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Family Jewels

  • I’ve now been sucked into watching Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels. What is wrong with me?! #
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Seriously addicted to this show!  For someone of super-celebrity status, like Gene Simmons, his family is surprisingly loving, fun, and stable.  They all seem to genuinely care for each other and the brother/sister dynamic between the kids is hysterical!  Oh, and call me a dirty old woman, but Nick Simmons is a little (ok, tall…very tall) hottie!

This is one of the first shows I’ve added to my DVR to record EVERY episode.  I love it!!!


Thanks to the wonder of Netflix, I finally got around to watching Juno this past weekend.  What a bunch of hype over a very average film. 

Don’t get me wrong, it was enjoyable enough.  Who could help but laugh at little nuggets like “That ain’t no etch-a-sketch.  This is one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet.”  Or a girl screaming, “Thundercats are go!!” to announce her labor.  Quirky fun, right?

Honestly, I think the film tries too hard to be smart and witty. And I seriously don’t get the love for Ellen Page in this film. The few characters I’ve seen her play are all some variant on the same theme.  At least her delivery of them is. Duuuulllllll.

Luckily, there is some humor, and Allison Janney, to be found amidst the monotonous dialogue, one-liners, and mostly socially inept characters in uncomfortable situations.

Design Star Superstar

I watched the first Design Star on HGTV religiously.  I was hooked.  And was absolutely thrilled when David Bromstad won (I, of course, voted for him).  The second season was great, too, but I admit that I didn’t catch every single episode.  When it came down to the final two contestants, I definitely liked Kim Myles better.

Now that I’ve finally had a chance to watch her show, Myles of Style, as well as David’s Color Splash, it is overwhelmingly clear to me that David is a superdesignstar.  The guy is so talented, so artistic, so creative, all rolled up in a super-cute, super-fun personality.  Just watching him get so excited about his rooms and designs still makes me smile.

Kim, on the other hand, seems forced on her show.  Like she’s trying too hard to be cool and hip and elegant all at once.  I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t seem to like her nearly as much as I did during the competition.  Probably because I haven’t really liked her designs I’ve seen lately.  I don’t think any of them hold a candle to the beautiful, elegant, and stylish designs of one Mr Bromstad.

I would love for David to come help me out with my living room.  I’m at such a loss.  I have this great big room that, eventually, I’d like to shift around and make a space for a dining area.  I bought a new couch, chair, ottoman, and chaise a couple of years ago, and I still really love them.  I just wonder if they are too big for what I’m hoping to do.  The worst part is, I really want a nice rug to place under the furniture on my hardwood floors.  But have you ever tried shopping for a rug when your furniture is a very ornate, tapestry-like design?  I can’t find anything I that doesn’t feel like it would either clash drastically, or compete with the furniture. 

I guess if I had a monster budget like some of these remodels on HGTV, I could pull it all together, but I’ve got champagne tastes on a beer budget.  Really cheap beer.

“I was gonna use big words but I don’t have a clitoris.”

I have just discovered the greatest show on television! My Big Redneck Wedding. Fan-freaking-tastic, I tell you! Where else can you see a bride running around in a panic on her wedding day…because she can’t find her teeth?!

As many laughs as I’ve gotten out of it, I have to admit some of them have been really sweet, too. I guess love really does no know bounds. If a beer can and christmas lights decorated archway makes someone happy, who am I to judge?

Check out these vows!

Passports, hockey, and gangsters

Gosh, I miss the days when all you needed was your birth certificate to go to Mexico. I spent two hours in line at the post office yesterday to turn in my passport application, not to mention have the most awful passport photo taken EVER. Oh yeah, and it seems I have no parents…at least not on my birth certificate. $100+ later, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that, when it is processed, they take the time to read the note imprinted by the State of Tennessee regarding the file date.

Last night I headed over to Duckie’s to watch the Stars game with him and C on his gigantimum projection screened wall. Pretty damn cool. I could certainly see the puck more easily. Should be really cool when it is a game broadcast in HD. I’m already envisioning some playoff watching parties at his place!  His house is already more put together in a month than mine is after almost 4 years!

