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Peaceful, easy feeling

It’s an overcast, breezy Sunday morning and I am sitting on the patio, drinking my coffee, and playing a little fetch with Loki.  The past 3 weeks have been utter hell.  We have an OFCCP audit at work next week and so I have been working 12-18 hour days, including weekends, to make sure all of our ducks are in a row.  I have been the living dead for 3 weeks now.

Friday afternoon, we were able to finish up the most urgent of our work and I actually left the office by 5pm.  It was a tiny miracle so I felt I needed to take the opportunity to unwind a little and talked a coworker into going to the dive bar near work for a couple of drinks.  After that, I met my friend V at one of our fave little neighborhood bars for more drinks and to catch up. 

I just have to say that it was the perfect slice of heaven at that particular moment.  I was finally able to relax, laugh, and just generally feel human again.  And the added bonus is that I was able to sleep that night!  No insomnia, just crashing from sheer exhaustion!  The weeks of little to no sleep had finally caught up with me and the drinks managed to shut my brain off enough to allow me to finally get some much needed rest.

After getting to bed around 2am, I was up letting Loki out around 8…but then laid back down on the couch and slept until…SIX PM!!!  I would’ve felt guilty except for the fact that I KNEW I needed it!

Today, rather than stressing out over the audit and whatever else this week will throw at me, for this moment, this peaceful moment on my patio with my dog, I am relaxing and it feels great.

Car fun & the curse of the bed

Having accomplished absolutely nothing on my day off, today I had to go try and get my car inspected.  I got the oil changed first and, thanks to a handy-dandy trick I learned with this car last year, I was then able to go pass my inspection.  Stupid emissions testing and computer cars.

Aside from that, I have done absolutely NOTHING the past few days.  I slept until 1pm today, for crying out loud!  I’ve been trying to break the sleeping-on-the-couch habit, so I went to my bed, relatively early for me at around 2am, and went to sleep.  ELEVEN hours of sleep.  What the hell?!

I swear it is my bed’s fault.  Part of why I never sleep in there…because I sleep through alarms.  On the couch, I wake throughout the night and get up with my alarm (although I might snooze it a few times).  But today, after sleeping in my bed, multiple alarm clocks didn’t wake me.  Insane, I tell you.

Anyway.  Tomorrow is Lifewalk.   All 3.6 miles of it.  I need to try and get some sleep, get some fluids in me, and hope I don’t have a heatstroke.  😛

And her eyes would go all sort of far away…

I freely admit I’m a bit of a dork. So, coupled with my lack of sleep, I started my releasing early today. I joined a release challenge on BookCrossing for Stephen King’s 60th birthday. The challenge was to release 60 (or as many as possible) books today, his birthday. I’ve been picking up extra copies of his books for several months now at Goodwill, Half Price Books, etc. I think I’ve managed to collect about 32 of them. I also created a special book label for the release, as well as the above photo for my journal entries.

Anyway, I was sitting here last night trying to figure out where in the world (and how!) I was going to release all of these. I’ve got some standard drop spots, but figured I’d just stop at every random place I pass until they are all gone.

So, flash forward to 3:30am. Big shock, I didn’t take my pill, so I’m wide awake. Decided to hop in the shower and then run by the office at work to pick up some papers I needed. Of course, I then realize that I should be able to free a few SK books on this trip. I left 2 at work, 1 at the gas station, and then figured I’d hit every Starbucks between there and my house (there’s at least 3 I can think of off the top of my head).

Um. Yeah. Apparently Starbucks isn’t open at 4:30am. Don’t people need coffee by then??

The sun isn’t up at that hour either, so I don’t know why I grabbed my cameras to take with me on my morning expedition.

Son, I’ve made a life out of reading people’s faces…

I’m terrible at taking pills. More so, I’m terrible at remembering to take pills. I should be asleep right now, but I forgot to take my sleeping pill earlier and now…well, it is almost 2am so seems too risky to take it now. Where does the time go? I thought it was maybe around midnight and the next thing I know, it’s much later.

I’m sitting here watching Poker After Dark for no other reason than it is on and I don’t feel like channel surfing to find something else. These people crack me up that wear the dark sunglasses and hats pulled way down on their heads. I thought one of the key skills in this game was the poker face. Instead, you’ve got people hiding behind a bunch of props. There’s one guy that wears a hoodie pulled up over his head and tightened up so he looks like the unibomber. I think that’s even his nickname. I just think it’s silly.

