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Photography Weekend

This past weekend, Flirt and I went to a “digital chicks” weekend workshop in Salado, Texas.  There is a guy who teaches photography at one of the local colleges and I’ve been on his mailing list for awhile because he offers several workshops a year and I kept saying I was going to do one of them.  So when a short weekend version became available within driving distance, I bit the bullet and decided to go.  My friend, Flirt, decided to go, too, so I was glad to have the company.

The workshop took place at the Rose Mansion, a charming little bed & breakfast in Salado with a variety of rooms available, some in their own seperate houses/homesteads.  Many are actual restorations of homes from the late 1800s and early 1900s.  It was a beautiful place…despite the summer temperatures.


The workshop had its highs and lows, but I couldn’t get past the fact that the instructor seems to think it’s ok to take a shitty picture because, “you can fix that later in photoshop!”  It should be stated here that I, up to this point, have not used ANY manipulation software on my photos.  The extreme of what I have done with an image on the computer is to crop it or the rare exposure adjustment by simply brightening the image a tad.  And I am a firm believer that there should remain a line between what is considered photography and what crosses over into computer-generated art.

Nevertheless, it was a dedicated time to reconnect with my cameras, some good tips on metering, and an opportunity to stay up late and unwind with a bottle of wine and conversation.  So, all in all, I’m glad I went.  :)

Saturday Plans

I’m up, a little later than planned, getting ready to drive out to McKinney to meet MrsDrillTeam at the Roundup on the Range to see our friend AggieR and her boyfriend compete in the chuckwagon competition and cookoff.  We went last year, mainly because AggieR wanted me to take some photos for them.  And surprisingly it was a lot of fun and really interesting to see how much everyone does to be “authentic.” 

After that, MrsDrillTeam and I are headed out to the McKinney Trade Days, since it happens to be this weekend as well.

The weather is lovely so it should be a good day for all, including my beloved Samuel L, who is finally getting a dust off.


In all the years I’ve lived in the Dallas area, yesterday was my first trip to Southlake.  I met my friend, Red, there for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  We’ve both been in a funk and needed to get out of the house, but weren’t up for a full-swing social event with the whole gang.  So, it being daylight, I was brave enough to venture down the road less travelled.

The restaurant is located in the Southlake Town Square, which is a nice little area of shops all laid out like a little town of its own, back when streets were lined with shops instead of the giant malls and shopping centers we’re used to today.  Not exactly square though, don’t let the name deceive you.  It’s similar to what they have recently built in Garland at the Firewheel Town Center.  It’s a nice concept, but with the year-round Texas heat, it’s really only truly enjoyable on a cool day or evening.  But it’s great for running into a particular store without having to deal with the crowds or parking at the malls.

After lunch, we walked around for a little while, not really to shop, since neither of us can afford that these days.  I had seen the neat red brick Town Hall building when I drove in, and really wanted to get some photos of it, so we ended up walking there.  It was super bright, mid-afternoon sun…not the ideal time for photos, but I was there and I had my camera, so I had to at least give it a shot.

Definitely not a good time for photos with all that harsh light, but worth a return visit sometime in the evening light….when it isn’t so freaking hot outside, too!

It was good to get out of the house and out of hermit mode for a few hours.  Red and I are going to have to force each other to do that until this latest funk passes for both of us.

A Blue Ribbon Kind of Day

On My Own Time (OMOT) is a region-wide competition organized by North Texas Business for the Culture of the Arts (NTBCA) to exhibit the talent of member companies’ employees. There are categories for a variety of arts in both amateur and professional divisions:  ceramics, fabric, jewelry, works on canvas, works on paper, woodworking, and of course, photography.  My company participates religiously. 

This year, I entered two of my photographs in the Color Photography category.  The definition they used for “professional” was that you earn money for your work.  They had left out the word “regularly,”which was part of the definition last year, so I decided to be brave and enter the professional division.

There are 3 outside judges from the art community in North Texas who judge all of the entries and select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each category and division.  Photos of all of the entries are also placed online on our intranet for employees to vote.  During this time, the art is also on display at one of the main campuses for my company for employees to view and vote.  The employee vote determines the People’s Choice award.  First place in each category as well as the People’s Choice award from all member companies are invited to display their artwork at Northpark Center in late Septemer.