Today I tackled some flylady missions…15 minutes at a time. I’m turning into a believer! I’m working on scheduling my weekly tasks now. Sunday evenings, unofficially, are now slated for ME time…time to watch a movie (completely watch, no internet, no multi-tasking), read a book, whatever, and give myself some spa treatments. Tonight is American Gangster. So, off I go…

Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

What’s that saying? Too many pots on the stove. Kettles in the fire. Something like that. Anyway, that’s what I feel like. I’ve started all these cool little projects lately and am only half-assing them because realistically, I can’t tackle them all at once. So I’m just going to step back and pick one at a time to give each the attention it needs.

Work is….well, work. I’m going to Tucson again in a few weeks, but am determined not to spend all of the time either at the office or in the hotel room again. I’m going to stay a day and a half over and try to make a mini-vacation out of it. Been doing some research and definitely going to check out the Sonora Desert Musuem as well as the San Xavier Mission. Those both look as though they will provide hours of happy entertainment for myself and Samuel L. I’m hoping to bring either Sparticus or Dee with me, too, if I ended up checking a bag. We’ll see.

I just finished watching Hannibal Rising. I’d read the book a couple of months ago and wasn’t very impressed with it. Sadly, I felt the same way about the movie. While some of Hannibal’s growing guiltless malice was fun to watch, I think they just made that leap too abruptly. Surely he wasn’t the only one to experience the extreme horrors of war…so where are the rest of the “monster”s? The movie does stay pretty true to the book, so I give it credit for that. But the book wasn’t much to work with in the first place. So sad, I expected great things for Hannibal’s back story.

I’m off to the Chuckwagon cookoff this weekend to take pictures of AggieGirl in action! Sounds like a pretty cool event, and another fun photo-expedition. Cat is going to meet up with me to take some photos of her own. YAY! Or should I say yeehaw!

If you were stuck on a tv show fro 24 hours…

Which show would you be on?

I saw this asked on another blog.  I didn’t even need to finish reading the question before  I knew my answer.

I could, quite easily, be convinced to spend 24 hours in the world of Queer as Folk.  I think my choice is pretty self-explanatory.  I could only hope it wouldn’t be that bike ride episode.  I wanna go to Babylon!  And back to Brian’s loft (with his boy toy du jour…or hour) afterwards!   

I know.  I know.  I’m not “their” type.  But I could certainly enjoy the scenery, in the flesh. 

A fun 2nd choice would be The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley.   What a blast it would be to hang out with dear Edward!  It’s like a joke how excited I would be, no question!

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.


The Misfits was on Encore earlier this afternoon.  Again, one of those movies I have on DVD, but I still can’t pass it up when it’s on cable.  Surprisingly it isn’t part of either of the Diamond Collection dvd sets.  That really amazes me because I just don’t see how you can have any compilation of Marilyn Monroe movies without including this one.  Her last (complete) film and it really is one of her best.

Aside from being a great film, it’s well-photographed and filled with great performances, there’s also a lot of interesting trivia that surrounds it:

  • Clark Gable complained about Marilyn’s tardiness, among other things and is quoted as saying he was glad filming was over because Marilyn “damned near gave” him a heart attack.  Gable’s last film, he died of a heart attack 11 days later.
  • Gable is also quoted as saying this was the best picture he ever made!
  • Arthur Miller, Marilyn’s 3rd husband, wrote the part of Rosalyn especially for Marilyn.   

Anyone who likes to dismiss Marilyn as a dumb blonde who only got her roles because of her hourglass figure really should watch this film.  Sure, the acting is a bit overdone, but that was true of all movies from this time period.  It’s a kind of dark movie but it’s an absolute pleasure to watch.

Comments from old blog:

gak – Aug 03, 06: after watching marilyn multiple times in a picture whose name i can’t remember (took place when she was maybe in Reno getting a divorce???) i began to take her seriously and really appreciate her. it’s so easy to blow her off… but once you watch one of her films it’s less easy to take her as only a mere sex goddess.

Why did I agree to this?