Plus, I’d be afraid someone could see the reflection of my cards if I had some gigantimum dark sunglasses on. Then again, I wouldn’t be playing thousands of dollars per hand either!

Showing how funky and strong is your fight

Happy hour last night was a blast! Obnoxious, crazy, drunken, yes. But fun nonetheless. There was sushi, cheap cheap drinks, crying, dolphins, cherry passing, dousings, moonwalking, Cafe Brazil, 3 people in my bed at 3am (a gay man and a married woman….lol), a drive across town at 4am, coffee and Whataburger at 5am. What could ever top that??

I have strange bruises all over me, and am running on about 3 hours of sleep. After Mexigoalie gets done with his game tonight, we’re making the hour and a half drive out to Dilbert’s. Duckie and my niece headed out there earlier today, so we’ll get to see the new house all moved in and visit with my family for a day. Should be good times.

Guess I’ll sleep tomorrow night.

I look for sense, but I get next to nothing.

I’m having another of those strange days where my dreams are mixing with reality and I’m confusing the two. I woke up at 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I played around on flickr groups for awhile. And then I was watching the early morning news.

It gave me flashbacks to when I worked at the news station in college. And I could have sworn I blogged about it. Apparently not. I also thought FedEx knocked on my door and I went and found the package on my doorstep. But alas, no package. Work emails that I sent detailed replies to, only to find that there were no replies sent. Submitted a BeautiControl order that doesn’t exist. Then there were the city workers digging a line through my yard who asked me to bring Mazzy inside while they worked out back.

So the reality of my day is apparently this: stayed up all morning, dozed off and on and had a variety of life-like dreams, did a little bit of work, dozed some more, re-did the work emails I apparently wrote in my head. Wonder if I have already taken my medicine or not.

Oh, and I think I saw a mouse in my kitchen. Gosh, I hope that was part of the dreams. I don’t deal well with rodents. Don’t make me tell those stories.

I believe it’s time for me to fly!

Well, I managed to stay up. Granted, I had some help in the form of online messages, but here I am at almost 6am, downing some coffee and getting ready to head to the airport.

I’m going to go witness and celebrate my oldest niece’s wedding, and spend time with some of my family…a happy time. My niece is marrying the father of her first child and I hope that they can make a good life out of it. But I can’t help but feel sad that the marraige of someone I love infinitely is in jeopardy. Know that my phone works no matter what state I’m in.

Wish me luck getting on a flight!

Here I go again on my own.

It’s nice to have a pilot for a brother and the opportunity to get free passes from time to time. Not so nice is the whole idea of flying standby at the bottom of the totem pole. I just listed for my flight to Vegas on Friday. None of the flights look great, so I’m going to have to just be there for the earliest one and keep my fingers crossed. Being at the airport by 6:45am is going to suck navel lint. I’m predicting no sleep the night before since me waking up at that ungodly hour is essentially out of the question.

I’m bringing some books with me, so if I ended up sitting in various airports all day, I’ll have something to keep me entertained. I’m psyching myself up to take it in stride. As long as I actually get into Vegas on Friday, all will be well.

The wedding is Saturday afternoon and I still don’t have a clue what to wear. I have some thoughts, but need to just bite the bullet and start trying things on from my closet…which will only serve to upset me, but it has to be done.

Hopefully Mom will be more recovered from her surgery and feel well enough to get out and about some on Sunday and Monday. She wants to go to the Red Rock where I had all my slot machine success last time. And of course, I want to visit the strip since I missed it last time. Who knows what Dad will want to do….play golf probably. Only I doubt he’s bringing his clubs since they’re doing the flight passes as well and won’t want to check luggage.

Lately I keep forgetting to take my medicine and boy is it making me weird. I need an alarm or something. Probably not helping with my work right now either. I’ve been just awful this week about going into the office. Not smart considering I’m about to be out for 3 days.

Everybody’s looking for something.

I crashed after work for almost an hour this evening. Normally, I’d consider a nap to be a tiny slice of heaven, but today’s was filled with a completely bizarre dream. I actually remember a quite a bit of it, which is unusual in itself.

Apparently I was having a party at my house, only it wasn’t really my house. And lots of people I know in real life were there. And some that I don’t know. One guy was already shitfaced when he arrived and was yelling and falling down and just being generally obnoxious. And everyone else seemed to think it was the greatest thing ever, but I was seriously annoyed. Then he knocked a bunch of vases and framed photos off a shelf and everything broke and I blew up and told him to get out of my house. Suddenly I was the bad guy for making him leave.

