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SPF: Something for Everyone

Brought to you by Random and Odd

This week’s assignment:

  • Something red
  • Something green
  • Something you decorate

Ok.  I tried not to use all Christmas stuff, so here’s what I came up with.

Something Red:  This cute little case that had some yummy products from philosophy in it.  I have no use for it other than it’s cute.  Right now it is sitting on my dresser, waiting for me to come up with some purpose for it.

Something Green:  I was tempted to use my Grinch slippers, but decided against it.  Instead, here is one of the few plants in my house that I have not yet managed to kill.  It’s kind of dusty looking, huh?  I’d wipe it down, but you know the saying…if it ain’t dead, don’t mess with it.


Something you decorate:  I could take pictures of my whole house, since that is in a constant state of redecorating.  But I’d rather wait until I’ve replaced some old furniture before I do that.  So instead, here is the table in my entryway.  I try to change it up to match whatever season it is currently.  Up until a few weeks ago, it was dressed up for hockey season, but I begrudgingly changed it for the holidays.


So…did you play?

SPF: Happy to be Stuck with You!

Dec 9th – Happy To Be Stuck With You

  • your tattoo or birthmark
  • your bumper sticker
  • something you keep changing

I got my first tattoo the summer after my senior year in high school.  It was my graduation present to myself.  I’d been warning my parents for years that the day would come.  They didn’t believe me.  They were out of town, so I headed on down to the creepy little tattoo parlour, Magic Dragon, and told them what I wanted.  The kid that did mine drew it by hand first and got my approval.  But when it came down to actually inking me up, he got a little carried away freehanding the leaves.  I think it’s top heavy and have been meaning to get some rework done but have yet to do so.

I wore socks around the house for almost 2 months before my parents finally caught on.  They were not happy.

The second one came when I went with a friend of mine to get hers done.  In the boredom of waiting, I decided I needed another.  They really are addictive.  So, prompted by my parents insistence on how ugly and “not feminine at all” my first one was, I decided for something a little more girly-girl.  This one is on my extreme lower hip area.  It’s kind of a hidden surprise for anyone that chooses to venture south.

My third and final tat I got when I, again, accompanied someone else to get theirs.  It was much cuter when I was skinnier and had a nice flat stomach.  Now everyone asks what it is.  Moths?  Ivy?  I figure eventually it will look like a pile of raisins falling out of my belly button.

I don’t have any stickers on my car’s actual bumper.  But I do have this on the back glass:

And last but not least, something I keep changing.  My hair hasn’t been it’s natural color since about 7th grade.  In fact, I’m no longer exactly sure what my natural color is anymore.  I’ve had blonde (ick…never again!), black, red, orange, blue, streaked, you name it.  For the last 10 years or so, I’ve preferred auburn.  Or various stages of reddish brown hair.  From flame red to dark cherry, to blackberry.

It’s funny because people who know my family (who all have dark brown to black hair) will ask me where I got my red hair from.  I always smile and tell them my grandmother had red hair.

They don’t need to know hers came from a box as well.

So…did you play?

Comments from the old blog:

Mama Duck – Dec 11, 05:  Alright, I’ve always wondered about a tatoo on the ankle, doesn’t it hurt on that bone thingie?!?!?!

It’s very cool though!!!

I agree with Kristine…LOVE the hair!

kristine – Dec 11, 05:  I’m glad you played.


I love that color!!

Nilla  – Dec 10, 05:  The raisins cracked me up too.

Tattoos ARE addictive. All mine are girly, and I have eight. Most of them are black ink only (cuz I like it). Same story: I had a design put on my leg, and when it was done I had two tattoos. They were separated instead of together. Oh well, I figure one day I can add some more crap and make them joined. I am now feeling like posting my own tattoos for fun!

I don’t have bumper stickers either- they’re window stickers. My favorite is Happy Bunny sitting on a toilet, and he says “I made a little sculpture of you”. My mom was not entertained.

CharlotteinPa – Dec 10, 05:  I didn’t find tattoos addictive… after I first got mine I wanted another because I felt cool, but now all I remember is how much it hurt. :-) Glad you played!

Kami – Dec 10, 05:  Yeah, I’m not sure what color my hair is, either!

LeafGirl77 – Dec 10, 05:  “a pile of raisins falling out of my belly button” I love it. Great visual!!  Thanks for dropping by!

Halloween pics & SPF

I finally added some pictures to the post-Halloween party entry.  Go take a look here.


 I’m late on SPF, too, I realize that.  Just don’t tell KristineThis week’s assignment was “Down There.” 

  • Your door mat
  • Your rug(s)
  • Your favorite socks

So, here’s my mat at the front door.  The one at the back door is exactly the same, only in much worse condition.  When this one starts looking bad, I’ll move it to the back door, throw the back door one out, and buy a new one for the front.  That process seems to work well for me. 

I have quite a few rugs throughout the house, but nothing fancy.  More for foot traffic mostly.  So instead, here’s the Marilyn rug that sits at my desk in my office, which is the most obvious room of the house to witness my obsession with Marilyn.

And here’s a project I started atleast 3 years ago.  My ex and I had just split up, for the final time, he had just moved out and I was in hermit-mode like never before.  The only time I left the apartment was to go to work.  And sometimes not even then.  So I decided I needed a project.  Why on earth I chose a latch-hook rug is beyond me.  I haven’t done latch-hook since elementary school.  But I thought it would be an easy distraction that would result in a pretty little rug to put in front of my fireplace.  Obviously, I eventually found other things to do, because, after months of working on it at random times, I didn’t exactly make much progress.

And here, my favorite socks.  It’s usually too hot here to wander around the house in socks.  But now that the weather is finally starting to cool off some, I had to dig these babies back out.  They are sooooo super soft and comfy.  

