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Go Mo! Go!

Mikey Mo had one hell of a game tonight.  He was like a man possessed…and more importantly, he looked, every inch, the Mike Modano superstar I’ve known and loved.  He scored a goal in the first minute of the game and another one before the first period was over.  We had the lead but ended up letting them come back and tie the game, forcing it to overtime.  After 5 minutes of a scoreless OT, we got to see our very first ever regular season shootout on home ice! 

Zubov, Jokinen, and Modano were the 3 shooters for Dallas.  Zubov missed his (he’s been incredible in the 2 we’ve faced on the road).  Jokinen slipped his past Carolina’s goaltender.  The visiting team made 2 of theirs.  So it was all up to Mikey as the third shooter for the Stars.  It was his first chance at a shootout in the regular season.  I’m not crazy about the new rules that allow a shootout to decide the winner in a tie game, but holy crap is it intense and exciting to watch!  And hallelujah, Mo made his shot!  And won the game for us!!!

Since a shootout goal is considered a “team” goal, he didn’t get the hattrick, but still.  No surprise that he was named the #1 Star of the Game.  And also the #1 Star of the Night from NHL.  YAY Baby Daddy! 

Week #5 Weigh In

Forgot to post it last night.

Last week’s weight:  190
This week’s weight:  189

Frankly, I am overjoyed by this.  I fully expected to have a gain this week.  All last week, when I was sick, I was snacking constantly because it helped scratch my throat.  And the anitibiotics I was on made me nauseous, so I kept eating crackers and soup (and occasionally a few bites of ice cream) to help settle my stomach.  I didn’t journal my food at all, but tried to be aware of my points…even though I know I went over a few days.  So after all that, to still lose a pound, GO ME!  :)

We have an HR end-of-year function this afternoon, but no meal this year.  Just snacks.  At some lame game place.  Sorry, I’m being negative, but to celebrate our year, I want to be entertained.  Not go bowling or play laser tag.

Next week is our department end-of-year celebration.  We’re going to spend the day at the Dallas World Aquarium and have a catered lunch.  I’m excited for that one.  It will be nice to have a calm, relaxing day on the boss’s dollar. 

I’m going to the Stars game tonight, so yay for that.  And to a season ticket holder event in the morning to pick up my free jersey (double yay) and meet the players and get autographs and such (triple yay), which means I will get to see my Darling Mikey again (I just blacked out). 

I have nothing to say.

Really, I don’t.  It’s late.  I should be asleep.   Besides, I sound like one of those mechanical voicebox things so you really don’t want me to say anything. 

I thought I was feeling better last Thursday.  So I met Mexigoalie, Nala, and Cat at Uncle Julio’s for Nala’s birthday on Friday afternoon.  Then went to the Stars game with Red (hey, I paid $50 for that ticket to sit in the lower bowl and I wasn’t about to let some silly illness make that money go to waste!).  All week I had been able to last, at most, 4 hours before curling up and sleeping for an hour or two.  The stupid decongestent my doctor gave me makes me sooo drowsy.  So by the time I got ready, drove to the restaurant, ate, and we headed to the game, I was already a good 3 hours into my semi-alert and awake time. 

Midway through the first period, my eyes were tearing up, my throat hurt, and I couldn’t pay attention to the game.  That’s right…I could not stay focused on the hockey game.  Now you know I felt like shit.

Stars vs Coyotes

Somehow, by the beginning of the 3rd period, I was feeling a little more human and was able to yell and scream and enjoy the game.  Except for the fact that I had essentially no voice.  We lost the game, which sucked.  And confirmed my superstition that I can not ever sit in a different seat again.  From now on, it’s my season ticket seat or bust. 

After the game, Red had begged and pleaded with us days in advance to meet up afterwards for post-game adult beverages.   So about 12 or so of us hit the Old No 7 for a few.  I guess the alcohol numbed my throat so I felt ok, but my voice was getting harder and harder to tolerate.

After staying longer than a sick girl should, I finally headed home around midnight.  Decided to stop at Jack in the Box for some coffee.  Now keep in mind that I had not uttered a word since I said bye to my friends and left the bar.  So it was to my complete surprise, and utter horror, that when I opened my mouth to order at the drive thru, I couldn’t get anything out louder than a whisper.   I had to pull around to the window and repeat myself (as if repeating the words in my head that I couldn’t seem to vocalize really did much good) and use various attempts at sign language to order my coffee. 

