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I’ve been run off by carnies!


Apparently they don’t like someone taking pictures of their signs and games and concession stands.  I wonder if I’d had a large tree tattooed on my back if it would have made any difference.

I got to play with the bulb setting on the Holga for awhile at least.  Hopefully there will be at least a couple of decent night time shots.  Plus some black and white on the 35mm.  And a couple of lomolitos exposures. 

I’ve got several rolls to be developed now so will drop those off at BWC on Tuesday.  Now if I can just figure out some rival carnival to send the prints to.  Honestly, I don’t understand what they were so “uncomfortable” over.  Afraid I’m going to expose how they cheat people on those silly games or something perhaps.

My neighbor called me the other day about a lady friend of his who has a TON of darkroom equipment she wants to get rid of.  Her dad was a photographer and he passed away and now she wants to find a loving home for all his equipment.  Neighbor says she has 3 or 4 enlargers plus about 6 boxes full of anything else i could ever need.  I’m supposed to go on Thursday after work to check it out.  I’m trying not to get too excited because, if she has half as much as my neighbor said, I wouldn’t feel right offering her just a few hundred dollars.  But can’t afford to offer her what it’s worth either. 

1st rolls from the Holga

This past Sunday I had plans to go shot a roll or two of black and white in the Holga.  I wasted the first roll of ISO100 because of the damned foam in the camera getting rolled up in the film and forcing the back of the camera off, exposing the film.  (Didn’t I say this was a cheap plastic camera?)  So that left me with one roll of ISO400 to use on a bright sunny day.

I went out to Firewheel and then drove through downtown Garland and took quite a few shots on the various colored lomolitos, but haven’t finished any of them completely yet.  I did finish the roll of 120 film however.  And had the foam issue again but just kept shooting through it (thanks to taping the back of the camera on so it couldn’t come open again).  The problem with that was, when it came time to remove the film from the camera, the foam was wound up in the film.  So I pulled it as tightly as I could and sealed it and crossed my fingers that most of the film was covered well enough to prevent exposing it further.

I found a place locally that could develop 120 film, so dropped it off on Monday and just picked it up today.  Considering it was my first 2 rolls ever on medium format film AND on this crazy camera, I’m pretty encouraged by the results.  Especially for the color roll.  The b+w roll was pretty crappy because most of it was way overexposed (due to the film speed and the light leaks from the foam issue…lol).  I just got a contact sheet of it but got prints of the color roll.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:

I had to order more 120 film from B&H because it’s so hard to find it here.  At least any variety.  Should be here by Friday, just in time for a weekend of picture taking during Dr H’s visit.  We’re going to the Wildflower Festival on Saturday, so I should get some good shots there hopefully. 

Team Celebration

Last night, our team plus the leadership team and the head of our department went to Jasper’s for dinner to celebrate the launch of our new platform.  Basically an 18+ month project. 

I wasn’t really looking forward to it initially because this week was crazy busy and I just wanted one night to actually be home before 8 or 9pm and just relax.  But it turned out to be a really good night.  The food was INCREDIBLY good!  Everything from the appetizers to the desserts and every bite in between was excellent.  If I were independently wealthy, I might eat there again.  But this was, luckily, paid for by our boss.  And he was very clear in telling us to order WHATEVER we wanted.  And told the waiter to keep the wine coming, which he did.  I have no idea how many glasses I actually had because they just kept topping it off.  Good wine, too.

The big surprise of the night came when our boss presented each member of our team with a “thank you” gift.  FREAKING IPODS!!!  The 30GB ones that do video and everything.  Definitely wasn’t expecting that!

I never really thought I’d want an ipod, so of course, I joked about selling it on eBay.  Until I realized they had our names and the project and date engraved on them.  Tongue  I think they are pretty cool, I’m just not a headphones person.  I know I can use it in the car, over my home stereo, and a number of other ways that would be cool, but those all involve buying extra accessories.  Everyone who has one tells me I will be addicted to it in no time, so we’ll see.

So tonight I’ve installed the software and am converting all the music I already had on my computer to iTunes.  Then I guess I’ll start importing some of my other cds.  I’m confused though because supposedly this thing will hold like 7500 songs.  But on iTunes, where it is still importing what’s on my computer, it shows like 680 MB already.  That’s 68 GB, right?  Or 6.8 GB?  Or .068?  Oh.  Nevermind.  Duh.

