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Cervical WHAT?!

** WARNING:  Totally girl stuff below **

I finally had my appointment to see the new GYN today.  Definitely better than that last woman I was seeing.  New Doc actually sat and talked with me in her office, got my medical history, asked and answered questions.  The only conversations or answers I got from the old doc typically came when I had my feet in her stirrups.  And who really wants to talk then?

So I tell new Doc that, up until the past 10 months or so, I have been on birth control pills since about age 14.  I was put on them because I was incredibly irregular in my monthly cycle.  It was more like a once every 6-8 weeks cycle.  Sometimes longer.  Having been on them for so long, you’d think I would’ve somehow become regular.  But no.  The past year-ish, I’ve been at my body’s random whim as to when to expect that particularly unwelcome, and yet always welcome as a sign of not being pregnant, visitor.  And it sucks.  Especially considering Dr Honeydew’s visit in 2.5 weeks and my vacation after that. 

She asked me if I had any problems with the pills.  None that I know of.  I mean, I’ve been taking them forever.  The same brand or generic equivalent for all these years.  So she mentions the NuvaRing and asks if I’ve heard of it.  I’ve seen the commercials with the women walking around with the glowing circles around their lower abdomen, yes.  Apparently it is supposed to be a much lower dose of hormones and more evenly distributed so less mood swings.  Sounds like heaven to me!  Plus, the fact that I smoke makes the lower hormone stuff supposedly a tiny bit “safer” in theory.  You insert it, vaginally, and leave it in for 3 weeks.  Then take it out for a week.  Then insert a new one for 3 weeks…etc.  You can still wear tampons, have sex, play sports, whatever.  And supposedly you don’t even know it’s there.  And your partner (should there be one) won’t either.  So after she shows me one and how it works and stuff, I agree to try it, only after she promised that if I didn’t like it, all I had to do was call her and she’d phone in a prescription for my birth control pills.

So in asking her when I’m supposed to insert/remove this thing, I find that, like the first cycle of pills, you should wait until after you start your period.  Great.  And when the hell might that be?!  So she gives me a prescription for progesterone or some such to take for 5 days that should make me start.  In the process of this discussion, I am reminded of a question I wanted to ask her.

For the past several months, I’ve been noticing some (This might be gross.  Feel free to stop reading now) clear gel-like….stuff….down there.  And when I say gel-like, really jello-like would be more accurate.  It’s been noticeable for several days at a time and then gone.  I’d notice it every time I went to the bathroom and would spend those several days freaking out, wondering if I had some weird disease or infection or something.  Then it would go away and I’d forget about it.  Until it reappeared weeks or months later. 

So I asked new Doc about this.  She very matter-of-factly said, “Oh, that’s cervical mucus.”  What???  MUCUS?!  WTF does that mean?  Does my vagina have a sinus infection?! 

Apparently, this is a sign of ovulation.  And something that the past 16 years of being on birth control pills has prevented me from ever seeing.  Why have I NEVER heard of this before???  I called my mother immediately after my appointment so she could laugh at me.

Doc asked me when the last time I noticed this was.  It was a couple of weeks ago I think.  Either right before or right after I saw T.  So, she says, this may mean that I should be due to start any time now.  In addition to all the other bloodwork I was having done (pregnancy, HIV, THS, cholesterol, etc) she had them do some sort of hormone level thing.  If my progeste-whatever is high, then that should be a sure sign of the Red Wings’ visit. 

Meanwhile, I’m supposed to go ahead and start the prescription she gave me and she’ll call me as soon as she gets the results back to let me know if I can stop taking them sooner than the 5 days worth that are supposed to kickstart my cycle.  I sure hope so.  I’d like to get this NuvaRing started soon so I can get used to it and see if I’ll be able to deal with it or not…before Dr Honeydew’s visit.  You know, just in case.  😉

Impromptu Girls’ Night

I met Miss Hut and Flirt for dinner last night.  I’ve been forcing myself out of anti-social mode lately and decided I should stop turning down the invites.  They were planning on a dinner and a movie, so I agreed to meet them for dinner. 