So, did you play??

Comments from old blog:
gak – Nov 08, 05:  your costume looks GREAT!!! you are so pretty!

Nilla – Nov 06, 05:  That latch-hook looks pretty! And, my sister and I LOVE Marilyn too. She just stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado about three weeks ago for her birthday (MM filmed Some Like it Hot there) and went ghost hunting!

SPF: Back to School

   Stuff Portrait Friday

This week’s assignment (brought to you by Random and Odd):


  • Your Yearbook (any year)

  • The person who made life hell for you.

  • The person you still talk to.

 One of you blogger types tell her I played, ok?  For some reason it’s not allowing me to comment over there.  Mean blogger.  😛

So, it would appear that I do not have a single yearbook from high school.  I know I got screwed out of my senior yearbook (thanks, Mrs I’ll-Get-You-One-For-Planning-Junior-Prom) but apparently I don’t have any other ones either.  Either my brother , Duckie, has them all, or they are still stacked on a bookshelf somewhere at my parents’ house.  So, no yearbook pic for me.  EDIT:  Well crap.  I found 2 of them after I posted this.  If I get good and motivated, I’ll add a pic here later.

Person who made life hell for me:  Would have to by my junior high / highschool sweetheart, and I use the term loosely, because, while we did date off and on (mostly on) from 7th grade until after graduation, he was no angel.  It’s funny how a lot of my best and my worst memories of school involve him. 

Here we are in 8th grade.  Anyone remember those Rude Dog shirts?  LOL

Junior High

And at my Senior Prom.  Check out his mullet and my big hair!  We broke up, for the last time, about 3 months later but kept “in touch” (insert evil grin) for almost another 6 months.  He was my first love.  Years later, I would become friends with his (now ex) wife and mother of his twin boys!  Hearing her stories confirmed that I did the right thing.  He hadn’t changed a bit.  Still playing the same old games.  I hear he is remarried now.  Here’s hoping he’s finally settled down and happy. 

Senior Prom

Person I still talk to:  There’s quite a few actually, so I’ll just pick 3.  Two girls I went to school with (MommyK and MrsDrillTeam) ended up living in the same area as me, so we try to get together when we can.  Of course, they are both married and one of them just had her first child, so those get togethers are further and further apart these days. 

MommyK     MrsDrillTeam

And more recently, at our 10-year reunion with their hubbies:

And another, that I don’t talk to as often as I’d like, but always make it a point to go see her when I head south.  One of my very best friends from school, let’s call her Barbie, because she’s pretty and skinny and blonde. 


 It’s amazing we ever became friends in the first place.  I met her in 7th grade and we couldn’t have been more opposite of each other.  I was the bad girl, she was the wide-eyed innocent new kid.  My how times have changed!  Here’s us one night at our 10-year reunion:

I miss you, Barbie.  Come visit soon, please!

SPF & Dinner Dates

Stuff Portrait Friday

Only my second week in to playing and I failed miserably.  I didn’t even attempt to play.  Sorry, football is not my bag, baby.  But I did enjoy seeing everyone else’s pictures.  I’ll have to see what next week’s assignment brings.

I got a call from T a little while ago.  We made plans to go to dinner tomorrow night.  And already, I find myself falling back into old habits.  Having been cheated on, habitually, in my past relationships, I tend to be suspicious.  Of everything.  And second guess everything that is said.  I’ve gotten better at not being (quite) so mental, but I do still find myself remembering the most minute details of conversations.  Then, later, when something is said that varies from that, even slightly, big red flashing sirens start going off in my brain.  That happened earlier, when talking to T.  I should also mention that English is not his first language, so that has lead to misunderstandings in the past.  Adding to the confusion.  Sigh.

I think, should dinner actually happen tomorrow, we will have a conversation about these things.   And about what it is, exactly, that we are doing.  I’ve had no problem with the casualness of our relationship over the past year, but I just want to know where things stand.  He’s said things lately that have made me think it’s not as casual as I have tried to keep it.  But he’s also been, as far as I know, incredibly honest with me about what else he may or may not be doing and likewise from me.  So now, with the warning lights going off, I want to approach the issue now rather than sweep it under a rug until there is a huge pile of crap there to wade through. 
One thing I have learned, and will pass on to all of you out there, is, if you think you are being lied to by your partner (or potential partner), never, and I do mean never, show your hand until you know what s/he is holding.   I’m sure I’ll be criticized by some for saying that, but understand me…I’m not talking about playing head games.  I’m talking about not making or breaking something until you really know the situation.  In most cases, s/he will either set the record straight, or bury themself with lies.  At no point prior to that should you divulge whatever bits of information you know.  Or think you know.  That only shows them the way out, should they be trying to deceive you.  And should you be misguided in your suspicions and tell them about it upfront, it will only make you seem, well…mental.

Damn.  Now I sound like psychocrazybitterbitch.  I’m so not that person (anymore).  Honest. 

Enough of that…what in the crap am I going to wear tomorrow night?  And where should we go for dinner?  These are questions that need answers. 

Stuff Portrait Friday

I’m late, but it’s my first time to play.  So go easy on me.

I’ve taken the pictures, honest.  But downloading them requires me to leave my fetal position and go to the other computer.  I’ll add them here later.  Promise. 


Ok, here goes. 

My trunk (at a weird angle, but I was too lazy to open the garage):

My dishes (I have 2 sets, the black Mikasa ones being the more formal, the Warhol’s Marilyn stuff for everyday):


And finally, alcoholic beverages of choice (7&7, Turkey & 7, or the dirtiest martini…I affectionately call them whores…you can make):