So today was the Artists’ Reception at work, where they serve us cookies and punch and announce all of the winners.  The peanut butter cookies were fantastic, by the way.  But even better than the cookies was the fact that one of MY photos, Down to the Wire, won FIRST PLACE in the Professional Color Photography category.  Me = ELATED!

I am so proud I could burst.  I am now an award-winning photographer.  Woooohoo!



My most anticipated day of the week has finally arrived.  It is sad, really, to look forward to the end of the work week so much.  Working for the weekend has real meaning to me now.

This evening I am going to relax, watch some movies, and maybe clean up around the house a little.  Or start reading something new.  I just finished reading How to Be Good by Nick Hornby and, while everyone raves about its sarcastic wit, it just left me feeling down.  So I think I’ll read something fluffier next.

Tomorrow night it’s dinner at PF Chang’s for a friend’s birthday.

Sunday, out to Fair Park for our employer-sponsored free weekend.  Mexigoalie and I went last year.  It was my first time to visit Fair Park for something other than the State Fair of Texas.  I enjoyed the flower gardens, the Hall of State, and the Musuem of Natural Science.  But not the walking around outdoors in the heat most of the day.  So this year, Mexigoalie, Nala, and V are coming with me and we’re planning to be there earlier in the day.  I’m just excited to have a chance to dust my cameras off again.  I haven’t been making nearly enough photographs lately.

That’s it for now.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

[x] Say cheese!

A White Christmas

We had our department year-end celebration on Monday. Every year it is something different. This year, it was a trip to the Gaylord Texan for lunch and to see the ICE! exhibit. We had lunch at the Riverwalk Cafe, which I somehow imagine is nicer than the real one in San Antonio. Food was ok, nothing to brag about.

After that, we headed over to see the ice sculptures. First of all, it’s like NINE degrees in the exhibit. So they give everyone these giant hooded parkas to wear. I was even smart enough to bring gloves, although, since I had Samuel L with me, they had to go unused….my fingers were numb almost immediately!

I don’t know what I was expecting, but this was SO much more. Absolutely unreal. Lifesize (and some larger) sculptures of everything from igloos to penguins to trains to a nativity scene and more. Even a 3-story slide made of ice! Crazy talented people that did all of this. I wouldn’t pay their admission fee to go back again, but it was a darn pretty sight for a freebie!

Fun Facts About ICE!

2,000,000 pounds: the amount of ice it takes to create ICE!

5,000: the number of ICE! blocks hand-carved and transformed into our winter wonderland

ICE! Slide

40: the number of artisans from the City of Harbin (China) Tourism and Development Commission, who sculpt the attraction by hand

34: the approximate number of days needed to hand-carve the ICE! display

14,000: the total square footage of the unique structure that houses ICE!

9 degrees: the temperature setting for the ICE! structure. A winter coat is provided to keep you warm!

1,400+: the number of LED lights frozen within ICE!

3: the number of types of ice used in the construction of ICE!
~ Clear “glass-like” crystal ice – so flawless that it is compared to Waterford Crystal – makes up 80 percent of the sculptures
~ “White ice” blocks, which are more like compacted snow, make up 15 percent of the sculptures
~ Colored ice, which is dyed brilliant colors, is used for highlighting and accenting the remaining 5 percent of the sculptures

52: the number of days you can visit this famous attraction before it melts away

2: the number of other destinations in the United States that are as cool as ICE! Sister properties Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee and Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Kissimmee, Florida also host annual ICE! events.

We use to be so close together.

Reasons I am an idiot:

Walking around all day in the sun without a drop of sunscreen on. When will I learn?

The roundup was fun today. It was neat watching them cook everything. MrsDrillTeam and I got to sample some of the leftovers and thought they were yummy. The sourdough rolls I could eat for days. The chicken fried steak was super tender and crispy. Just yum. AggieGirl said that was the worst they’ve ever done. :( If that was bad, I can’t wait to taste good! She can blame me…she was too worried I was going to get a picture of her ass to concentrate on the cooking! Nicole and I have decided we are more than willing to drive out to Glen Rose and let them cook for us! I haven’t had a chance to download the pics yet, but I hope I got some good ones for them, especially considering…

As fun as today was, a dark cloud hung over me to the point of nausea. It was all I could do to try not to think about it. When I pulled Samuel L out of my bag this morning to get batteries and such ready, I discovered she (yes, she) was badly injured. Her side was gaping open on the bottom corner. WTF?!?! Thirty minutes of panic and tears and much foul language, along with a tiny screwdriver and pleas to the camera gods, I managed to get the piece back in place and had my fingers crossed that I’d mended her. I was running late by this point, so scooped everything up and, with my heart in my stomach, took off for McKinney.