So I ended up going to my room (also not really my room) to try and calm down and determine if I was over-reacting and why everyone was being so crazy. And it turns out another guy and his girlfriend are in my bathroom. She is laying in the bathtub and he’s coloring her hair and there is hair color all over the carpet, the tile, the walls, everywhere. I start to ask what the hell they are doing and then Duckie walks in. I tell him about crazy guy, he says yeah, that was messed up and I did the right thing kicking him out. And then some of Duckie’s friends are there and apparently now Doug lives with me and has a waterbed. Anyway, he makes some joke that one of his friends takes offense to and they get into a verbal spat and the friends take off.

Then I’m in some big loft like room, which apparently is now my living room, and people are literally tearing my house apart. They’ve scribbled on the walls, the tv, the glass of all my frames, the furniture, everywhere with those big fat sharpies and one of them is urinating on my couch. I’m beyond livid and can’t make any words come out of my mouth. All I can hear is my own voice screaming at everyone inside of my head.

Then this gush of water comes tsunami-ing out of, what I presume was, Duckie’s room. Apparently his friends, in their drunken rage, decided to slash his waterbed before they took off. And suddenly everyone is laughing, loud, slow-motion cackling that I can see but not hear, and making more drinks like this is all perfectly ok. And it’s like I am not even there. So I leave my own house and go driving around for awhile.

I come back, all my friends have left, Duckie is sitting on a chair that has a leg broken off (yet isn’t tipping over) and the house literally looks like a tornado tore through the middle of it. Everything is ruined. And I find some strange woman going through my cds and dvds and taking quite a few, claiming they are hers.

Somehow now, my house is a weird version of the trailer I used to live in, only the floorplan is reversed and I have neighbors who are all standing outside, staring at me through the back wall of the trailer, which is completely ripped open. Then Red is there and hands me my camera. And my mom is telling me everything will be ok. That these things can all be replaced. And good riddance to people who would destroy me (my home?). That people shouldn’t pretend they know more than they really do. And that families are forever.

Weird, I tell you. I can’t get it out of my head.

I’m tired and I, I want to go to bed.

I had big plans today. A haircut, some shopping at Kohl’s, fresh haircolor, and a night out with Red.

Now, after the all-nighter followed by a semi-sleepless night, I’m opting for a nap and forgoing most of the previously established plans. Otherwise I’ll never make it to the night out part. And after being house-bound for weeks, that’s just not acceptable. As for the shopping, I’ve been frumpy this long, what’s one more week. Hopefully there will still be time for some color though…I’m beyond overdue and nothing cheers me up quite like Brilliant Bordeaux.

Old habits die hard…again.

I’ve managed to completely screw up my sleep cycle again.  For the past 2 weeks, the earliest I’ve gone to bed has been 3am.  Now it’s even worse because, I have not been in to work all week.  Monday I took the day off.  Yesterday and today I sort of worked from home, but mostly slept.

I get in these funks every once in awhile where I just don’t give a damn.  It’s not a good place to be.  I think my vacation triggered this.  It was soooo nice to relax and do things I wanted to do.  Going back to work just reminded me of what I was missing.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Get up.  Go to work.  Come home.  Work some more.  My house is always a mess and I never do anything for ME any more. 

I think, somehow, in my mind, I figure since there aren’t enough hours in the day, I’ll just make the day longer by staying up all night.  So around 11pm I start cleaning or working on the charity hockey game that’s coming up next month or reading or browsing photos or whatever it is that I didn’t do that evening.  And then, I sleep late the next day, get to work late, get home late, and it repeats. 

At this point, I figure just make it through Friday.  Then I’ll have the weekend to try and readjust….and start sleeping in my bed again.  I could probably count on 2 hands the number of nights I’ve slept in my bed this YEAR.  I don’t know how I got into this awful habit or why.  Part of it started when I had a lot more early morning meetings and was afraid I wouldn’t get up in time.  So I’d sleep on the couch, knowing that I wouldn’t sleep as soundly and that I’d be more likely to get up with my alarm.  Problem with that is, since I’ve been doing it for so long, I sleep like a log on the couch now.

I need to learn to detach myself from the laptop (and the tv) and force myself to go to my room at a certain time each night and just STAY THERE until I fall asleep.  So that will be my task for this weekend.  Then let’s see how many consecutive nights I can sleep in my bed. 

