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Million Dollar Baby

I finally watched it earlier.  It was a pretty good movie, but don’t believe (all of) the hype.  I cannot comprehend how this won best picture this year.  In comparison to Finding Neverland, Hotel Rwanda, and The Aviator, it was average at best. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I liked it.  I just didn’t LOVE it.  The story was kind of cliched for the first half:  Girl (well, she’s over 30) from nowhere wants to be a boxer.  Wants a trainer.  Trainer doesn’t want to take on a girl.  Eventually he does.  She goes on a 1st round knockout spree.  Wants a title fight.  Then something bad happens.  And I pretty much cried for the rest of the movie.

It’s not a feel-good movie.  But it’s a good movie.

Oh yeah. I like it.

I watched the second disc of Six Feet Under:  Season 1 today.  It has episodes 4-8 on it.  After the first disc, I wasn’t sure, but having watched the next 5 episodes, I really like it.  I’m irritated that I didn’t time my Netflix movies better so that I’d have atleast the next one here to watch over the weekend. 

Instead, I have a foreign film and Million Dollar Baby.  And don’t feel like watching either of them.  So I’m watching this 80s marathon thing on Encore.  I’ve sat through Weird Science, About Last Night, and now, the 2nd Nightmare on Elm Street.  My life is so exciting. 

Atleast tomorrow isn’t the day before work.  It’ll be like it is Saturday all over again, only hopefully without all the cramps.