I’ve been promising to do a happy hour on “this side” of town for awhile now for me and some of my nearby friends.  Some of which have still yet to see my “new” house, which I’ve been in for almost 2 years now.  So I agreed to host a happy hour tomorrow at my house.

My house is a WRECK.  I like to blame the 14-hour days I’ve been working, but it was a mess before that, too.  It’s just REALLY bad right now.  I should be running around cleaning, but I’m not.  I’ll try to leave work a little early tomorrow so I can come home and run the vacuum and swiffer the wood floors at least.  I predict everything else will get stuffed in a drawer or closet.

This isn’t the “usual” happy hour bunch.  It’s a few blunt, no BS, call-it-like-they-see it women.  Which is just part of what makes them fun.  I invited a few others, including Mexigoalie, Nala, and Rockstar.  And Curly.  So I get a message from him today indicating he might be a little late and leave a little early because of some messages 2 of these women have been sending him, in jest, but still.  Apparently they are trying to get him to “hook up” with one of them, who is in a long-term relationship.  And they flirt endlessly with him.  And he is sooo uncomfortable about it because A) they are both married in one sense or another and B) he’s not interested.  Of course, he’s too nice to just SAY that to them.

So, he asked if I would invite Mr & Mrs Dubya, too.  Since I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to the other happy hour thing in Ft Worth….which might as well be New Mexico it’s so far away!  Mrs Dubya is pregnant.  And half the group that will be here smokes.  Which means, out of respect for her and the baby, we’ll go outside to smoke.  I know it’s petty for me to say, but it is HOT outside and I still haven’t gotten an umbrella for my patio furniture.  Not sure if they are coming or not yet.  Anyway, the point is, it should definitely be an interesting mix of people.  I’m hoping for a drama-free night…we’ll see.

Oh.  And I get to go to Miss Hut’s bridal shower at 11am on Saturday.  I don’t get up by 11am on a normal Saturday, much less after having people over the night before.  I’ll have to set about 5 alarms to make sure I’m up early enough to run by Target and pick something up from her registry.

I finally finished the last season of QAF last weekend, too.  It rocked.  I cried.  I’ll miss those silly queers.

Anyway, nothing exciting or interesting to blog about….just checking in.  I’m still alive, but just barely. 

This is Otis. I love Otis.

Ok, so I worked all weekend.  That I was expecting.  What I was NOT expecting was to end up working 13 hours yesterday, having to cancel my plans for the night, and working about 4 hours today.  Damn customers with their damn issues.  Granted, this one came up last week, but I wasn’t working it.  When the lady sent a very irrate email to me, my boss, and a number of other people yesterday, I responded and explained to her what I had already explained to a member of her team last week.  To which she replied that was completely unacceptable.  Um…? 

So I call her and talk through it and she insists it should’ve been fixed last week.  Critical, audit, blah, blah, blah.  And everyone on my team took the day off.  I can handle part of it, but need some stuff from others.  Several phone calls, emails, and hours later, around 10pm, I finally accept that I’m going to have to work today and call it a night for work. 

The really irritating part, aside from the fact that I badly needed those drinks with friends last night, is that these completion issues have been going on for far too long.  I keep saying we need to overhaul the whole process, but instead, one little thing gets fixed.  And probably ends up breaking something else…..which we realize when the next big issue gets escalated.  Ugh.

Anyway.  I just plopped my pajama-covered ass onto the couch and turned on the tv, accepting that this will be how I spend what is left of my day off.  Screw that list of errands.  I’m going to be a complete sloth this afternoon.

And as I’m flipping through the movie channels….JOY!  Rapture!  Pretty in Pink is on HBO (nevermind the fact that I own the dvd).  I love love love this movie.  I can’t possibly be grumpy while watching it. 

Like so many songs, this movie takes me back to my younger years.  I was so in love with Duckie and lamented the fact that I could never meet anyone like him.   My brother and I had the movie soundtrack (on cassette!!  lol) and used to listen to it endlessly.  That led to buying the Psychedelic Furs, and, my favorite band of all time, The Smiths.   I credit this movie for introducing me to them.