Oh yeah.  Dr Honeydew is coming back to Dallas next weekend.  Not sure if I told that story yet or not.  Initially, he asked for a “date” and I went ballastic.  I thought we were past all that.  Apparently our time together in San Diego just re-confirmed to him that there is more between us than I am willing to admit (or so he thinks).  I’ve admitted that San Diego was great.  But I still just don’t see myself thinking of him in that way. 

I’ve talked to my parents about it and they reminded me that it’s not all about looks.  And that, while it is nice to have that attraction, it’s more important to find someone you like and respect as a person.  And to not “burn any bridges.”  My response to that was, “Don’t back me into a corner and I won’t have to!”  When Dr H asked to come to Dallas to take me out, that’s what it felt like he was doing.  Trying to put a label on “us” so that now we’re “dating.”  When I have said over and over that I don’t see a future together in that respect.  I think he hears what he wants to hear and sees what he wants to see. 

I don’t know what to think anymore.  So I told him he can come to Dallas as MY FRIEND.  And if the San Diego-like feeling happens again, we’ll go from there.  But don’t come here expecting it.  He says he doesn’t, but I am not sure I believe him.  I know I’m not helping matters any by being so wishy-washy.  There’s the tiniest part of me that wonders if we could be together that way.  But mostly, I think not.  And I’ve told him that and made it as clear as I know how that I don’t want him to get the wrong impression.

Maybe I’m just making it worse and should’ve never told him about it feeling “different” in California when we spent time together.  I don’t know.  We’ll see how his visit goes.  Less stress this time at least, so it should be fun.


I am still so pissed I can’t sleep.  And pissed is not even the right word to accurately describe what it feels like to see my boys fall 3 games to 0 against Colorado.

Just the thought of being swept by the fucking Avs makes me want to vomit.  They were the 7th seeded team.  We were 2nd.  What the holy hell is going on here?!?!  The first game, we didn’t bother to show up.  I don’t know who that was on the ice, but it wasn’t MY Stars!

The second game, well, we showed up in the 2nd period and then sat on a lead in the third only to let them…..tie and force it to OT…which they won.

We lost our first two games at HOME.  So much for home ice advantage.

And gee….guess what happened tonight in game 3.  Another tie goal at the end of the 3rd, after taking entirely too fucking many dumbass penalties.  And less than two minutes into OT, they score.

I am so sickened by this it is not even funny.  If we lose Friday, it’s over.  If we win, we’ll force the series back to Dallas for a game 5.  And we’d have to win 4 straight games to avoid elimination.

I can’t find my happy place.

What a way to start my vacation!

The shuttle was picking me up between 8:20 and 8:40 this morning to take me to the airport.  So I set 2 alarms on my phone for 7:30.  Then stayed up way late  trying to make sure I had everything.  Got my suitcase and bag loaded up and at the front door.  Clothes laid out to wear on the plane.  Made sure I had my battery charger for my camera and phone.  Loaded up my film camera and flash and stuff.  Then finally crashed around 4am.

I got woken up by my home phone ringing at 8:30am.  It was Super Shuttle calling to tell me they were outside.  ACK!!!!  PANIC!!!  Run around like a crazy person, throwing on clothes, grabbing house keys, etc.  Somehow I was out the door within about 5-10 minutes.  I didn’t even brush my teeth or my hair.  😛 

On the way to the airport (I was the only passenger…dammit, I could’ve slowed down my mad rush a bit if I’d known that) I realized I’d forgotten to grab my glasses out of my car.  I don’t need them much, but would’ve been nice to have them for the games this weekend.  Oh well.

I get to the airport and check in for my 10:50 flight to San Antonio and find that an earlier flight had been cancelled, so they are pretty sure this one will be full and I won’t make it on (flying standby essentially on one of Red Baron’s passes).  As this is a new experience for me, I’m a little panicked about what to do if I don’t make it on that flight.  I was supposed to fly there then change planes for San Diego (stupid Wright Amendment). 

I figure I won’t panic yet and will just wait and see what happens.  If I miss the flight, I’ll go find some nice Southwest employee to help me.  When they get ready to start loading, they announce that they are guaranteeing ALL people from the cancelled flight will be boarded.  I’m thinking this doesn’t sound good for me.  But in the end, I make it onto the plane at the last minute and am on my way.

I find a seat next to two older (40s maybe) ladies who seem to be having a good ol’ time.  Apparently one or both are school teachers and/or a principal.  Their conversations were amusing (and also scary considering they are educators of some sort).  At one point, I shit you not, the lady by the window tells the other she just doesn’t get the whole tsunami thing, “Why couldn’t they just swim with it?”