Three days later and I can talk now atleast.  But I sound like a complete freak.  Like I should be pushing some invisible button on my throat to speak. 

Being sick sucks.

Being sick during a holiday week, after accepting the fact that I would be staying in town rather than spending Thanksgiving with my family, when I committed to working every day except Thursday so I could use the Friday day off during Christmas, and when I went ahead and bought tickets to the Stars games Wednesday and Friday night (since my ticket partner got those games because I thought I’d be out of town)….well, sucks.

I woke up at 4am this morning with the most horrible pain in my ears and my sinuses.  My throat was hurting so badly I could barely swallow.  And my head felt like it was going to explode.  Being one of those people with an amazing talent for turning the simplest of colds into bronchitis, or even pneumonia, I was on the phone with my doctor’s office as soon as they opened making an appointment for this afternoon. 

There’s nothing I love to do more when I am feeling like utter shit than to drive to the doctor’s office, sit and wait to be seen, go describe my symptoms to some nurse that I have already explained to the lady on the phone, see the doctor, do a breathing test, wait on him to come back and give me prescriptions and fuss at me about quitting smoking.

The best part is going to get the prescriptions filled.  My regular store has closed, the new store (which also bought out the old store, including prescriptions) has not opened yet.  So where the hell do I go to get the new ones filled.  I finally decided to go to another location of Tom Thumb to get the new ones filled, knowing that I’ll have to transfer them to the new store when it finally opens.  And then I get to wait for the “20-30 minutes” that it is supposedly going to take for them to slap a label on an inhaler and count out some pills. 

So I end up wandering around the store, looking like death warmed over.  And what does one do while wandering around a store waiting for prescriptions to be filled?  I’ll tell you what….find all kinds of shit that you don’t need but suddenly think you have to have.  I got a cart and start throwing random things in it:  tomato juice, Diet Sprite, soup, chips, etc.  All of which I already had at home.  Finally my prescriptions were ready.  What should have been a $40 total was now $80. 

I get home almost 3 hours later, still feeling like shit, and start popping pills and squirting nasal spray and huffing inhalers.  Eat a bowl of soup and lay down on the couch and finally fall asleep.  Then, around 8pm, a friend, who knows that I am sick, calls my phone…3 times in a row.  Awake and annoyed by that point, I answer it.  Only to hear her say “Oh I’m sorry….did I wake you up?”  And then she proceeds to tell me about her wonderful experience at the Season Ticket Holder event that took place that night.  The event that I had to reschedule (luckily there was a choice of 3 dates, this one being the first) because I am sick.  Forgive me for not sharing in your excitement.  Now if you don’t mind, I’m going back to bed. 

How much for the hot hockey player?

Mike Modano

Seriously.  Best Buy would make a fortune.  And with their 18-month no interest financing, I wouldn’t hesitate.  Hell, I’d take TWO! 

Modano was at the grand opening of a Best Buy store this afternoon, so, of course, I went and stood in line to (finally) get my jersey signed (no, not the one in the picture) and managed to get a picture with him.  I’ve been to his signings before, but never managed to have my jersey with me.  Giddy like a school girl, but not yet satisfied, I returned to the end of the line for a second round and got a magazine and game program signed, too.  And another picture with him.  *blush*

I would have willingly gone back a third time (the line was super short by then) but my friends convinced me that was too stalker-ish.  Besides, I didn’t have anything else with me for him to sign.  A little boy nearby overhead me saying that and suggested I have him sign my face.

Oh honey.  If I was going to ask him to sign a body part, that would so not be it.

Tom Thumb, you broke my heart.

So, you know that the super-conveniently located Tom Thumb near my house is CLOSING.  I am still bummed about it.  I loved that store.  Tom was my first friend in my new neighborhood.  We’ve been together for just over a year and he was always there when I needed him. 

To add insult to injury, I just learned today that Kroger is moving into that location.  I got a letter from Kroger today assuring me that he can make me forget I ever knew Tom.  Kroger went on to say how he looks forward to being part of my life.  Excuse me!  I barely know you, you presumptive, conceited  wannabe-rebound-store!  Don’t pretend to want me or care about what I want.  You’re just using me for my money.

