see new pictures posted of you on here, I’m struck by how pretty you are! I don’t see why you’re trying to lose all that weight. I think you look fine!

 Laura – Jan 03, 06:  I think you should GO FOR IT with Curly :) I agree it would be scary, because when you cross over the friendship line it *IS* hard. And I know he’s mentioned things about certain attributes that are important to him in a woman that would be hard for anyone to live up to!! Like awesome credit scores and stuff. lmao But I think he is DEFINITELY into you. He’d be crazy not to be!! And I think he’s absolutely adorable. You definitely need to think about it, because of the friendship there. But I’d say it is definitely something worth thinking about!!!!

Daisy – Jan 03, 06:  Rats, Laura! I’d forgotten someone was reading that knows me in “real” life. LOL

And hey, I have an outstanding credit score! I’ve been more than responsible with my debt…I just have too much of it. 😛

Yes, he’s adorable. But I don’t know if we are compatible. I think we (all of us! lol) are a little too wild sometimes. I just don’t want it to be awkward. And if I’m wrong about it (on both sides), it could be.

Daisy – Jan 03, 06:  Oh, and Nilla. Thanks. But I have the benefit of only posting pics of me where I don’t have 5 chins or my gut rolls aren’t showing. 😛

Laura  – Jan 04, 06:  That’s okay….. your secret is safe with me! :)

STH Jersey Event

Today, Mexigoalie and I got to go get our free (well, it cost us the price of our season tickets being paid by August 19) jerseys and had the opportunity to select one of four player groups to autograph it. 

Group 1:  Mike Modano, Stu Barnes, Phillipe Boucher (wasn’t there…broke his finger in the game last night), Jaroslav Svoboda, and Stephane Robidas 

Group 2:  Bill Guerin, Jere Lehtinen, Martin Skoula, Nathan Perrott, and Trevor Daley
Group 3:  Marty Turco, Sergei Zubov, Niko Kapanen, Steve Ott, and Johan Hedberg

Group 4:  Brenden Morrow, Jason Arnott, Antti Miettinen, Jussi Jokinen, Jon Klemm

Contrary to popular assumptions, I did not elect to get group 1.  Since I already had Modano’s autograph on my Mo home (green) jersey, I wanted to get some of the others to sign my new away (white) jersey. 
We got there early and so weren’t too far back in the check-in line.  We picked up our jerseys and Mexigoalie and I chose Group 4.  Some friends of ours that were there also decided they just wanted their jerseys and would worry about autographs another day.  So they gave us their tickets for Group 3.

Group 4

In the first line, I didn’t have the guts to say much other than, “Thank you,” to the players.  I don’t know why I can’t talk.  Mostly I just don’t want to sound like an idiot, plus I can never think of anything original to say.  And after about 50 people before me and several hundred to follow, I figure they’ve heard it all.

Group 3

By the time we got up to the players in Group 3, I had a little more nerve built up.  But said mostly stupid lame dumb girl things like, “That’s a cool watch,” or “Great game last night.”  Ugh.  Mexigoalie asked Zubov if his heart was in his throat when he took that penalty in OT and left the team short-handed.  Zubov said, “No, I wasn’t worried.”  Then paused a beat and added, “Yes!”  and we all laughed about that.


Then, because the lines were moving pretty smoothly, we were told they would let us in line for the other groups as well, even though we didn’t have tickets for those.

We went and got in group 2’s line, since it was the shorter of the two remaining.  Got through there pretty quickly and made our way to the Modano line of group 1.  That’s were our good fortune ended.  They wouldn’t let anyone else into that line without a ticket because there were still quite a few people waiting and only about 30 minutes left of the event.  So the only glances I got at my Mikey were through a glass window.

Stu & Mo

Oh well, I’m not complaining.  We both managed to get a jersey signed by the entire team, minus 5 players.  We’ll just have to catch a practice or other event sometime to get those last few. 

How cool is this??  Now I have something to wear when I catch my first 2 Stars road games in a few months!!  I’m (FINALLY) going to go visit my oldest brother, Dilbert, and his family in San Diego at the end of March.  So I’ve worked it out so that I will get to see them play in Anaheim and Los Angeles while I’m there!  Can’t wait!!  Although, my brother is already threatening to make me sit by myself at the games, since he knows I will be cheering (loudly) for the visiting team!

My away jersey

Go Mo! Go!

Mikey Mo had one hell of a game tonight.  He was like a man possessed…and more importantly, he looked, every inch, the Mike Modano superstar I’ve known and loved.  He scored a goal in the first minute of the game and another one before the first period was over.  We had the lead but ended up letting them come back and tie the game, forcing it to overtime.  After 5 minutes of a scoreless OT, we got to see our very first ever regular season shootout on home ice! 

Zubov, Jokinen, and Modano were the 3 shooters for Dallas.  Zubov missed his (he’s been incredible in the 2 we’ve faced on the road).  Jokinen slipped his past Carolina’s goaltender.  The visiting team made 2 of theirs.  So it was all up to Mikey as the third shooter for the Stars.  It was his first chance at a shootout in the regular season.  I’m not crazy about the new rules that allow a shootout to decide the winner in a tie game, but holy crap is it intense and exciting to watch!  And hallelujah, Mo made his shot!  And won the game for us!!!

Since a shootout goal is considered a “team” goal, he didn’t get the hattrick, but still.  No surprise that he was named the #1 Star of the Game.  And also the #1 Star of the Night from NHL.  YAY Baby Daddy! 

Happy Hockey Day!

The Stars opened the new, I mean MY NHL, season against the Kings tonight (last night, whatever).  HOLY CRAP.  What a game!  After a miserable first period and being booed off the ice (not by yours truly, but I didn’t cheer them either), our boys fought back from being down 4-0 and gave the fans at the AAC a real treat!  The house really was a rockin’. 

“To wait 18 months and come out like that in the first and give the fans that, I felt this big coming off the ice,” Boucher said, holding his finger and thumb close. “We deserved to be booed, but when we came back, they got right back into it. They played a role in the comeback, that’s for sure.”  – from DMN

Arnott, Zubov (twice), Guerin, and Boucher all scored to get the Stars in the game, keep them there, and finish off the Kings.

Stars Win 5-4

After a little post-game celebration at the Old No 7, my alarm is going to be going off way too soon.   But Wheeeeeee!  What a night!!!

Hooray for hockey!

I got to go to the first home preseason game against the Oilers last night.  It was so great to be back in the AAC watching my boys on the ice!   The rule changes are going to take some getting used to.  And it will be interesting to see if the refs keep it up, consistently calling obstruction.  As it stands now, it’s entirely too many penalties and it breaks up the flow of the game.  But hopefully, as the players get used to the new calls, they will learn what they can and cannot do in this brave new world and the onslaught of penalties will subside a little.

We’ve got some talented prospects as well.  It will be interesting to see who finds a place on the roster and who goes.

The Stars won 6-4 in regulation, but for all preseason games, they are including a shoot-out…just to “showcase” the new part of the game to the fans I guess.  We lost that 2-0.  Turks has some work to do adjusting to this.  Speaking of, he definitely has some kinks to work out.  He was a little rusty last night.  Still made some great saves, but let in some extremely soft goals.

Mo was speeding down the ice, jersey flapping in the wind.  Man was that nice to see him looking more like his old self again!  He even managed to put one in the net.  I’m telling you naysayers, he’s going to have a good season and prove that the debaucle that was the 2003-2004 season was nothing more than a fluke.

Welcome back, boys!  You’ve been sorely missed!

Stars vs Oilers Preseason Opener