So here I lay, on the couch, watching Duckie Dale plant one on Iona.  And quoting every line, since there is no one here to be annoyed by it. 

Of course, I’ll change the channel before Andy goes back to the major appliance at the end.  I hate Blaine.  In MY version, she always stays with Duckie at the prom.

Money, it’s a gas.

I made the right choice in not going to the lake this weekend.  Granted, it would’ve been more fun, but as a result of my staying home, I manged to get a ton of work done yesterday.  I still have more to do today, but I feel a huge weight off of my shoulders already.  Of course, that weight will be replaced with all the other tasks coming in relation to testing, recreating training, and the upgrade itself.  But…it’s nice to breathe a little easier, if only for a day.

I’m trying to get control of my finances.  I’m an online shopaholic.  There’s just something about those lovely packages arriving on my doorstep.  Nevermind the fact that I already have enough philosophy, smashbox, and bare escentuals stuff to open my own store…I have a hard time passing up a deal.  And wouldn’t you know it, philosophy had the TSV on QVC yesterday.   I lead such an exciting life.  Yes, after working more than a full day, I spent my Saturday night with the infamous shopping channel on in the background while I read.  I displayed some restraint, but not enough. 

Anyway, I need to cut my expenses wherever possible if I want to get out from under my debt. A car note would not even be close to an issue if it weren’t for that…and I will be needing to upgrade my transportation soon.  So I’ve just changed my wireless phone plan (I never came close to using up all my “anytime” minutes), found a plan that include the earlier time for night and weekends (that I was currently paying extra for), eliminated the PCS to PCS (because I talk to less than a handful of people who have Sprint), and got rid of that stupid insurance they talked me into with my new phone last year.  Should result in about a $25 savings per month over my previous plan. 

Now I need to get to work on my cable tv & internet pricing.  I’m considering ditching the HBO for awhile.  I rarely have time for it anyway and, besides, that’s what Netflix is for!  And that, I will NOT live without.

Playoffs: Round 1 Game 1

Well that was just….shit.  My boys kicked off the playoffs last night with a miserable 5-2 loss against Colorado.  The first period wasn’t so bad…in fact, it’s when we scored our only 2 goals.  Then it just went downhill from there.  Sloppy passing, tons of turnovers, and just an overall disappointing display of something that was so NOT Stars hockey.

Mexigoalie and I managed to get plenty of extra rally towels and game programs to share with out of town friends.  Although, I don’t know that anyone would actually want a souvenir of this game.  Except maybe an Avs fan.  Ugh.

Anyway.  Bring on game 2 tomorrow night.  We better have our heads out of our asses for that one.  As far as I’m concerned, it is a MUST WIN.  We certainly don’t want to head to Colorado down 2 games in the series.

Got home last night and watched the Marilyn special on 48 hours (thanks again, Laura!)  It was pretty interesting.  No one is ever going to “solve” that beyond a doubt, but I still don’t believe, nor will I ever be convinced, she committed suicide.  There’s far too many question marks.

That Ditsy Chick is at it again!

Yep.  Another tag.   And holy crap, is it long!!!  So I’d better get started…ok, let’s see.

4 Jobs I Have Had

  1. Catering – From junior high until early college, I did VIP catering at the local university.  Started out working concession stands with our church group, but ended up playing endentured servant at dinner parties held at the University President’s and Chancelor’s homes.  The Chancelor’s wife made us get those damned french maid uniforms (not the porn version, thankfully) for events at her house.  The first time we wore them, I was standing at the door greeting her guests with a tray of champagne.  And she had the nerve to comment about how “cute they look in their uniforms.”  I’ve never wanted to bash someone in the face with a silverplated tray more in my life.
  2. Office Manager at Rentronics – I met the manager in a pool hall while I was in college.  He was looking for a new office manager, I was looking for a part-time job.  I didn’t have to try and sell that crap to customers, just manage the paperwork and computer stuff.  He got fired several months later and the new manager (who apparently was a former manager) was forcing me to do sales so he could bring back his former office person.  Yeah.  I’m going to talk people into spending $10,000 over a few years on a used television.  I think NOT. 
  3. Crap Jewelry Store Manager – After Mission Jewelers shut down, the manager brought me over to manage a new little costume jewelry kiosk in the mall.  That was fun, until his drinking problem surfaced and I was being called at midnight to meet him at bars for “business meetings.”  The kiosk pretty much fell apart not long after, but he gave me the best damn reference that essentially guaranteed my getting my current job, which I started right after college.  Sort of.
  4. CG & Camera Operator for TV station – I wanted to do television production when I first started college.  Really, I wanted to film, but a scholarship to the local school kind of changed my mind for me.  So when I had an chance to get my foot in the door at a local news channel, I grabbed it.  After working the news for a few months, I decided that I would never ever be able to do that for a career. 