Currently listening to, watching, reading, planning to get, etc.

Pure Blues
By Various Artists
Release Date: Apr 17, 2001


I am still so pissed I can’t sleep.  And pissed is not even the right word to accurately describe what it feels like to see my boys fall 3 games to 0 against Colorado.

Just the thought of being swept by the fucking Avs makes me want to vomit.  They were the 7th seeded team.  We were 2nd.  What the holy hell is going on here?!?!  The first game, we didn’t bother to show up.  I don’t know who that was on the ice, but it wasn’t MY Stars!

The second game, well, we showed up in the 2nd period and then sat on a lead in the third only to let them…..tie and force it to OT…which they won.

We lost our first two games at HOME.  So much for home ice advantage.

And gee….guess what happened tonight in game 3.  Another tie goal at the end of the 3rd, after taking entirely too fucking many dumbass penalties.  And less than two minutes into OT, they score.

I am so sickened by this it is not even funny.  If we lose Friday, it’s over.  If we win, we’ll force the series back to Dallas for a game 5.  And we’d have to win 4 straight games to avoid elimination.

I can’t find my happy place.

Not the road games I was hoping for

I have to say, that first step out of the car towards Arrowhead Pond, in my Stars jersey, was the tiniest bit intimidating.  I got over it pretty quickly, but it was my first time having a game experience as the “visitor.”  I was surprised how many Stars jerseys I saw once we got inside.  Not that I blame them…..good to know some Anaheim folks recognize talent when they see it.  Wink

Met a few guys that had made the trip up from Dallas.  One of them winked at me, according to my nephew.  I miss everything. 

The game itself was disappointing.   The Ducks scored on Turco about 30 seconds in.  Not a good way to start off.  The whole game we just looked sloppy.  We ended up getting ahead, only to let them tie in the final minutes, forcing it into OT.  We played better in OT than we did the entire game.  Ugh.  No score after 5, so we went to a shootout.  And, of course, we LOST.  Our FIRST loss in a shootout the ENTIRE season.  And I had to be there to see it.  cry

Saturday we headed up to LA and Hollywood.  I got to find Marilyn’s star on the Walk of Fame (which is not nearly as nice and fancy as I expected it to be).  Got several pics of that.  Then we headed over to the Chinese Theater and found her and Jane Russell’s hand and footprints.  More pictures.  I could’ve been all emotional about it if given time to savor it more, so it’s probably a good thing that one of my nephews was a little restless.  lol 

And a bad thing to realize that my battery in my digital camera was dying.  I don’t know what that was all about….a full charge should’ve lasted way longer than that.  I only took a dozen or so pics the night before.  And since we weren’t going back to the hotel before the game, that meant I’d get very few digital pics that night.  Which sucks even more because I don’t have a zoom on my 35mm and we were sitting in the nosebleeds.

Bought a few souvenirs and gifts to bring back and then we went to Chinatown and wandered around for a few hours.  Hopefully I got some good pics there, too.  It’s been so long since I’ve shot film, I’m a little nervous about seeing how they turned out.  Plus noticing the film speeds i was using mid-way through the roll.  D’oh.

Bought more stuff there, ate lunch, wandered some more.  Then it was time to head to the Staples Center for the game. 

I saw far fewer Stars jerseys there.  People looked at me like they were completely appalled to see me walking in with a Stars jersey on.  It was pretty funny to see some of the weird looks I got.  But no one was rude about it atleast.

One of my nephews and I went down to watch the warmups before the game.  Saw a few other Stars fans then.  And was horrified to realize that my Mikey was not on the ice!  I fired off some text messages to Dr Honeydew and Mexigoalie to see if they knew wtf was going on.  Morrow was wearing the C, so Mo was definitely not playing.  Neither of them could find any news on it.  Since my digital was almost dead, I took the film camera down for warmups.  And then quickly realized I was out of film and didn’t bring my purse down with me.  So I might have gotten 4 or so shots before resorting to my camera phone.  D’oh again.

Another crap game.  We did good killing off penalties, but our PP was non-existant without Mo and Zubie on the ice.  The fans around us didn’t really heckle me at all.  And I coerced one of my nephews and sis-in-law into yelling STARS with me during the anthem.  That was fun.   And we certainly weren’t alone.  We may not have seen all the Stars fans, but it was obvious they were there. 

