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I don’t remember what normal feels like.

I guess, if I want to start blogging again, I’m going to have to find some speech to text program to spare my poor arms and hands. By the time I finish the ridiculous hours of work, I’m in too much pain to come here and update. Work tells me do what is right for me…take care of myself first…then, oh, by the way, I need XYZ from you by 8am tomorrow.

I can’t remember what it felt like to be pain-free. Or to have a life.

Too many tweets, not enough blogs.

I recently installed a tool on my blog that is configured to post a daily summary of my twitter activity.  Now, looking at it, I see that I post far more frequently there than here.  Reason being, it’s easy to spout off a short statement at random times throughout the day.  However, writing an entry to my blog requires a bit more of a time commitment.  Not to mention the fact that it is something I would NEVER do from work.

The good thing about the daily twitter summaries is that I can read back through them and often that will help remind me of something that I wanted to blog about.  Then it’s just a matter of carving out a small block of time to actually do it.

I’ll have to try that.  My head is so full of random stuff that needs to be “downloaded” to make some room (for new random stuff, of course)!


I just haven’t had the time to blog lately.  And when I have had time, I just wanted to relax (and enjoy my latest addiction).  So, I owe entries on the following:

  • Hurricane Ike (my family lives in Beaumont)
  • Friends who vent about others’ acts of “rudeness” when, in fact, that friend is guilty of the very same acts
  • Biting the bullet and calling EAP to get back into counseling
  • How the Roku box for Netflix instant viewing over my tv is taking over my life

I still have orphans.

It just occured to me that when I started blogging over here, I never finished moving all of my old dirty martini posts.  Much to my chagrin, I was having to do it manually.  Which also sucks because I lose all of the comments that went with them.  But I would much prefer having everything in one place and finally being able to delete the old blogdrive one.

Not remembering my logic on how I was moving posts before, I decided to just start at the beginning, in August 2005, and work my way forward.  Some of the 2006 and on blogs are already here (no idea what the method to my madness was).  So anyway, as of right now, I officially have all of August and September 2005 on here.  Looks like there’s at least a year or two missing for me to copy/paste.  This weekend, I’m hoping to get the rest of 2005 moved.   We’ll see.

Bloggity blog.

I gave myself a goal of trying to get back to blogging more frequently.  It’s so frustrating to feel like I have to play catch up when I haven’t posted in a month.  So my itty bitty baby step was going to be to make sure I blog at least once a week…whether I have anything to say or not. 

I have lots to say these days, but after pulling an all-nighter for work last night and an early day tomorrow, I’m just too tired to type coherently. 

But I blogged.  So there.

Are you kidding me?

Get paid to blog?!  Sounds too good to be true, but let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

I was browsing random blogs one day and came across a link that claimed I could earn some cash while doing something I already do…blog.  Of course, I clicked on that link quicker than a hungry monkey could eat a banana. 

After reading all about it, I thought it sounded like a great way to add a little cushion to my pocketbook.  Have you bought gas lately?  Then you know what I’m talking about.  I mean, come on, somebody is going to give me money for something I do anyway and it doesn’t cost me anything other than a little of my time?  Sign me up!

I did, in fact, join PayPerPost.  All I have to do is accept blog opportunities that appeal to me.  It can be anything from reviewing a product to giving feedback on a particular website to blog reviews. The list is constantly changing and there is a lot of variety in topics.  In exchange, I get some extra bucks to fill my tank!  Super-duper bonus would be to earn enough to put a dent in my debt.  Let’s see how it goes.

Either way, it sounds like a win-win to me.  If I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

Birthday was good.  Week was crazy, as expected.  And I feel like a stranger on my own blog.  I meant to atleast do an entry after my bday shindig.  Given the amount of alcohol consumed, that could’ve been entertaining.  Oh well. 

‘m heading to the parents’ tomorrow morning.  Probably won’t be online from there much either.  Unless I go to my brother’s and use his DSL.  My parents just have dialup and it is too painful to use.  It’s not even standard dialup speed.  It’s like 26k or something.  And it suuuuuucks.

I’ll have to play catchup (both posting and reading) when I get back.

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!

Moving Time

I think it is inevitable.  And that sucks.  But I think I have to change my blog location.  V saw it when she was here before the Halloween Party.  She said she was good and didn’t look, because she has one that she uses for the same purpose….a true journal, and understands wanting to keep it private from anyone she might mention.  So as to be able to not be influenced, and therefore less honest, by knowing those people might be reading.

But….I know she reads blogs religiously.  And I know that my earlier entry about our conflict was soooo not my honest reaction.  And I know I wrote a followup entry to that entry that has been sitting in ‘Draft’ mode because…well, I am a wimp and don’t want to worry about whether or not she is reading here.

And dammit, I want this to be a TRUE account of my inner thoughts at the time.  Sooooo, I think I’ll be moving soon.  What a pain in the ass.  Sigh. 

Comments from old blog:
gak – Nov 08, 05:  i’m glad you changed. i will keep up with you! at this point i’d like to move too… for honesty’s sake… but i don’t.

Nilla – Nov 06, 05:  Hmmm. My email notification things don’t seem to work. I am never ever ever notified for the lists that I am on, and, I have no idea if the people on the list of my blog are getting notified.

I would say it’s not really a headache but, not everyone is on the notify list- I have bunches of people that read and comment but only four on my ‘list’.

Daisy – Nov 06, 05: Well the only few I know of that read somewhat regularly are on my email notification list. Won’t that work? Or is this going to be a bigger headache than I thought?

Nilla – Nov 05, 05:  Do what I should’ve done when I changed blogs: Post a note saying to pass over email addresses if they want to be updated on your change. Then you can choose whether or not to let that person know where’ve you’ve gone. I went from over 40 readers to about 4 or 5 I think, and it really really annoys me, because after a year or so, it can feel like they are sort of your friends!

I had every intention of blogging today…

 But now it’s late and I don’t feel like it.

I was going to talk about my free half-day at work, my quest to find a Halloween costume, winning platinum level tickets to a Stars game, and Modano’s great games against Phoenix on Tuesday and then Calgary on Thursday. And my guilt over wimping out on a friend’s birthday happy hour/game-watching gathering tonight.

So instead, I’ll leave you with this. Sweet dreams.;)