4 Movies I Could (and Do) Watch Over and Over Again

  1. Tombstone – Val Kilmer as Doc never gets old.
  2. Pretty in Pink – Jon Cryer as Duckie…I had the biggest crush on him after seeing this movie the first time.  He was my ideal man…when I was 12-18.  He could ride his bike past my house any time! 
  3. The Princess Bride – Just a fun (and also very quotable) movie. 
  4. Any Marilyn Monroe movie – some of my very favs are Some Like it Hot, River of No Return, and Gentleman Prefer Blondes

4 Places I Have Lived – I haven’t moved around much actually.  But here’s what I can come up with.

  1. Memphis, TN – don’t remember it, but I lived there for the first 11 months of my life
  2. Beaumont – with my parents and later in a trailer that was essentially in their backyard. 
  3. DFW area – in a townhome
  4. DFW area – in my very own first home!

4 TV Shows I Love – I don’t watch a lot of tv.  But I do watch a lot of tv shows on dvd after the seasons end.  I’m impatient and forgetful and can never remember the schedules.  So I just watch them all on dvd in a night or two.  Most of them aren’t even being made anymore.  :(

  1. Queer as Folk – I’ve only seen the first two seasons so far (I think the show ended after 5 seasons) but I absolutely love it.
  2. Six Feet Under – Another one I started watching after the show ended.  I’ve watched through the 4th season.  Very dark but also very human and touching.
  3. Carnivale – I still can’t believe those jerks at HBO cancelled this after only two seasons. 
  4. Most anything on HGTV – I love Designed to Sell, House Hunters, Landscaper’s Challenge, Decorator’s Challenge, Curb Appeal, etc.

4 Favorite Books – I read a lot, but in spurts.  I may go months and months without touching a book.  Then, the mood strikes and I’ll knock out 3 or 4 within a few weeks.  I can’t think of any individual favorites…hmmm…

  1. The Mayfair Witches Series by Anne Rice
  2. The Harry Potter books
  3. Most anything by Stephen King or Dean Koontz
  4. Dr. Seuss books – I think all of life’s lessons can be learned from these
  5. BONUS:  The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

4 Places I Have Vacationed – I haven’t vacationed much, aside from the trips with the family growing up.  But here’s a few.  In a few months, I’ll get to add San Diego to the list!

  1. Memphis – Growing up, this was about the only place we ever got to visit.  It wasn’t until I was much older that we actually got to go out and see some of the city:  Beale Street (which is very cool), The Peabody Hotel, Graceland, etc.
  2. Seattle – Oldest brother, Dilbert, used to live there.  Got to go there a few times.  Pike’s Place Market was fun.  And of course, my beloved Fluevog store was there as well.
  3. France – My youngest brother, Duckie, and I got to go for 2 weeks the summer after my high school graduation.  I’d love to go back someday.
  4. Puerto Vallarta – Badass and I went for a week back in 2000.  Would like to go again someday as well, but with better company.

4 Websites I Read Every Day – Sadly, my job doesn’t allow me much time for daily visits anywhere these days.  But here’s the ones I try to hit as much as possible.