My brother, Dilbert, was cracking up at me because, at one point, we were on the powerplay and it was dead quiet (those fans could make some noise, but only when prompted by the video screen).  So, being down 1-0, and wanting to motivate my boys (ha), I yelled “Let’s go Stars!” at the top of my lungs.  The people around me all turned around so fast I’m certain they got whiplash.  Every one of them’s facial expression was priceless.  I guess they were expecting to hear “Kings” so when I got to the Stars part, they were all aghast.  Funny. 

After the Kings first (and only) goal (damn you, Roenick), when we were killing off a penalty, some guy behind us, apparently unhappy with the fact that we were clearing the puck constantly, said, “Dammit.  Now we suck again.”  That was pretty funny, too.

Anyway, after enduring another crappy Stars game, which we lost 1-0, not a single LA fan was rude or obnoxious to me.  Which was surprising considering, at one point, towards the end of the game, the ENTIRE place started a “Dallas Sucks” chant.  I honestly thought that was tacky.  And I was surprised that EVERY SINGLE person seemed to join in.  I’ve never been a fan of booing the other team or specifically using the word sucks in a chant.  I guess my mother taught me better.  But after the game, no one really had anything to say to me.  I got more weird looks, but that was about it.  One guy actually turned around and realized I was in a Stars jersey and said, “Tough loss, huh?” 

So then the drive back to the hotel in Anaheim and off to bed.  That’s enough for now.  I’ll tell about Sunday later.  I’m having serious eye problems today.  One eye has been bugging me for almost a week now.  Just when I first wake up it’s all scratchy and tearing and hurting.  Then it would get better after about an hour and I’d be fine.  Starting Sunday, it’s pretty much hurt all day.

When I woke up this morning (we got back to my brother’s late last night) my left eye would barely open.  Two hours later and it will still barely open, hurts like hell and is all puffy and watering.  And light if almost unbearable.  I’ve been wearing sunglasses all day, even inside.  Not sure what to do about it. 

What a way to start my vacation!

The shuttle was picking me up between 8:20 and 8:40 this morning to take me to the airport.  So I set 2 alarms on my phone for 7:30.  Then stayed up way late  trying to make sure I had everything.  Got my suitcase and bag loaded up and at the front door.  Clothes laid out to wear on the plane.  Made sure I had my battery charger for my camera and phone.  Loaded up my film camera and flash and stuff.  Then finally crashed around 4am.

I got woken up by my home phone ringing at 8:30am.  It was Super Shuttle calling to tell me they were outside.  ACK!!!!  PANIC!!!  Run around like a crazy person, throwing on clothes, grabbing house keys, etc.  Somehow I was out the door within about 5-10 minutes.  I didn’t even brush my teeth or my hair.  😛 

On the way to the airport (I was the only passenger…dammit, I could’ve slowed down my mad rush a bit if I’d known that) I realized I’d forgotten to grab my glasses out of my car.  I don’t need them much, but would’ve been nice to have them for the games this weekend.  Oh well.

I get to the airport and check in for my 10:50 flight to San Antonio and find that an earlier flight had been cancelled, so they are pretty sure this one will be full and I won’t make it on (flying standby essentially on one of Red Baron’s passes).  As this is a new experience for me, I’m a little panicked about what to do if I don’t make it on that flight.  I was supposed to fly there then change planes for San Diego (stupid Wright Amendment). 

I figure I won’t panic yet and will just wait and see what happens.  If I miss the flight, I’ll go find some nice Southwest employee to help me.  When they get ready to start loading, they announce that they are guaranteeing ALL people from the cancelled flight will be boarded.  I’m thinking this doesn’t sound good for me.  But in the end, I make it onto the plane at the last minute and am on my way.

I find a seat next to two older (40s maybe) ladies who seem to be having a good ol’ time.  Apparently one or both are school teachers and/or a principal.  Their conversations were amusing (and also scary considering they are educators of some sort).  At one point, I shit you not, the lady by the window tells the other she just doesn’t get the whole tsunami thing, “Why couldn’t they just swim with it?”

I was completely dumbfounded.  Then she starts talking about not liking Iranians or something.  The other lady was like, “yeah, probably not something you should be saying on a plane.  There might be one sitting near us.”