There’s another big new Tom Thumb a few blocks north, but let’s be realistic.  Kroger is going to be right there.  And I’m weak.  Perhaps I can try to form a relationship with northern Tom.  But I won’t rule out the possibility of the occasional booty call with Kroger.


Meanwhile, my Stars are down 2-1 against the Ducks.  The 3rd period is about to start.  Come on, guys!  Beat those phucking ducks!!!  They’ve had a pretty decent road trip so would love to see them finish it off with a killer comeback in the 3rd.  Then they are back at home this Friday playing the BJs (no, not that kind).  I’ll be at that game…YAY! 

Some days, even my lucky undies can’t help.

What a freaking nightmare of a disaster.  My Stars got their asses handed to them tonight.  It looked to be off to a great start when Mo scored early in the first on a powerplay.  Then it all went downhill from there.

Red & I were there in section 222.  It’s a shame to have had such great seats to such an awful game. 

A division game.  Against the Kings.  And we lose 7 to freaking 2.  I don’t even want to talk about it. 

One size does NOT fit all.

I think it should be against the law to even place that phrase on any article of clothing.  I figured out my Halloween costume over the weekend.  Went and bought the dress part, and, of course, although it claims to fit most adult sizes, it is entirely too small for me.  Granted, it fits…meaning I was actually able to squirm my way into it.  But it’s made partially of this cheap, thin, stretchy, black matte knit stuff.  You know, the stuff that shows EVERY fat roll on your back and stomach and every dimple in your ass.  It’s so NOT flattering.

I called my mom over the weekend and she convinced me it would be super easy to sew some inserts into it to make it fit less…um…snug.  Well I can’t sew.  That project in home economics my sophmore year proved that.  And none of my friends sew.  So I’m in a panic, thinking I either find a seamstress who can fix it, find a super-duper-suck-it-all-in-girdle that will cover me from below the bust to the top of my thighs, or….I start from scratch and come up with another costume.

After tons of phone calls and being chastised for waiting until the last minute, I ended up asking a coworker, who I happen to know is a big quilting person, if she could possibly pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top do it for me.  I need it by Saturday, so time is running out.  She said she can.   I need to go find some similar fabric tomorrow, probably on my lunch break, and then she can take it all home and get started.  So yay for that!

Now if I can just figure out how this is all going to work.  I’m supposed to be going to the hockey game on Saturday.  And then ride with other game-goers to the party….like 30-40 minutes away.  They are planning to stay the night, so I’d either have to do the same (which I don’t want to do) or find another ride back to wherever I leave my car.  And when do I change?  At the party?  Well that’s just silly.  We probably won’t get there until 11pm at the very earliest.  Then it’s going to take me another hour to get all the crap on.  So maybe, by midnight, I’m costumed and ready to socialize.  By 2am or so, people will be leaving (well, those that aren’t going to crash there).  I’m not crazy about the idea of the amount of effort to get dressed vs the amount of time spent at the party.

So I’m thinking…maybe I skip going to the game.  I could get ready at home, without having to pack up all the shit I would need, then ride with friends to the party in time to watch the game on tv from there.  That makes more sense, doesn’t it?  But then I’ll miss seeing my boys play live and in person.  I’m torn. 

So I sent that email…

Well, sort of.  I sent an amended version of it based on the conversation I had with T last night.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  First, about the phone call. 

It was a little superficial at first.  Then he mentioned that I could keep the cd he loaned me, so I’m thinking, ok, that definitely means he doesn’t have any plans of us seeing each other anymore.  So I tell him, I’ve already made a copy (noooo!  I would never do that!) and will mail it to him if he wants.  Then he’s all, no, that’s silly…which leads to more discussion about our situation.  He still talks out of both sides of his mouth a little bit, which I could easily read things into.  But I’m not.  I’m taking it at face value.  He’s just not into me (stupid book).  We both like each other as people.  Period.  Dot.  End of sentence. 

We talked about the friendship thing and he said he does want to be friends, but he’s afraid he is going to feel bad every time he looks in my eyes now because he hurt my feelings.  Well, he did.  But I’m a big girl and understand you can’t force something if it isn’t there.  So today, I altered the dreaded draft email to address some of the things we talked about.  And basically just left it as I think you’re a good person, I’d like for us to be friends, I don’t know if we can agree on what that means, and if it’s uncomfortable just say so and let’s be done with it.  And then I hit the Send button.