  1. My Blogroll Buddies
  2. Dallas Stars sites
  3. Yahoo 360 – similar to MySpace but cooler, unless you want the whole music scene
  4. Google – my quick source for everything 😛

4 Favorite Food (Groups)

  1. Salty
  2. Sweet
  3. Spicy
  4. Cheese

Tagging:  Anyone who wants to participate.  I’m lazy tonight.  Let me know if you post yours!  :)

Movie Quotes to Live By

I love movies.  I love quoting movies.  I know I’m not the only one who does this, so…I’m curious as to which ones you quote, so feel free to comment.  Or blog your own list and let me know! 

Here’s what I can think of pretty readily that I actually say somewhat often:

Pretty In Pink:

  • Come on!  Let’s plow!
  • Do I O-ffend?
  • I used to have a great butt.  I did!!!  I loved my butt!!
  • Yo man, next time I’ll kick yo ass.  That’ll be that.
  • May I admire you again today?
  • I’m off like a dirty shirt!


  • I’m your huckleberry.
  • …I forgot you where there.  You may go now.
  • Then again, you may be the anitchrist.
  • I stand corrected.  You’re an oak.
  • I have not yet begun to defile myself.
  • You’re no daisy.  You’re no daisy at all!
  • Does this mean we’re not friends anymore?  If I thought you weren’t my friend, I don’t think I could bear it.

Grosse Point Blank:

  • Don’t you get it??  You don’t get to have me!
  • You’re a handsome devil.  What’s your name?
  • Dumb fucking luck.
  • Do you really believe there’s some stored up conflict between us?  There is no us.  So who do you want to hit, man?  It’s not me.

Team America:  World Police

  • I’m gonna cut off your balls and shove them up your ass so that the next time you shit, you shit all over your balls.
  • Why is everyone so fucking stupid?  Why can’t people be more interrrigent, rike me?


  • I was just nowhere near your neighborhood.
  • Am I coming off as too intense?  Because I can be intensely laid back.
  • I think, #1, you have an act and that, #2, not having an act is your act.

The Princess Bride:

  • As you wish!
  • Inconceivable!
  • You keep saying that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means. 
  • Life is pain.  Anyone who tells you different is selling something.
  • Am I going mad?  Or did the word, “think” just escape your lips?
  • I would not say such things if I were you!

Whoa…that’s a pretty long list already.  I’ll stop there.  What are some of yours?  Either favorites or just lines you tend to say sometimes?

He continues to amaze me.

Dr Honeydew and I sort of agreed this year to send Christmas presents after we both got back from out of town and life had returned to normal.  We both have wishlists on Amazon to give not-so-subtle hints of what we’d like to have to those who might be shopping for us. 

Today, I received a package from him containing a birthday and Christmas present.  No clear indication of which was which, but while they are equally awesome, one completely surprised the hell out of me.  So I’m calling it my birthday gift.

I was addicted to Carnivale on HBO.  Until they, ever so cruelly, cancelled it after the 2nd season.  I still don’t understand why.  It was an award-winning program for them and had a huge following.

So, when I opened my box from Amazon today, expecting to find something, presumably, from my wish list, I was shocked.  And amazed.  And stunned.  I think the first words I managed to utter were, “Holy shit!!  You did NOT!!”   I’m eloquent when surprised, huh?   If he’d been here, I’d have hit him.  And then tackled him.

Dr Honeydew gave me something I badly wanted, but purposely neglected to put on my wish list because I thought the price was outrageous and figured it would be marked down at some point.  I would never ask someone to buy something for me that I thought was ridiculously priced.  Just because….if it’s not something I’d buy for myself, why should anyone else buy it for me?

He gave me the first season of Carnivale on dvd.  I heart this man.

Currently listening to, watching, reading, planning to get, etc.

Songs of Faith and Devotion
By Depeche Mode
Release Date: Mar 23, 1993


Technically, it’s Saturday now.  But since I haven’t gone to bed yet, it still counts as Friday.  I was supposed to go to the game tonight but was too damn worn out and all I wanted to do was come home, put my pj’s on, drink some wine, watch the game, and veg. 