Finally they put in a dvd on their laptop and I didn’t have to hear anymore insanity.

The flight from San Antonio to San Diego was much easier.  I show up to check in and they immediately give me a boarding pass.  Yes, I’m definitely on the next flight, so I call my brother in San Diego to let him know so he’ll know when to pick me up.

Got here around 5pm Dallas time and hung out with my sis-in-law for a bit.  Dilbert had to go back into the office for a 4pm (6pm CT) meeting.  In about an hour, we’re going to dinner.  Good thing, too.  I’m starving and have had nothing more than airplane snacks and coffee today.

P.S.  I ended up bringing 3 pairs of shoes.  And wish I’d have grabbed my black boots as well.  It’s freaking cold and I have 2 pair of sandals.  Brilliant.

I hate packing.

I dropped my dog off at the PetsHotel earlier.  That was an adventure.  She is sooo not good around other dogs.  And of course, there’s about a dozen dogs hanging around with their owners, either being picked up or dropped off, when I show up.  They finally came and got Mazzy and took her back to her “room” while I waited to fill out the paperwork.  I feel like such a bad mother.  They marked her as “aggressive towards other animals.”  She hasn’t been “socialized.”  Her only canine friend was a horny little pekinese my parents rescued off the side of the road.  He thought he was her boyfriend.  It was cute (mostly because he couldn’t reach her no matter how hard he tried…lol). 

Anyway.  She’ll have individual play time and a treat each day.  That sounds like a bad thing, but I know it’ll be good for her.  It better be.  It’s costing me more to board her for a week than it costs to take 5 people to 2 hockey games.  I was in tears most of the evening before dropping her off.  Even more so afterwards.  I miss my baby already.  She’s never been boarded for more than a weekend.  And this is the first night I’ve been in my house without her.  :(

So for the past 2 hours I’ve been trying to get my stuff together to leave for my trip tomorrow.  I’ve checked all the weather forecasts, done laundry, figured out how many clean pairs of underwear I’ll need (and then threw in a few more, just to be safe). 

I’m trying to limit myself to 2 pairs of shoes.  Tennis shoes being the obvious first choice considering the 2 hockey games I’ll be going to.  No, I’m not one of those puckbunnies who gets all dolled up for a game in the hopes that hot hockey player speeding down the ice is suddenly going to look up (way up in this case) and spot me and fall in love and want to make babies.

So anyway, the 2nd pair of shoes is causing problems.  I’d normally bring a brown or black pair.  Then make sure most of my clothes matched with that.  The problem is, of the 100 or so pairs of shoes I have (I’m a freak, I know), I don’t have any comfy cute black sandals or the like.  I need versatile.  Practical.  But still able to be dressed up a little.  I have some brown ones that would work, but because it might get chilly there (and most of my shirts are summery by now) I wanted to bring a light sweater or cardigan or something.  And of course, I only have black ones that fit the bill.

So do I bring the less than practical clunky black sandals and have black sweater, belt, etc to match?  Or do I bring the brown ones and clash?  Black and brown can go together, right?

Sometimes I’m such a girl it makes me sick.

“I’m just a girl living in captivity…”

I guess some things never change.  Just overheard this conversation at the gas station and it made me grin.

Teen Girl 1:  OMG, I can’t believe we almost forgot the coffee.  That’s totally what we came in here for.

Teen Girl 2:  I know.  We completely spaced.  That’s what I do when I write.  I just totally space out.

TG1:  Yeah, but your poetry is sooooo good.  It’s very deep and haunting.

TG2:  It’s weird, like it just pours out of me.   But I can only write when I’m angry or depressed.  (laughs)  So pretty much all the time.

TG1:  Yeah.  Life sucks.

I wish I could’ve told them to enjoy it.  That these really are some of the best years of their lives.  But then I would’ve been that crazy old  lady who doesn’t understand them or their daily struggles.  And god forbid I be that person.

It amused me because I was the same way for much of my very young life.  I wrote like crazy and all my friends thought (or atleast claimed to think) I wrote such deep, profound, moving things.  I look back at some of those poems now and feel a little embarrassed, but mostly just laugh.  Those big huge earth-shaking dramas of youth.  The teen angst.  The forbidden love.

I really was a cliche.  I embraced depression.  I was melancholy.  I wore black.  I dressed funny.  I rebelled.  I was goth before goth was cool dammit. 