I figure one of several things will happen now:

  1. He’ll be annoyed by it and not respond.
  2. He’ll feel uncomfortable about the whole situation and not respond.
  3. Some other variation of not responding.
  4. He’ll feel uncomfortable about it and respond to tell me it’s too awkward for us now.
  5. He’ll respond and tell me he just wants hot sex on occasion.
  6. He’ll respond and tell me he wants to be friends and have hot sex.
  7. He’ll respond and tell me he wants to redefine our friendship.

Feel free to add your input or other possible outcomes.  😛

Oh, and my Stars had to go and lose to the damn Canucks last night.  Pheh!

On a brighter note, they are giving away tons of free tickets to the next few home games (still trying to win those fans back).  A friend of mine that I don’t get to see as often as I’d like (the girl who helped me drink too much wine at my open house…I’ll call her Red) won platinum seats to this Thursday’s game and invited me to go with her.  Since that wasn’t one of my season ticket games (I share my seat with another lady), I jumped at the chance.  Should be good times.

And the following week, yours truly won platinum seats to the game against the Sharks.  Yay!


Spent the last hour talking to T.  It was really nice to hear from him.  I do want to be his friend, I really do.  He really is a nice guy.  If only he wasn’t so freaking hot. 

Ok, in my wine-infused drunkedness, I will refrain from typing any more and will now go watch my Stars play their final game of the roadtrip against the  Canucks.  I could watch Mikey take faceoffs allllll niiiiiight looooong. 

I had every intention of blogging today…

 But now it’s late and I don’t feel like it.

I was going to talk about my free half-day at work, my quest to find a Halloween costume, winning platinum level tickets to a Stars game, and Modano’s great games against Phoenix on Tuesday and then Calgary on Thursday. And my guilt over wimping out on a friend’s birthday happy hour/game-watching gathering tonight.

So instead, I’ll leave you with this. Sweet dreams.;)

Happy Hockey Day!

The Stars opened the new, I mean MY NHL, season against the Kings tonight (last night, whatever).  HOLY CRAP.  What a game!  After a miserable first period and being booed off the ice (not by yours truly, but I didn’t cheer them either), our boys fought back from being down 4-0 and gave the fans at the AAC a real treat!  The house really was a rockin’. 

“To wait 18 months and come out like that in the first and give the fans that, I felt this big coming off the ice,” Boucher said, holding his finger and thumb close. “We deserved to be booed, but when we came back, they got right back into it. They played a role in the comeback, that’s for sure.”  – from DMN

Arnott, Zubov (twice), Guerin, and Boucher all scored to get the Stars in the game, keep them there, and finish off the Kings.

Stars Win 5-4

After a little post-game celebration at the Old No 7, my alarm is going to be going off way too soon.   But Wheeeeeee!  What a night!!!

Hockey and a missed call

Took my parents to the game tonight against the Blues.  That was certainly a welcome break!  AND we won.   It’s preseason, I know, but still.  One more preseason game at home this Saturday and then the real deal starts next Wednesday!  Can’t wait!!!

After the game I noticed a missed call on my phone.  A call from T.  I haven’t talked to him since our big “discussion.”  And no, I never did send that email.  Never deleted it either.  I think the ball was still in my court to figure out the could we still be friends thing.

Anyway, he left a message.  Saying he was glad to hear my family was all safe and sound.  And to give him a call when I had a chance.  I would’ve called back when I saw the message, but wasn’t too keen on doing so while walking back to the car with my parents after the game.  And by the time I got home, it was too late.  Probably for the best, right?

I’ll call him back sooner or later.  Awhile back, I had offered to take him to his first hockey game next weekend.  I’m sure he’s forgotten about it. 

Now that there’s been some space to let the emotion and disappointment subside, I think we could actually do the friend thing, if we can agree on what that means.  It’s the “benefits” part I’m not sure of.  I’d hate to give that up.  I’m pathetic, I know. 

As for the good news, well, my parents have heard that one of their rent houses has a huge tree through the roof, but their other houses appear to have only minor damage.  Some shingles gone, lots of trees down, but no visible structural damage.  Granted, that’s from the street view of the houses, so the backs could be worse, but we’re thinking positively.  No word on when they will allow people back into Beaumont.  Still sounds like atleast a week.  Probably longer.

