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Bet you can’t guess…

…who woke up at 8am when she had a meeting 30 minutes away at 9? Luckily, the meeting was cancelled, so I was spared.I’m not feeling very good today. Not only am I lethargic, but I feel a little nauseous as well. I’d take the day off but then I’d be even further behind. So I am working from home today instead.

Hey! What happened to my blogroll? Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.


Today was another long day, but a little less chaotic at work. Although I’m sure I’ll suffer the repercussions of focusing the whole of today on one project. For the rest of this week. If not longer.

Got home around 7pm and crashed for 2 hours. Hopefully that won’t be another factor in me not being able to sleep tonight. Meeting in the early AM, so I can’t afford to drag in late.I’ve decided that my problems sleeping are stress-related. I’m so ….

Wow. That’s funny. I started this entry around 9pm I think. Apparently I got sidetracked (because that’s what I do these days). It is now 2:27am. Guess I answered my earlier question about not being able to sleep tonight. Damn.

Go to bed.
Hmmm…Fantasy hockey. I should do that.
TV show.
Need to reply to an email from work.
Another TV show.
I should change some of my players.
Damn. The AC is dripping again.
I need to schedule service for that.
I want some cereal.
Reply to that email first.
Empty the ashtray.
Crap. I missed the trash pickup today.
What time is my meeting tomorrow?
Was I supposed to have anything prepared?
I need to call and schedule that AC service tomorrow.
The dog wants out.
She needs a bath.
Oh yeah. Cereal.
I’ve got to remember to buy some toilet paper. I’m dangerously low.
What’s that noise?
Oh yeah. Let the dog back in.

I’m lost. What was I doing again?

You know you’re tired when…

For starters:

  • You really wanted to see a certain someone yesterday but just couldn’t get up off the couch and make it happen.
  • You overslept, completely oblivious to your (multiple) alarms.
  • You bit into a banana without peeling it first.
  • You went to work with no makeup or jewelry on. Luckily, you remembered your bra.

Seriously. What is my deal? I’m in a fog lately, coupled with, what I am convinced is, an adult onset of some serious ADD. I’m swamped at work and have no hopes of ever getting caught up, and yet, I continue to accept more projects from my boss. Brilliant, eh?

I’ve spent my entire day so far working customer issues, which means I’ll get to spend tonight working on all the things that are due tomorrow. Figure I’ll be in the office until atleast 6pm. Then work from home after that. I think it’s time to put a pot of coffee on.