I got to hear all the latest on Miss Hut’s wedding plans, Flirt’s latest crush, and of course, a few bits of gossip.  Dinner evolved into relocating for drinks elsewhere and them skipping the movie all together. 

Thanks to Flirt’s probing questions, we soon discovered that, while Miss Hut has gone south on her fiancee, he has yet to return the favor.  I was appalled by this initially.  Like, that selfish bastard!  But Miss Hut, who had never been intimate with a man before this, indicated that she wasn’t sure she was comfortable with the idea.  I guess I can understand that.  So we told her to have a few drinks, relax, then go home and insist on a little oral action.  😛  Flirt and I bought rounds of shots…but somehow I doubt that was all it would take for Miss Hut to be comfortable.

Then I got 20 questions from Flirt about Dr Honeydew’s visit.  I probably said more than I should have, knowing that the two of them used to talk online pretty often, and still do on occasion I think.  I do know that, when she got home, she IM’d him about his visit.  I know this because I was on the phone with him at the time.  😛  So I have no idea if whatever I said was repeated to him or not.  Meh…I don’t care.  I am pretty certain I didn’t say anything to the 2 girls that I haven’t already talked to him about anyway.

We left the bar around 11:45.  I called Dr Honeydew and talked to him all the way home….and until the way wee hours of the morning.  I think I was well over a 3-hour phone call.  Thank heaven for free weekend minutes!  😛

Supposed to head out to Corinth for the superbowl thing at 3 today.  I need to find out how long the people I’m riding with are planning on staying.  Found out the game will probably last until 9 or 10 tonight and I can NOT stay there that long.  In the meantime, I need to try and work some support issues today.  I am waaaay behind.

Onward and upward

Having fallen dreadfully behind on our plans to get together atleast every other month, I met MommyK and MrsDrillTeam for lunch on Saturday.  When the emails first started being exchanged, I was under the impression that they were going to come to my house to visit and catchup.  Neither of them has seen my house since the day I closed on it (over a year ago) when they brought me a basket full of house goodies.  Needless to say, the house looks completely and utterly different.  And they have yet to see it.  So I said, sure this weekend looks good for me.

When I got the voicemail from MrsDrillTeam Friday evening, I was informed that we were meeting at BJ’s in Plano for lunch.  Ummm…..ok?  I’ll admit, I was a little annoyed and a little hurt by the change in perceived plans.  But whatever.  I was just glad we weren’t cancelling the plans all together.

I know I’m being silly, but I just feel sooooo outside the loop with them now.  They are both married.  One has an almost-year-old baby girl and the other is dealing with the whole parent-child reversal.  Suddenly (not suddenly at all) the usual topics of conversation have evolved from hot guys and sex to babies and family vacations and stuff.  I feel like I don’t have anything to contribute.  It’s still great to see them and catch up but I just feel like the third wheel sometimes.

I was literally tearing up hearing MrsDrillTeam’s latest story of heartache in dealing with her mom and her dad.  Her dad is still living with them and they just recently had to put her mom in a facility.  So she’s had a lot of guilt over that, but I think she’s coming to terms atleast.

The odd part is, while I was sad for MrsDrillTeam and for her parents and the simple fact that her family seems to have had to endure one crisis after another, what I was most saddened by was to hear her talk of her husband and how she could not get through it without him and his support.

I am so happy for both she and MommyK for that fact that they have truly found remarkable husbands and are still so obviously in love.  I don’t think either of them could have been better matched.  They are so supportive of each other, too.  I can’t help but smile when I see them together or hear them talk about their significant others.

Which is why it is so horribly wrong that I should let that get me down.  I guess it’s a touch of the green-eyed monster.  I feel horrible that I should get that poor pitiful me outlook from spending time with them.  I really do.  But some days, especially in the past week or so while going through one of my “down times,” I can’t help but wish I was the one who had some incredible guy who loved and supported me through the good and bad days of life.

