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The past few weeks have really given me a new perspective on friendships and relationships.  I’m not a confrontational person.  I avoid it whenever possible in favor of trying to be the peacemaker.  And, apparently, I expect too much from people, particularly those I call friends.

I never expected a friend to take advantage of me and use my name in a public forum to give himself some sort of credibility.  And ultimately, include my name in a lie.  A partial truth does not make it true.  That friendship is sadly over.  I have been devastated by it, but finally came to accept that that is not a friendship I’m willing to fight to keep.  Especially when one side cannot accept any responsibility and only point fingers elsewhere.

I never expected friends to so harshly criticize another one of my friends TO me.  Over and over.  You don’t have to have the same friends as me, that’s fine.  But to take every opportunity to talk badly about someone that you KNOW I am friends with, and then to act all indignant when I am “overly-defensive” about it…I just don’t get that.  If it was you people were badmouthing, you’d certainly expect me to defend you.  And I have.

Guess what?  I don’t like some of your friends either, but I’d never try to point out all their faults to you because I respect our friendship.  And because it’s not my business.  This one has been eating away at me for 2 days, can you tell? 

 See, when in the moment, I rarely react.  I don’t cause a scene.  I bite my tongue.  I try to keep the peace.  Then it festers inside me and I want to just explode at that person.  But the rational side of me says, don’t do that…you’ll say something you’ll regret.  So in the end, I feel like a doormat.  And THAT pisses me off even more.

And then to top it all off, I feel like I am surrounded by infidelity lately.  Real or imagined.  Attempted or acted upon.  Online or in person.  I’m just sickened by all of it.  And so disappointed. 

While I try not to judge, it is yet another thing that is forcing me to re-examine some of my friendships.  In one scenario, I want to beat the offending party to a pulp, because that friend broke my (closer) friend’s heart.  And yet, in another, where my friend is the offender, I want be there for them.  And in a third, I want to cease interactions with both parties.  Is it the difference in the “level” of indiscretion that makes me react differently?  Is it the length of my friendship with them that effects my feelings towards it?  Am I a hypocrite?  What is wrong with people?!?!

Again, perhaps my expectations in all relationships are too high.  And perhaps this is why I haven’t found someone to share my own life with.  And perhaps I never will.  And that depresses me.

Well, this should be interesting.

Just got a call from T.  I’ve failed to mention the few times we’ve talked since the big discussion.  He called to wish me a happy birthday, merry Christmas, and on New Years.  And I’ve seen him online a few times and we’ve chatted a bit.  But I haven’t seen him in person since we had the whole friends talk.

So anyway, he just called from work (he’s working a second job on the weekends now) and we talked for awhile.  Then he asked if I wanted to go have drinks or something after he gets off work.  He claims no alterior motive, just wants to see me.  The weather is supposed to get pretty nasty tonight.  It’s been below freezing all day and they are predicting rain/sleet/freezing rain/etc.  So I said I really wasn’t planning to go anywhere if the weather is bad.  He offered to come pick me up.  Or just hang out over here for a little while.

I guess we’ll see how this whole ‘we’re just friends who used to have great sex’ thing goes.  And why do I suddenly feel guilty about it?  Like I know Dr Honeydew wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea of T and I hanging out.  In fact, I worry that he’d be hurt by it.  It’s not like we have some sort of exclusive relationship.  Hell, it’s not like we have a relationship at all…we’ve just been moving in the direction of the idea of potentially having one. 

Shit.  This is such a weird place to be.  Of course, if the whole ‘just friends’ thing with T holds true, I shouldn’t feel guilty.  But I also know how we can be sometimes… 

And whatever happens with T, do I talk to Dr Honeydew about it?  I am the world’s most horrible liar, but at the same time, I don’t want to make him feel weird or worried or upset or anything either.   I know he and I are officially still just the best of friends, but does the fact that we are interested in exploring other options justify my feeling guilty about seeing T tonight??