Hooray for hockey!

I got to go to the first home preseason game against the Oilers last night.  It was so great to be back in the AAC watching my boys on the ice!   The rule changes are going to take some getting used to.  And it will be interesting to see if the refs keep it up, consistently calling obstruction.  As it stands now, it’s entirely too many penalties and it breaks up the flow of the game.  But hopefully, as the players get used to the new calls, they will learn what they can and cannot do in this brave new world and the onslaught of penalties will subside a little.

We’ve got some talented prospects as well.  It will be interesting to see who finds a place on the roster and who goes.

The Stars won 6-4 in regulation, but for all preseason games, they are including a shoot-out…just to “showcase” the new part of the game to the fans I guess.  We lost that 2-0.  Turks has some work to do adjusting to this.  Speaking of, he definitely has some kinks to work out.  He was a little rusty last night.  Still made some great saves, but let in some extremely soft goals.

Mo was speeding down the ice, jersey flapping in the wind.  Man was that nice to see him looking more like his old self again!  He even managed to put one in the net.  I’m telling you naysayers, he’s going to have a good season and prove that the debaucle that was the 2003-2004 season was nothing more than a fluke.

Welcome back, boys!  You’ve been sorely missed!

Stars vs Oilers Preseason Opener

Friday night…

I am home with my dog.  Did a little cleaning, took a nice hot shower, and am now listening to music (yes, I even listened to that cd), browsing the internet, flipping through magazines, and drinking Bacardi Silver Watermelon (wimpy girly drinks, but they taste good), and thoroughly enjoying myself.  I must be old.

Training camp yesterday was so much fun.  Got to see the new players and how they mesh with the rest of the team on the ice.  Not too bad.  I took entirely too many pictures but that’s ok.   I got some great shots of some of the players coming off the ice.  Now if I could just figure out a way to stowaway inside Modano’s hockey bag and go home with him, life would be great.  He’s got lips I could suck on for hours.  Sadly, I’m lacking a few of the requirements to catch his attention.  I’m not blonde (I have been before though…big mistake…never again!).  I’m not skinny.  I have small boobs.  And I have a brain.  Such is life, I suppose.  First preseason game (away) is tomorrow night, but unfortunately won’t be televised here. 

Tomorrow night is also GNO.  Only this one should actually be called Girls Night In.  We’re going over to a friend’s place for dinner, appletinis, and watching Sex in the City.  Which, of course, means that we will end up talking and giggling all evening.  I was relieved to not have to worry about what to wear until, today, this month’s hostess told me we have to dress “fabulously,” like on the show.  It’s like the theme of the night and stuff.  Having only seen the show a handful of times, I’m not sure what that means.  I told her I can’t fit in anything fabulous right now.  I have some fabulous wigs…like drag queen fabulous, but apparently that’s not the same thing.  So the compromise is that I have to atleast wear heels.  Um…ok?  I’m kicking them off as soon as I walk in the door though.

I’ve got the last 2 dvds of the first season of Six Feet Under now.  Think I’ll watch those now.  If the alcohol doesn’t work and insomnia strikes again, I may be back here rambling later. 

Nope, not writing about it.

So I’m taking part of the day off tomorrow to go watch hot hockey men practice.  If that doesn’t get me out of my funk, nothing will.  Although I’m tempted to drink until I pass out tonight, I’d rather wake up in time to make the short drive north-ish for the day’s adventure. 

I’m so excited for the NHL season to start.  That should definitely get me back into the groove of things and out of my on-again-off-again hermit-like tendencies. 

And, as of Sunday, I’ve started back on my Weight Watchers journaling.  I lost 40 pounds and was within 15 pounds of my goal weight over a year ago and was really feeling good about myself.  Since buying the house and reverting to a diet of fast food, I’ve managed to put the majority of it back on.  That sucks.  And pisses me off.  But rather than keep grumbling about none of my clothes fitting anymore, I’ve decided to suck it up and see if I can’t get myself back on track.   I was really good at keeping myself in check at one time, so going to see if I can’t do that again.  If all else fails, I’ll go back to the meetings.  But I’d prefer to save that $40+ a month if possible. 

Tempted to, but no….not talking about it.