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Bad BeautiControl Rep

I’m terrible.  I love the products, but I tend to mostly purchase the spa products for myself.  I have some of their makeup, but, must confess, I’m a bare escentuals addict.

To top things off, a friend of mine from school is now an Avon rep.  Having been an Avon rep for several years when I was in college, I was curious what they had available these days, so I checked out her website.  Immediately I was reminded of why I quit selling Avon….they have entirely too much stuff for sale!  How can you be knowledgable or focus in any one area when they sell everything but the kitchen sink?!  Not to mention the fact that, most of what I earned (and then some!), I turned around and spent on personal purchases.

And now, they sell SHOES?!  Whoa.  Leave it to me to stumble upon the special offer where certain shoes were only $5 if you bought a different pair.  Shoe whore that I am, I found 4 pairs that looked really cute.  But I restrained myself…I only bought 3 pairs.  😛

What?  I had a gift mastercard from work that was burning a hole in my pocket.  I always loved their speed dry nail enamel, so I picked up a bottle of that, too.

While, in theory, I was buying from my competition, at least I didn’t buy anything that BeautiControl sells.  So I’m not a complete failure, right?  :)

Itty bitty notebook

Today I received my Dell Mini 10″ Netbook.  It is green and adorable.  I have not, as of yet, determined how usable it is.  I’m using it now. 

I have been trying to break the bad habit of using my work laptop for everything, but I missed being able to sit in the living room and browse the internet at the same time.  If I go sit in my office, it’s too confining, and I end up spending way too much time online.  With the laptop, I could check email, facebook, flickr, just quickly for updates and then go back to the movie I might be watching or the book I might be reading.  But am seeing more and more how using my work laptop was keeping me tied to my job when I am supposed to be off.

So, a few weeks back I ordered this cute little netbook.  It’s about the size of a small spiral notebook.  The keyboard is slightly smaller than a regular keyboard, but not unbearable for my average-sized hands.  it just takes some getting used to.

The screen is pretty small, making some fonts hard to read.  I have 30 days to decide, so I’ll try and use it as much as possible between now and then to see if this is something I can live with.  The added benefit will be that I can take this one with me if I travel and be able to download pictures, etc, without having to lug the big laptop with me.

Did I mention it was green?  A pretty shiny lime green.  Too freaking cute.

Two days!

I really need to get serious about packing.  I’ve got most of my clothes that I think I’ll be bringing with me piled up and ready to load in the suitcase, but I haven’t really put much thought into making sure I have matching outfits and shoes.  I’ve just thrown all of the super lightweight, cotton, comfortable stuff I own into a pile. 

I finally found some comfy shorts I can live with.  The best part is, they were between $5 and $10 at Walmart!  If they last through my trip, they will have been worth the money.  :-)

1 of the 3

I’m also thrilled that the swimsuit I ordered back at the beginning of March and have been on a waitlist for finally arrived TODAY.  And it fits and its cute.  So now I have 3 suits to take with me, two of them I can mix and match.  Yeah, I went the route of the skirted suit, but these aren’t grandma-looking and are not swimdresses.  Two of them have a cute straight leg mini-skirt and flattering tops that show just the right amount.  The third one has a cute blousson type top (but not overly so) with a regular swimsuit bottom that I can swap out with one of the skirts if I’m feeling thigh-shy.  When I stop and think about it, I am such a dork…I haven’t worn a swimsuit in ten years and now, I’ll be on vacation for 5 days (4 really since we come home early on the 5th day).  Do I really need three swimsuits for that??  😛

Tomorrow I need to get up and head to Target to return a few things, then I’m going to DSW to use my reward check to find some cute sandals.  I have plenty of sandals, but am specifically looking for a slightly dressy but casual and comfy shoe to take with me as a night time shoe for when we go out.  Then it’s the gym and tanning again.  I actually have the tiniest bit of color now, but considering how white I was to begin with, that isn’t saying much!

I think I’ve gotten over the fat me vs slim Red and am now in the state of mind of IT’S MY VACATION and I’m not going to let my insecurities get in the way!  Nothing else I can do about it at this point, so might as well just HAVE FUN!  And I plan on doing plenty of that.

I’m anxious to see if the hotel is as nice as it looks in the pictures online.

Going wading?


The dress at my new job is slightly more business than casual, so I’ve been dusting off some selections in my closet and doing a bit of shopping. The biggest problem I’m having is the length of my pants. For those that know me IRL, you know I have a fondness for the big chunky heels. I just don’t own flats…or even low-heeled shoes, with the exception of tennis shoes and some sandals. I just like my big heels, what can I say?