I was completely dumbfounded.  Then she starts talking about not liking Iranians or something.  The other lady was like, “yeah, probably not something you should be saying on a plane.  There might be one sitting near us.”

Finally they put in a dvd on their laptop and I didn’t have to hear anymore insanity.

The flight from San Antonio to San Diego was much easier.  I show up to check in and they immediately give me a boarding pass.  Yes, I’m definitely on the next flight, so I call my brother in San Diego to let him know so he’ll know when to pick me up.

Got here around 5pm Dallas time and hung out with my sis-in-law for a bit.  Dilbert had to go back into the office for a 4pm (6pm CT) meeting.  In about an hour, we’re going to dinner.  Good thing, too.  I’m starving and have had nothing more than airplane snacks and coffee today.

P.S.  I ended up bringing 3 pairs of shoes.  And wish I’d have grabbed my black boots as well.  It’s freaking cold and I have 2 pair of sandals.  Brilliant.

Resolutions in 2006

I don’t think I’ve ever really made any New Year’s resolutions before.  So why not try something different and actually decide on a few goals for this year?  Here we go…

  1. Reach my goal weight.  I’ve wavered on my new beginning with WW the past few weeks.  So starting now, it’s back on plan and making a genuine effort to learn to eat properly again.  It’s not a diet, it’s a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!  That’s the only way I’ll lose it and keep it off.  And I have every intention of doing just that.
  2. Money matters.  If I don’t have it, don’t spend it.  Yes, that means put the damn credit card away.  I’ve been caught in a viscious cycle of sending every spare dime to my debt, but then I’m always broke so I use the card.  Which means, I’m getting nowhere.  So this week, I will re-create a NEW budget that I can honestly live within while still making substantial payments towards my debt.
  3. Stop procrastinating so much at work.  If I would start being a little more proactive, I should be able to put an end to the long hours atleast some of the time. 
  4. Stop sleeping on the damn couch.  I think that is one of the key causes of my sleep issues. 
  5. Stop being such a wimp and make a genuine effort to start dating again.  And by dating, I do not mean the “friends with benefits” situations I’ve gotten into in the past year or so.

Ok.  I think that’s plenty.  And realistic.  Good luck to everyone else on theirs.  Let’s have a kickass year!

Gonna be a looong day

“Nothing cures insomnia like the realization that it’s time to get up.” 
~Author Unknown

Oh sure…NOW I’m sleepy.  I have to be up in an hour and a half so I can go sit in a team offsite for the next 2 days.  I tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I really did.  And yet, somehow, it is almost 5am and I’m still awake. 

My eyes are rolling back in my head and I could so be asleep in about 5 seconds, but now I’m past the point of that being an option.  I mean, I could take a nap for an hour, but I don’t trust myself to actually even hear my alarm, much less wake up.  So now I have to keep myself occupied so I won’t crash between now and when I need to leave.  I’ve played every lame ass computer game I can find.  Watched all kinds of goofy videos online. 

By the way…if you haven’t seen this computer kareoke video, take a look.  I laughed so hard.  To the point of coughing uncontrollably with tears running down my face.  Then again, I’m probably a little delirious, so if you aren’t amused, it’s not my fault.

Ugh.  Tomorrow I’m taking some Tylenol PM at, oh, say…8pm?

Why am I so tired?

I’m eating better, drinking more water, trying to be more active (compared to my “normal” routine atleast).  But I still can’t make myself go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  And every day, when I get home from work, all I want to do is sleep.  Somehow I’ve managed to not to nap today, despite getting 6 hours of sleep last night. 

Luckily, I have no early meetings tomorrow.  So there should be no paranoia about oversleeping and being late.  And since I’m dead tired right now, here’s hoping I can get myself to sleep by 11pm or so.  The problem is, around 9:30 or 10, I catch my 2nd wind.  And then it’s the wee hours of the morning before I finally lay down.  I need discipline in my life and seeing as I’m the only one here (I seriously doubt my dog is going to start closing my laptop, turning off the tv, and sending me to my room), I should try to set some guidelines for myself.  This is becoming too big of an issue.

A lot going on at work this week.  And then the show and V’s party this weekend.  I’m excited for both, and yet I find myself wanting to do nothing but stay home and be lazy.  I’ve been in anti-social mode lately…by the time the work week is done, I just want to be left alone.  This past weekend, I worked from home on Friday and didn’t leave the house again until Monday morning.  I wouldn’t have left then if I didn’t have meetings at work to attend.  I’m counting the days until the long Thanksgiving weekend. 