When I got to the roundup and started to take pictures, I realized that wasn’t her only injury. Autofocus: not functioning. Manual focus: barely functioning. The absolute only thing that makes sense is that she was dropped at some point, landed on her edge, and jammed the lens. FURIOUS ANGRY THOUGHTS.

Back to the reasons I am an idiot:

I will NEVER EVER EVER bring her to a happy hour again. While I cannot confirm that this is when it happened, it was the last time I used her and the first time I noticed the time had reset. I don’t know what happened. As far as I’m concerned, I may have done it myself. I know better. She’s not a toy and shouldn’t be passed from hand to hand anyway. Sober Daisy would NEVER allow that.

I stopped at Best Buy on the way back. Thank God I bought the extended warranty!! The manufacturer’s warranty ended a few weeks ago. The shitty part is, they have to ship her off for repairs. And it will be roughly a week and a half before I get her back. That was such a hard decision to make. I’m going to New York for the first time ever next week. And to Tucson the following week. The idea of facing either without Samuel L in hand seriously majorly upsets me. But I figured maybe, just maybe, she’ll be back before Tucson if I get things started now.

So I left Best Buy with my camera bag empty and a lump in my throat. And yeah, there were tears. Screw you if you can’t understand!

Get well soon, Samuel L.

Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

What’s that saying? Too many pots on the stove. Kettles in the fire. Something like that. Anyway, that’s what I feel like. I’ve started all these cool little projects lately and am only half-assing them because realistically, I can’t tackle them all at once. So I’m just going to step back and pick one at a time to give each the attention it needs.

Work is….well, work. I’m going to Tucson again in a few weeks, but am determined not to spend all of the time either at the office or in the hotel room again. I’m going to stay a day and a half over and try to make a mini-vacation out of it. Been doing some research and definitely going to check out the Sonora Desert Musuem as well as the San Xavier Mission. Those both look as though they will provide hours of happy entertainment for myself and Samuel L. I’m hoping to bring either Sparticus or Dee with me, too, if I ended up checking a bag. We’ll see.

I just finished watching Hannibal Rising. I’d read the book a couple of months ago and wasn’t very impressed with it. Sadly, I felt the same way about the movie. While some of Hannibal’s growing guiltless malice was fun to watch, I think they just made that leap too abruptly. Surely he wasn’t the only one to experience the extreme horrors of war…so where are the rest of the “monster”s? The movie does stay pretty true to the book, so I give it credit for that. But the book wasn’t much to work with in the first place. So sad, I expected great things for Hannibal’s back story.

I’m off to the Chuckwagon cookoff this weekend to take pictures of AggieGirl in action! Sounds like a pretty cool event, and another fun photo-expedition. Cat is going to meet up with me to take some photos of her own. YAY! Or should I say yeehaw!

You’re in my heart.


I can’t begin to describe my feelings when I saw this picture.

I have been carrying around a couple of Lomolitos disposable cameras for a (long) while and finally finished off a roll. I took it, along with several others to be developed last week.

I was beside myself when I saw this picture when I picked up my prints. I had completely forgotten about it! I was leaving Mazzy with my parents in Beaumont after Thanksgiving last year since I would be travelling the first two weeks of December. The plan was I would get her back when I went down again for Christmas.

Mazzy had a tumor removed earlier in the summer and, while she did well initially after the surgery, she was becoming less and less mobile. So I was concerned with leaving her, but knew she was in good hands with my parents. That didn’t stop me from crying my eyes out when I had to head back to Dallas. We played and cuddled and hugged and I took two pictures of us before I left.

It was the last time I saw her. The cancer had returned and had spread. She had to be put to sleep a week later while I was in Tucson.

Miss you, baby girl.

A Million Little Pictures

This sounds fun! I’m representing DFW…who’s with me?

Cool Project: A Million Little Pictures

“We’re sending out disposable cameras across the United States. People take pictures based on the theme of “adventures” and send them back to us. If your city (or the closest major city) gets the most participants, were throwing the show there!”

“We’re going to send you a disposable camera. You go on an adventure and take pictures. When you’re done, stick it into the postage-paid, pre-addressed envelope that we provide you and shove that sucker in your mailbox.