The problem is, most of my dress slacks are too short when paired with my “regular” shoes. I have a hard time finding pants that fit well that come in Long, so I end up with regular length that look more like high-waters once I’ve got shoes on.

Rather than throw them all out and start a fresh search for longs (I do have some, just not all), I thought perhaps I should go buy some flat-heeled shoes and then those pants would probably look ok. So before heading back to Duckie’s on Saturday, I stopped by DSW in search of a black pair and a brown pair, figuring those would be the most coordinating choices. I am just drawn to the bigger heels, I can’t help it. But I didn’t let myself stray into that area of the store and limited my browsing to the lower-heeled and flats section, where I really don’t like most of what I find.

Long story short, I leave the store with what? FOUR pairs of shoes, none of which are flats. However, they do all have less than a 2- inch heel. That’s progress right??

My pants are still too short though.

All I needed was TWO things!

This is why I avoid going into Target, Walgreens, CVS, hell…basically any store.  Tonight I needed to pick up some manilla envelopes to mail the BotB tshirts (a month later…I know!  I know!).  I also needed cigarettes.  So I figured I’d run into Walgreens, where I could get both of the things I needed in one quick stop.

Thirty minutes later, I exited the store with the following:

  • 3 notebooks and 2 sets of dividers for two of my work projects (stuff I could get from the supply room on Monday!)
  • a cool brown leather photo album (for pictures that I’m too lazy to scrapbook…even though I have empty photo albums around here somewhere.)
  • padded envelopes (to mail some books to my fellow bookcrossers)
  • plain envelopes for mailing the shirts
  • a carton of cigarettes
  • a variety pack of brightly colored notebook paper

Why couldn’t I wait until Monday to organize my projects?  And why do I need brightly colored notebook paper?  I have no idea.  It’s wide-ruled.  I don’t even like wide-ruled paper.

Mama’s got a brand new bag!

In defiance of the ridiculous hours I’ve put in this week, I took the afternoon off today.  Well, I took a couple of hours off and then came home and worked some more.  That customer issue from Monday is still ongoing and the lady behind it is making serious waves.  I think a discussion with my boss is in order because she is expecting things that we cannot, and have never claimed to be able to deliver. 

Anyway, so this afternoon I got to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure at the Red Door Spa.  I don’t think I would ever in my life spend that kind of money to do it again, but since this was a secret shopper thing, I’ll be reimbursed, so it was basically free.  Except for the time it took to fill out their survey online when I got home.  And the 4-5 weeks it will take to get repaid.

It was nice though.  I got their Sea Spa pedicure, complete with a tingly peppermint mask on my feet.  And a pretty dark burgandy color for my toenails that, after the first coat looked frighteningly hot pink.  But luckily the second coat cured that.

The lady talked a little too much for my liking….I just want to relax, not carry on a conversation.  She talked me into a french manicure for my fingernails.  I’ve never had one and since my nails are actually all relatively long right now, I agreed to it.  I’m not sure I like it though.  I just don’t see myself as a french manicure kind of girl.

I stopped by Kohls, too, and picked up a few of their little patio table things that were on clearance.  And….not one, but TWO new purses.  The most amazing part, however, is that I didn’t buy any shoes.  I didn’t even bother to look. 

I desperately need some time away from the computer.  I swear my eyeballs feel like they are on fire lately.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll get a real break and can stay away from it for a few days.  Knowing me, that’s highly unlikely.  Not that I won’t get a break but that I’ll stay off the computer.  😛 

Tom Thumb, you broke my heart.

So, you know that the super-conveniently located Tom Thumb near my house is CLOSING.  I am still bummed about it.  I loved that store.  Tom was my first friend in my new neighborhood.  We’ve been together for just over a year and he was always there when I needed him. 

To add insult to injury, I just learned today that Kroger is moving into that location.  I got a letter from Kroger today assuring me that he can make me forget I ever knew Tom.  Kroger went on to say how he looks forward to being part of my life.  Excuse me!  I barely know you, you presumptive, conceited  wannabe-rebound-store!  Don’t pretend to want me or care about what I want.  You’re just using me for my money.

There’s another big new Tom Thumb a few blocks north, but let’s be realistic.  Kroger is going to be right there.  And I’m weak.  Perhaps I can try to form a relationship with northern Tom.  But I won’t rule out the possibility of the occasional booty call with Kroger.


Meanwhile, my Stars are down 2-1 against the Ducks.  The 3rd period is about to start.  Come on, guys!  Beat those phucking ducks!!!  They’ve had a pretty decent road trip so would love to see them finish it off with a killer comeback in the 3rd.  Then they are back at home this Friday playing the BJs (no, not that kind).  I’ll be at that game…YAY! 