Life shouldn’t be this way…muddling through work and living for the weekends and holidays and non-existent vacations.  Then spending your time off catching up on all the housework and errands and stuff that you don’t have time to do during the week. 

I am woman.  Hear me bitch. 

Comments from old blog:
Daisy – Nov 14, 05:  Here I am!! Rough week. And already time to start a new one. Ugh.

Nilla – Nov 13, 05:  GIRL!! Where did you go?!

Saundra – Nov 13, 05:  Dude, I’ve been feeling the same way lately… I am trying to MAKE myself exercise more… cause that usually helps… the problem is finding the energy to do that…All I want to do is sit on the couch and veg… UGH!

Nilla – Nov 09, 05:  Came back to leave another comment:   Just making you go, geeeee, I wanna go! I discovered that two people in a double occupancy room is only $679. Talk about cheaper. Well, I LIKE the floor :)…. anyway, if you poke around, you’ll see that all the off-boat excursions cost extra and you have to pick them all before you get on board. Geez. Have you ever been on a cruise? I haven’t. My sister, mom, and friend have and told me about it. The 24 hour buffet sounds GREAT. Yay! Salad with a side of PB&J at 2am!!

Nilla – Nov 09, 05:  Weehee! Mexico sounds uber tasty. Cutesie Mexico boys showing off muscles.

Of course, my mother sounded really pissed off that I decided to go on the SinShip as opposed to the Trip To Holy Land To Pray And Stuff.

Uck, though…. it would be about $1000 (a single room). Leave from San Diego, go to Acapulco and up the coast back to SD for a total of eight days. I picked the week of February 20, which is my wedding anniversary. Kinda like, okay, I don’t feel like being sad— lookit me havin’ a good time without you, fucker!!

P.S. My sister and everyone I know tell me to bring a friend or I’ll die of boredom. Or something.

Laura – Nov 09, 05:  I feel ya!! That’s why I didn’t show up to the Halloween party. I was just so tired & wiped out & anti-social that I just wanted to lie around and do NOTHING.

I agree that lack of sugar especially causes this. I have to start over in that…. cutting way back on sugar and caffeine and stuff… UGH. But soon we’ll have more energy and we’ll want to go out and show off our hot selves!! 😉

Nilla – Nov 09, 05:  Lack of carbohydrates, sugar, and caffiene (if you cut that out). It’ll make you really tired until your body gets used to the new fuel. Have you ever changed the dog’s dog food? Well, they usually get mopey, tired, and of course, the runs. You’ll be fine, soon. Hard as it sounds, don’t nap! That’ll make it worse, plus throw of your cicadian rhythm of the sleep cycle.

Bet you can’t guess…

…who woke up at 8am when she had a meeting 30 minutes away at 9? Luckily, the meeting was cancelled, so I was spared.I’m not feeling very good today. Not only am I lethargic, but I feel a little nauseous as well. I’d take the day off but then I’d be even further behind. So I am working from home today instead.

Hey! What happened to my blogroll? Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.


Today was another long day, but a little less chaotic at work. Although I’m sure I’ll suffer the repercussions of focusing the whole of today on one project. For the rest of this week. If not longer.

Got home around 7pm and crashed for 2 hours. Hopefully that won’t be another factor in me not being able to sleep tonight. Meeting in the early AM, so I can’t afford to drag in late.I’ve decided that my problems sleeping are stress-related. I’m so ….

Wow. That’s funny. I started this entry around 9pm I think. Apparently I got sidetracked (because that’s what I do these days). It is now 2:27am. Guess I answered my earlier question about not being able to sleep tonight. Damn.

Go to bed.
Hmmm…Fantasy hockey. I should do that.
TV show.
Need to reply to an email from work.
Another TV show.
I should change some of my players.
Damn. The AC is dripping again.
I need to schedule service for that.
I want some cereal.
Reply to that email first.
Empty the ashtray.
Crap. I missed the trash pickup today.
What time is my meeting tomorrow?
Was I supposed to have anything prepared?
I need to call and schedule that AC service tomorrow.
The dog wants out.
She needs a bath.
Oh yeah. Cereal.
I’ve got to remember to buy some toilet paper. I’m dangerously low.
What’s that noise?
Oh yeah. Let the dog back in.

I’m lost. What was I doing again?