After questioning from Dr Honeydew later that night (apparently my happy-go-lucky facade had worn thin), he brought it all to the surface and got me to tell him what was eating at me.  He may regret it now because I was in true emotional crybaby form.  I hate that I was such a wreck, but it was just one of those days.  Anyway, he reminded me that I shouldn’t feel bad about the fact that I am strong enough to make it on my own.  Not that I want to, but just the fact that I can.  And sure, some days we just fall to our knees.  But that’s why we (should) have friends that can pick us back up I suppose.  Lucky for me I have him.

I’m feeling much better today, so apparently the battle of the blues has ended for now.

Sex and Appletinis

GNO was fun.  Some of us snuck away to the pool for awhile.  Maybe that was rude, but really, we were just being considerate of those who were actually watching Sex and the City.  We were talking about the real deal.  And Canadian Girl got a lesson in some terminology she was not familiar with.  Funny.

I’m ashamed…I drunk-dialed.   It was innocent enough at the time.  One of the “girls” was talking about people from T’s country.  Had a question.  I didn’t think twice about calling him to ask.  He didn’t answer.  I didn’t leave a message.  Forgot all about it until this morning.  Ooof.

I’m hosting an open house of sorts this coming weekend, complete with coworkers, out-of-town guests, and my parents.  Which means I should seriously consider cleaning up around here.  When did I become such a slob?

If you’ve got a spare $40k…

You can get a really sweet bathroom remodel.  Can you tell I’ve been watching HGTV?  Honestly, it’s insane what people spend on stuff like this.  Granted, I’d LOVE to have a big spa-like bathroom, but come on.  Of course, I’m guessing the houses of the people doing these remodels are probably worth infintely more than mine, too.  I’m just in awe.

I finally called the new gyn today about scheduling an appointment.  Turns out I have a 10 page form I have to submit first.  Can’t they just get my previous medical history stuff from my old gyn?  I can’t answer more than half of the stuff on this damn thing.  I’m supposed to remember dates of procedures I had done a decade ago?  Yeah, sure.  And define frequent.  Do I have frequent headaches?  Um…yes?  I have one right now, thanks to all these questions.

An old highschool boyfriend use to have the best headache cures ever.  First, he’d do this weird, painful massage thing on my hand.  Then if that didn’t work, he’d talk me through describing it to him.  I thought he was insane the first time he did it.  What color is your headache?  What shape is it?  What does it smell like?  You get the idea.  Then after lots of that, he’d say “how does your head feel now?”  And believe it or not, about 70% of the time, the headache was gone. 

If all 3 of those “cures” failed, there was the old reliable:  sex and ice cream.  Made that remaining 30% more bearable.  Maybe I just need to get laid.  If dinner with T pans out this weekend, it could make for an excellent dessert. 

Sometimes it sucks being female.

I woke up this morning, against my will, at 8am, with the most horrible pain in my stomach.  I wasn’t sure if a) this was soreness from yesterday, b) I needed to have a serious trip to the bathroom, or c) I had incredible cramps of the female monthly persuasion.  Turns out it was all of the above.   Ugh.  Yet another reminder that I really need to schedule an appointment with a new gyn. 

I’ve been on birth control pills since I was about 14.  No, not because I was a promiscuous tramp, but because I was incredibly irregular.   Of course, in later years, the added pregnancy prevention aspect of them was an added bonus.  I’ve gotten off of them a couple of times in the last decade, just to see what would happen (and since, at those times, I wasn’t needing them for other reasons either).  Turns out I am still incredibly irregular. 

My prescription ran out almost 6 months ago, but I had a few spare packs of pills still laying around.  And knew that my current gyn, who I’m not particularly fond of anyway, had relocated her offices to somewhere more than 30 minutes away (depending on traffic).  So I had plans of finding a new one.  A friend recommended hers to me, but I’ve yet to schedule an appointment.  Which brings us to today. 