In December we will have a show featuring all of the pictures in the city that had the most participants.”

ENTRY DEADLINE is OCTOBER 10th. Cameras must be returned by November 20th.

Another step closer to crazy

Dang it. I did it again. I wrote an entire entry, detailing my new (old) cameras, the events of the weekend, etc. I remember it quite clearly.

Only I didn’t. I dreamed it apparently. Freaking odd, this is.

Anyway, here’s a summary:

I received my other cameras last week and have named them all now. The Kodak is Dee (duaflex II). The Spartus Full-Vue (120mm) is Sparticus. And the Fotex toy camera (35mm) is Foxy. I loaded up Sparticus, Foxy, and the ever-trusty Samuel L Friday evening and headed out to the City Park in Farmers Branch. I was planning to go watch the Frozen Waffles game later that night so figured I’d go early and snap some photos at the park nearby. Only I miscalculated how much daylight I had left and ended up at the StarCenter almost a full hour early.

Turns out quite a few of us decided to show up and watch the game that night. What was supposed to be a laid-back, non-drinkfest kind of night evolved pretty quickly. Maybe those $1 shots at the StarCenter are to blame. Either way, we all loaded up and headed a little further west to meet my brother at a bar near his house so we could shoot pool. It was a fun night, but certainly became a drinkfest. I think Red and I had a shot with every round. Breakfast at IHOP so we could sober up, then I went with Duckie and crashed at his place so I wouldn’t have to drive home. It was a good night though. I love hanging out with my brother and we don’t do it nearly as often as we should.

This weekend is the girls’ getaway. I’m excited to see everyone and catch up. And my girl, Barbie, is joining us this year as well as AggieR, who couldn’t make it last year. Wheeee! Should be good times. I’m leaving work at noon on Friday and I’m not putting make up on again until Monday morning.

I was hoping to get the roll from Sparticus developed before now so I could confirm whether or not the camera is actually functioning as it should. Not to mention, get an idea of just what the set shutter speed and fixed aperture is. But since I didn’t make it by BWC in time, I’m not going to risk blowing another roll.

Instead, I’m bringing Dee with me. I got my re-rolled 620 film I ordered today. For those that don’t know (and likely don’t care), they don’t produce 620 film anymore. It is essentially the same as 120 film, the difference being the spool. So you re-roll 120 film onto a 620 spool. I went ahead and ordered a few rolls to get me started. Now I’ll have some extra 620 spools and, when I get a little braver, will go lock myself in the bathroom and try my hand at rolling my own.

Lots of meetings tomorrow, which means I’ll have to make sure I get my ass into the office. Wish me luck.

The Man in the Box

Wheeee! The first of my 3 ebay-purchased cameras arrived today (Kodak Duaflex II)! It looks to be in very good condition and the film advance, shutter release, and lenses all look to be in good working order. It’s a box camera produced in the 1950s with a large reflex finder with hood, fixed-focus lens, and single speed shutter (plus bulb exposure). I’m only bummed because I thought I had a roll of 620 film around here somewhere but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’ll have to get online and order some from B&H this week so that, hopefully, I’ll have it in time for the girls weekend with my high school friends. Surely there are some scenes that would lend themselves nicely to this format in Spicewood.

Sunday, bloody Sunday

I have a love/hate relationship with eBay. I keep my distance from it usually, but once I take a peek, I just can’t help myself. This is just one of THREE vintage cameras I bought tonight. If they all work, I’ll be thrice as giddy!

And before anyone gives me a lecture on how I’m broke and not supposed to be spending any money….I realized I had a balance in my Paypal account from some old auctions I ran. So that paid for them.

He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.

Note to self: Next time you decide to let your brother take you for a ride in his boat on a 100+ degree day, without a cloud in the sky, even if it is just a quick ride, WEAR SUNSCREEN for crying out loud!!! It’s a wonder I didn’t spontaneously combust.

Was a fun time though. And now Mexigoalie can finally stop asking, “Who the &^%# is Dilbert?!?!”

Their new house is pretty darn sweet. It will be nicer to visit once the weather cools down a bit. 100 degree days just aren’t my bag, baby.

Oh! Speaking of bags. Or pouches. Whatever. I saw my very first, up close and personal kangaroo! TWO of them! In freaking Emory, Texas. Who’d have guessed that?! They were so freaking cute! One was about 3 years old and the other was just over a year old. And they shared a yard with two boxers. I kept wanting the dogs to chase them just to see those roos take off, but the dogs apparently know better. It was fun to see them hop around though. The kangaroos, that is. Not the boxers.