Now, it’s funny to see that I wasn’t nearly as original as I thought.  And these 2 girls aren’t either.  It’s a rite of passage that we all go through.  And I envy them their journey. 

Here’s to the last month of 2005!

I love December.  Not just because my birthday is coming up.  In fact, birthdays after 30 don’t sound too exciting.  I think I’ll just stay 30 from here on in.  But I like the upcoming holidays.  The decorations.  The pretty lights popping up on the houses up and down my street.  The time off from work.  The trip to Beaumont to spend time with my family.  I even enjoy the Christmas shopping.  Although, I usually end up doing as much of mine online as I can get away with. 

You have to go out to the malls and/or shopping centers.  You just have to.  It’s like a rite of passage.  All the excitement in the air.  You can just feel it.  It’s electrifying!  People scurrying about, overloaded with shopping bags.  Some look ready to pull every hair on their head out.  Others seem to almost skip their way through the stores, in perfect timing with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra playing in the background.  Even if I’m just window shopping, it’s always fun to go wander the stores and see what new-fangled trinket people are fawning over.

I remember, when I was a kid, the Cabbage Patch dolls were all the rage.  Parents were lining up at Toys R Us at the crack of dawn for a chance to get their grubby paws on one for their demanding child who just wouldn’t understand why Santa didn’t bring them the doll of their dreams.  People were actually fighting over these dolls.  It was insane.

I never got a Cabbage Patch doll.  Honestly, I don’t remember ever wanting one.  My mom might remember it differently.  But what I did get, every year, without fail, was something I would never trade for all the <insert most wanted gadget here> in the world.  And I’m not just talking about Mom’s jailhouse rolls either. 

I got to tiptoe into the living room with my brothers, before our parents were awake (or so we thought) to discover what Santa had left for us.    

I got to see my parents smiling as they watched us rip open our presents.  And to, later, see my brothers smiling as their children opened their gifts. 

I got to see my neices and nephews go from their parents helping them read the nametags on the gifts, so they could deliver them to each person, to them reading them for themselves.

I got to see my dad, year after year, break out that electric carving knife (that thing has to be older than I am!) and go to work on the turkey or ham. 

I got to melt the butter to brush on top of Mom’s rolls before hiding them away, under the most mismatched kitchen towels you can imagine, so they could rise before putting them in the oven. 

I got to sit around the dinner table with my family, all of us so full we could barely move, only to hear Mom ask who was ready for dessert.

And I got so much more that I could never put it all into words.

So for all you Scrooges out there, put a stocking in it. 


How much for the hot hockey player?

Mike Modano

Seriously.  Best Buy would make a fortune.  And with their 18-month no interest financing, I wouldn’t hesitate.  Hell, I’d take TWO! 

Modano was at the grand opening of a Best Buy store this afternoon, so, of course, I went and stood in line to (finally) get my jersey signed (no, not the one in the picture) and managed to get a picture with him.  I’ve been to his signings before, but never managed to have my jersey with me.  Giddy like a school girl, but not yet satisfied, I returned to the end of the line for a second round and got a magazine and game program signed, too.  And another picture with him.  *blush*

I would have willingly gone back a third time (the line was super short by then) but my friends convinced me that was too stalker-ish.  Besides, I didn’t have anything else with me for him to sign.  A little boy nearby overhead me saying that and suggested I have him sign my face.

Oh honey.  If I was going to ask him to sign a body part, that would so not be it.

Happy Hockey Day!

The Stars opened the new, I mean MY NHL, season against the Kings tonight (last night, whatever).  HOLY CRAP.  What a game!  After a miserable first period and being booed off the ice (not by yours truly, but I didn’t cheer them either), our boys fought back from being down 4-0 and gave the fans at the AAC a real treat!  The house really was a rockin’. 

“To wait 18 months and come out like that in the first and give the fans that, I felt this big coming off the ice,” Boucher said, holding his finger and thumb close. “We deserved to be booed, but when we came back, they got right back into it. They played a role in the comeback, that’s for sure.”  – from DMN

Arnott, Zubov (twice), Guerin, and Boucher all scored to get the Stars in the game, keep them there, and finish off the Kings.

Stars Win 5-4

After a little post-game celebration at the Old No 7, my alarm is going to be going off way too soon.   But Wheeeeeee!  What a night!!!