I’ve become incredibly spoiled, I admit.  I always knew when to expect the dreaded event.  I could even alter it with some planning.  But without the pills, I don’t have a clue until the morning of, when I wake up in pain usually from the cramps.  It could be months, it could be weeks.  I *think* the last time was the beginning of July.  But I wouldn’t swear to it.  Anyway, it looks like I get to spend my holiday weekend with one of the “joys” of womanhood.  Rotten timing. 

I did finally take a friend’s advice and buy a box of those stick-on heating pad things.  And boy am I glad I did.  Opened one up this morning and I think it saved my life in a way that loads of Midol could not. 

I guess it is a good day to curl up on the couch and watch dvds.  I’m sure the maid will be by later to clean my house.  *smirk*

Too much fun!

Good night out with great girlfriends. A few weren’t able to make it, but those of us who did still had a lot of fun, aside from the reminder that there are men out there who would look better in my clothes than I do. My thighs are going to be sore tomorrow from dancing and my face from laughing…not at the show nearly as much as the reaction some of my friends were having. First time at a drag show will do that to you, I guess.

I’m not even going to attempt to figure out how much money I spent right now. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say in the ballpark of $40, which, for me, is not too bad at all.

While we were out, I missed a call from T. We talked when I got home (around 2am) for a good hour. Got to hear a little bit more about his MIA status over the past month or so. He’s from a different cultural background, and I think that’s part of the problem. He just needs to learn that he has friends and people that care for him here in the U.S. that can, and would like to, be of help when he needs it. Even if that’s just someone willing to let him vent. I think it’s hard for him to admit when things get to be overwhelming but maybe he’s learning. He says he’s lonely and realizes he can’t do everything on his own all the time. And that he got lucky finding me as a friend.

Maybe I’m gullible, but it was still nice to hear. Depending on what time I wake up and how much cleaning I get done, we have tentative plans to see a movie or something tomorrow.

I thought that it would never end.

This week, that is.

Technically, the work week isn’t quite over yet, but it’s close enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or is that a bad thing? Stay away from the light, Carol Ann!

I need to dig through my receipts. I think I’m missing a few things.
Wednesday:$12 – lunch and dinner
Thursday:$10 – gas, $51 – miscellaneous stuff. But it was clearance-priced! That’s my only defense.

I’m going out tomorrow night (more money) and really wanted to get my hair cut (more money) and find something new to wear (more money). Atleast I get paid next week. That should ease things a bit, assuming I don’t have any more large and/or unexpected expenses any time soon.

I’m looking forward to a completely lazy night of dvds. At home. Alone. Is that wrong? 😛

This is what I get for napping my evenings away.

It’s 2:20am and, although I should be fast asleep, I’m making a pot of coffee. Decaf, of course. I find myself in this position a lot lately. Sleep eludes me and finds me at the most inopportune times. Perhaps I will do some work and continue on until it’s time to actually go into the office. More likely, I’ll manage to stay up for another few hours, only to crash at the time my alarm will be going off.

I am noticing that I am much better at adding entries here as opposed to the old-fashioned approach to journaling. Granted, I’m not able to go into the specific and personal details that I would on paper. This is the internet, afterall. And if I am to be able to be honest in what I write, I need to maintain some sense (imagined or not) of anonymity. It’s kind of difficult to write that way, but we’ll see how it goes.

Dangerous Beauty is on HBO right now. I’ve been meaning to add it to my dvd collection but I’ve got this whole budgeting thing to get under control first. It’s not as if I don’t have enough movies to watch, but it’s not as if I can ever have too many either.

I have a night out with the girls coming up soon. Should be a good time, they always are. If I start now, maybe by that night I’ll have figured out what to wear. Oh the joys of gaining weight and not being able to fit into your cute clothes anymore. I know that I have every intention of getting back on track, but in the meantime, it’s wrecking havoc on my wardrobe and therefore, my social life. Some of you will surely understand that. It’s hard to have fun and enjoy yourself when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

I see I’ve been distracted considering the time I began this entry. I’ll end this now so I can enjoy the rest of the movie.