Interesting discussion with the boss this week. A little disconcerting and certainly has me wondering….and, ok, a little bit worried, even though I was told not to be. The not knowing what it all means exactly is going to drive me crazy, but I’m going to take him at his word when he says I’m in demand.

Tomorrow (later today) is the Artists’ Reception for the On My Own Time Art Show at work. We get to pick up our artwork and the winners will be announced. I think the first place in each category goes to the city-wide show at North Park.

Having been one of the volunteers to collect and store the art on drop off day, I have no illusions of winning. Based on what I’ve seen of the others, and of previous years’ winners, the safe, generic, technically correct images seem to be the preference (oh that was tacky of me). And that’s just not me. And I saw a lot of really great entries. But I’m happy to have put something out there. This is the first art show I’ve submitted anything to since I’ve been in Dallas. That’s just silly.

The new flickr group is going well so far. We are doing our first assignment this week, due on Saturday, which is Self Portraits (darn you, Flirt). I haven’t a clue what I’m doing for that yet. But I’m glad to have the excuse to play with Samuel L this weekend.

The neon lights are in our eyes.

Well I hadn’t planned on it, but after running some errands this evening, I found myself driving near downtown Garland. Since it was nearing dark, on a whim, I decided to head over to my favorite marquee and try to get some shots of the Plaza Theatre with it all aglow.

I’m absolutely in love with that marquee. I can’t explain it. It’s just a kickback to the old days and it is fabulous! I remember the first time I happened upon it when I was out exploring my “new” hometown. When I saw it, I grabbed the first parking place I could find and spent an hour just wandering around that area and taking photos. That was back when the Holga was new and I was getting used to it, but I just adore the vignetted (is that a word?) shots I got of the marquee.


I’ve been meaning to take the Holga back out there at night with a tripod for ages, but today, I had neither Holga nor tripod handy. I did, however, have Samuel L, who proved, once again, what a BAMF he really is. It was dusk when I got there, and luckily the neon lights were already glowing! I wandered around and took a few shots around the square, let it get a bit darker, and then managed to handhold some shots of my marquee. I’m really happy with the way they turned out.

Just imagine how cool the Holga ones will be! I’ll get them, oh yes I will!

Hey, it’s good to be back home again!

Holy hell, that was a long trip. I took 3 vacation days and spent 2 of them in an airport. Literally spent ALL day Friday and ALL day Tuesday in one airport or another, being shuffled around from flight to flight, location to location, in an effort to get to my destination. Luckily Mom & Dad ended up in Austin with me after my first flight on Friday. Two full flights there so we were sent to LA to catch a flight into Vegas from there. Four flights later we finally made it on one and made our way into Vegas. Looooong day.

The wedding on Saturday was nice. Interesting to see how the herd the procession of weddings through the chapel. In and out. Bring on the next one. Everything in Vegas is about raking in a dollar I suppose.

Afterwards we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for the reception. That was a fun night. Just sillyness, a few drinks, and visiting with family. Afterwards, my niece’s girls came back with us to the hotel to swim and play for awhile.

Sunday, she and her new hubby came and spent the afternoon with us before getting ready to head out on their honeymoon. That night, we headed to the South Point Casino that was right next door to where we stayed. I got more than a little lucky on a Triple Diamond slot and hit the big jackpot….on one coin, playing 50 cents because I was cheap. But I’ll take it! Dad ended up winning $900 that night…after all his complaining about gambling. lol

We were going to go out to the strip that night, but Dilbert ended up finding a poker tournament and I was tired enough to skip it, figuring we still had one more night and could go Monday.

Barry and fam headed out Monday while Dad and I made the trip to Hoover Dam since I’d never been. It was pretty amazing and I took a ton of pictures, but DAMN it was HOT! I had no idea we’d be there that long. After sweating in the heat and walking for miles, we got back to the hotel around 5:30pm, planning to take showers and then head to the strip.

Not exactly how it happened. It was after 8pm before we got motivated and moving enough to go find the trolley stop. That ended up being more hassle than it was worth. We only ended up having about an hour on the strip before having to find our way back to the trolley before the service ended.

