Surgery Date Set

Just over a month later, we finally have a surgery date:  November 25, 2014.  The Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Kind of relieved, but freaked out even more now because that means this is really happening.  The only time I’ve ever been in the hospital or had any type of surgery is when I was 18 and got my tonsils out.  So to jump from that to brain surgery….I do it big!

I’m ok if I just don’t think about it.  If I start thinking about going to the hospital, getting wheeled into the OR, what they are actually going to be doing, etc, then the waterworks start.  “Scared” doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I feel.  I’m not looking forward to this at all.

I keep trying to remind myself what another AN patient said:  On surgery day, I have the easy part.  All I have to do is show up and go to sleep.

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