Less than 2 weeks to go…eek.

Time is flying by and I’m not sure I like it.  Yes, I want to get this over with, but let’s be honest…I don’t want to do it at all.

Monday I had an appointment with a vestibular therapist.  She introduced me to a list of exercises I will need to start doing as soon as I’m awake/alert enough to do so in the hospital and a number that I will continue and/or start once I am home from the hospital.  Eye exercises, inner ear exercises, balance exercises, and a combination of these.  Unfortunately, she said it won’t do any good to start on them now.  It is only after my balance nerve is cut during surgery that these exercises will become crucial to my recovery and the re-training of my brain.

Next week I go in for my pre-op testing.  Not sure what all that will entail yet but they mentioned an EKG and meeting with an anesthesiologist.  Pre-op appointment is at the actual hospital where I will have my surgery.  Glad Mom will be back up here in time to go with me to that.  Hopefully I won’t be a complete mess.

I have to attend a meeting in Frisco on Wednesday, so that will be my last day at work before I start my medical leave.  For once, I am thankful for the lack of projects right now.  Not as many loose ends to tie up or hand off before I’m out.  Best guess right now is I will be out roughly 6 weeks for recovery…back to work in early January.

Not exactly the way I would’ve chosen to celebrate the holidays and my 40th birthday, but if the surgery goes well, the tumor is gone, and my recovery goes smoothly, that will be an excellent birthday present indeed.

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