The Stars won in a shootout.  I’m still not crazy about those deciding the game, but I have to admit, they are pretty damn exciting to watch.  Even more so in person.  The whole crowd is on its feet cheering through every shooter’s attempt and every goalie’s save and every puck that makes it into the net (unless, of course, it’s against MY team).  It’s electrifying!

Now I am watching the 5th (of 6) disc of the second season of Queer as Folk.  Thanks to Mexigoalie for loaning them to me, I am so freaking hooked on this show. I don’t want to watch the last one yet because then what will I do?  It will be atleast a week before Netflix starts sending me season 3.

Jesus.  I really am living vicariously through gay characters on a tv show.  I guess gay sex is better than no sex though, right? The writers for this show are awesome.  The characters are incredible.  And there’s lots of hot guys and bare asses.  What’s not to like?  :)

Do I Offend?

Saw this over at The Rock Bitch and thought I’d give it a shot.  Go figure, she got one of her favorite movies, and I got one of mine.  Although not by much of a margin. 

I heart Duckie Dale.  In fact, it’s why I call one of my brothers Duckie on here.  Well, not because I love him in that way, but because he reminds me of him.  Brother Duckie even dressed up as PiP Duckie for Halloween one year long ago.  And the both of us (mostly me) still quote this movie entirely too often. 

Pretty in Pink

Your life mostly resembles Pretty in Pink. You have some financial difficulties, but because of them you are more creative. You are prone to having a sidekick who follows you everywhere because you are so cool.

What 80s Movie does your life resemble?  (Piechart) -
Take this quiz at

Ok.  I’m off like a dirty shirt…

Sex and Appletinis

GNO was fun.  Some of us snuck away to the pool for awhile.  Maybe that was rude, but really, we were just being considerate of those who were actually watching Sex and the City.  We were talking about the real deal.  And Canadian Girl got a lesson in some terminology she was not familiar with.  Funny.

I’m ashamed…I drunk-dialed.   It was innocent enough at the time.  One of the “girls” was talking about people from T’s country.  Had a question.  I didn’t think twice about calling him to ask.  He didn’t answer.  I didn’t leave a message.  Forgot all about it until this morning.  Ooof.

I’m hosting an open house of sorts this coming weekend, complete with coworkers, out-of-town guests, and my parents.  Which means I should seriously consider cleaning up around here.  When did I become such a slob?

Friday night…

I am home with my dog.  Did a little cleaning, took a nice hot shower, and am now listening to music (yes, I even listened to that cd), browsing the internet, flipping through magazines, and drinking Bacardi Silver Watermelon (wimpy girly drinks, but they taste good), and thoroughly enjoying myself.  I must be old.

Training camp yesterday was so much fun.  Got to see the new players and how they mesh with the rest of the team on the ice.  Not too bad.  I took entirely too many pictures but that’s ok.   I got some great shots of some of the players coming off the ice.  Now if I could just figure out a way to stowaway inside Modano’s hockey bag and go home with him, life would be great.  He’s got lips I could suck on for hours.  Sadly, I’m lacking a few of the requirements to catch his attention.  I’m not blonde (I have been before though…big mistake…never again!).  I’m not skinny.  I have small boobs.  And I have a brain.  Such is life, I suppose.  First preseason game (away) is tomorrow night, but unfortunately won’t be televised here. 

Tomorrow night is also GNO.  Only this one should actually be called Girls Night In.  We’re going over to a friend’s place for dinner, appletinis, and watching Sex in the City.  Which, of course, means that we will end up talking and giggling all evening.  I was relieved to not have to worry about what to wear until, today, this month’s hostess told me we have to dress “fabulously,” like on the show.  It’s like the theme of the night and stuff.  Having only seen the show a handful of times, I’m not sure what that means.  I told her I can’t fit in anything fabulous right now.  I have some fabulous wigs…like drag queen fabulous, but apparently that’s not the same thing.  So the compromise is that I have to atleast wear heels.  Um…ok?  I’m kicking them off as soon as I walk in the door though.

I’ve got the last 2 dvds of the first season of Six Feet Under now.  Think I’ll watch those now.  If the alcohol doesn’t work and insomnia strikes again, I may be back here rambling later.