So, I saw mostly the same parts of the strip that I’d already seen before. We rode to Harrah’s and dropped Mom off there to play for awhile since she can’t do all that walking. Then Dad and I wandered up to the Venetian so I could see it (it was being built the last time I was there). A whole lot of buildup for nothing, if you ask me. A beautiful facade with no purpose. Then we crossed the street and headed back past Treasure Island, The Mirage, and Ceasar’s Palace. Met Mom, caught the shuttle, and headed back towards our hotel. I ended up getting off at South Point because I wanted to play a little more before we left the next day. Should’ve just gone to the hotel….that was a bust and left me getting only about 2 hours of sleep before the return to the airport marathon.

Tuesday we were at the airport by 8am CT to catch the flight to San Antonio, which was full. So they shipped us off to Phoenix then to Tulsa then a 2-hour wait to catch a flight for me to Dallas and for Mom & Dad to get back to Houston. Mom and Dad caught their flight. I did not, but was a definite for the next flight…2 more hours later. So I went out through security to sit outside and smoke for awhile, then came back in and got lunch and a (monster!) drink from TGI Fridays. Made my way back to the gate only to find out that the 6:35pm flight had been cancelled. Growl. So then I was moved to the 8pm flight . The last one of the night from there. And it was delayed until 9:40pm. I finally made it to my house at a quarter til midnight last night. What a day.

I was just completely exhausted and ended up sleeping most of today. Guess I’m using another 8 hours of vacation time for that. It was nice to see everyone, but it’s good to be home.

Saturday in the park

Oh wait. That was Sunday.

Although it completely wiped me out, I have to say, this past weekend was the best I’ve had in AGES! It started off rough because of my sleepless Thursday night. Then my sis-in-law and nephew stayed the night Friday, so I had fun visiting with them. I should have collapsed that night, but instead, I got about 5 hours of sleep.

Saturday was kind of lazy. I called off all my errands and opted to do some laundry and squeeze in a nap before the mad dash to color my hair and get ready to go out. Red and I headed to a surprise birthday party which was mucho funo. Got to hang with some good friends and enjoy some really good food. Mmmm fajitas!

From there, we hit a local bar and took over a pool table. Met some cool guys who tried not to be too embarrassed by the beating we gave ’em. One was a hockey fan, so that was a bonus. And I think they all eventually ended up admitting they’d do Mike Modano. Took turns buying shots. Drank entirely too much. Came home and crashed (after confirmation that Red made it home).

Somehow in the midst of that I had the good sense to check in with Mexigoalie and Zany and confirm our plans to meet up on Sunday. At noon. I’ll be honest…I fell asleep on the couch in my clothes Saturday night at a little before 4am. Woke up at 11 in a panic, had a quick whore’s bath, and ran out the door for Fair Park in the same clothes (I know, ewww).

I’d never been to any of the musuems out there, so it was pretty cool to get to see them all for free. I am not convinced I’d ever pay money to attend any of them again though. Especially not the Railroad Musuem. That was just lame.

The Discovery Gardens were my favorite. I wish we could have been there in morning or evening rather than the harsh afternoon light, but they didn’t even open until 1pm so that wasn’t really an option anyway.

It was ridiculously hot with very little shade and I was sweating BUCKETS (of alcohol….bleh). But it was fun. I thought I was clever for bringing some bottled water, but Zany was genius enough to pack snacks and juice drinks for her boys and kind enough to include extras for Mexigoalie and me, too!

Heat and exhausted-ness aside, it was still a great day and I had fun taking photos. Would’ve been some great Holga shots, but I was too blechk to be digging in my bag and juggling multiple cameras.

Funniest part of the day was Zany’s younger kiddo running through the giant fountain! I was sooo jealous. That looked like it felt damn good! And he was dry within an hour or so. lol

We were out of there by 5 or so. I picked up some dinner on the way home, had a shower (oops, sunburned!), and laid around and watched movies the rest of the night. Saw III was so disturbingly gross, but I have to admit, a damned good addition to the now trilogy.

Do you want to take my picture?

I just got an email from someone wanting to use one of my pictures they saw on flickr. Cool!

Apparently some post-doc scientist in London wants to use my moldy strawberries picture for a presentation he’s doing on a system for detecting mold in fruit to prevent large batches from being contaminated.

Here’s the part that really won me over: “I can’t offer any money, but would certainly acknowledge your image, and you would be presented to a weird and wonderful group of scientists in the UK from all over…”

So of course I’m letting him use it. I asked for a copy of the portion of his presentation containing my picture in return.