Curse you, Tom Thumb!

I signed up online today for the WeightWatchers eTools.  So all I needed to do was go grocery shopping.  I took some of the sample meals and created a shopping list and headed to my super conveniently located Tom Thumb.  Seriously, it’s like 2 minutes from my house.  Imagine my surprise when I saw giant STORE CLOSING signs plastered all over the front.  Damn.  Damn.  Damn.

Luckily they still had stuff available.  Lots of canned and dry goods, some frozen foods, cleaning stuff, etc.  And most everything was 20% off.  So I went ahead and started shopping for what I could.  Absolutely no produce in the store.  No milk.  No bread.  So after loading my cart up with a ridiculous amount of groceries (I normally shop once a month, but bargain hunting, coupon cutting fool that I am had to load up) I came home, unloaded everything and reviewed my shopping list.

I still need to go to another store and get all the produce and milk and stuff.  And I’m going to MY store to buy Mazzy’s dog food (20% off plus my $3 off coupon!).  But I think I’ve got plenty (dripping with sarcasm) to come up with a nice dinner and breakfast tomorrow.  I’ll venture out to find another store tomorrow.  I am just seriously bummed that my store is closing. 

Grocery shopping

I hate it.  So much so that I make it a point to buy all my groceries for a month at a time.  Or longer if I can manage it.  But I was out of everything except toilet paper, so I had to go tonight.  After wandering through the store for a good 40 minutes, I head to the checkout line.  And gee, guess what?  There was ONE lane open and 4 people in front of me.  So I stood there.  And stood there.  And stood there.

Finally I start unloading my basket onto that conveyer belt thing.  The guy, bless his heart, is slower than molasses and picking up one thing at a time, scanning it, and tossing it down to the other end.  I’m already annoyed at having to wait 15 minutes to check out and now this guy is throwing my groceries around.  I get everything unloaded and move over to start filling out my check and get all my coupons ready to give him. 

Meanwhile, this neverending mound of groceries has piled up at the end of the counter.  No one is there to bag them.  This happens more often than not lately and also annoys me greatly.  So I put my stuff down and move to the end of the counter and start bagging the groceries that are now being thrown towards me.  Another 10 minutes or so and he finally has my total ready, so I stop bagging and return to writing the check.  While I’m doing this, he decides to start bagging things.  I finish writing the check and try to hand it to him and he just keeps putting stuff in bags.  And doing it all wrong.  So I leave my check on the counter and go finish bagging. 

I finally get to leave the store.  Hallelujah.  But then I get about 10 steps outside the store, right to the area where cars drive through, and my case of Diet Dr Pepper goes flying off the bottom of the cart (where he had put it along with way too much other stuff, and half hanging off the cart).  So now, I’m pushing a huge cart overflowing with groceries, holding my purse and a case spewing coke out of the bottom, and trying to get out of harm’s way.

I make it to the car, put all the groceries in the trunk, and then open the case to survey the damage.  Maybe it’s just one can.  Yeah, no such luck.  Of the 12, only 4 of them weren’t erupting.  And I am being chastised by the woman getting out of the car next to me to please watch my language as she has her children with her.  Biting.  My.  Tongue.

I leave the coke mess in the cart and leave the cart next to my car and get in the car and go home.  If I’d have gone back in the store to complain at that point, I likely would’ve been arrested.

I think I’ve earned the drink I’m about to make myself. 

P.S.  Oh my gosh.  Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp cereal, where have you been all my life? 

A sucker for Smashbox

This is what I get for being up late watching tv.  As if I don’t already have a small arsenal of makeup that I rarely wear.  Somebody got paid today.  I just bought this:

I absolutely love their photo finish primer.  I don’t wear foundation.  Ever.  I hate the way it looks and feels on my skin.  But this stuff is like a clear foundation without the weight and the caked-on-look.   And their lip glosses are great, too. 

I had decided to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure Friday afternoon.  I have a gift certificate for a day spa stuck on my fridge that has been collecting dust for the past year.  Apparently you have to make an appointment way in advance.  They can’t fit me in on Friday.  Rats.   So much for that idea.  I guess I could go ahead and schedule something for like 2006. 

Can somebody explain to me how I got on PHE, Inc’s mailing list?!  I swear I get a catalog from them every other week.  If you don’t know who that is, I’m not going to shame myself by explaining.  I guess I must have ordered something(s) from them once upon a time.  *blush*

It just cracks me up that I got a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and that in the mail today.