Is it really that hard to DO YOUR JOB?!

So, on September 29, I let Dr Kutz know I was ready to move forward with surgery.  He said his scheduler would contact me to discuss dates (knowing that, at the time, I was waiting to find out that exact date to back into my quit smoking date….4 weeks prior to surgery).

I waited a few days but didn’t hear from anyone, so called his office and asked.  I was told to give them 7 to 10 days.  If I hadn’t heard from them by middle of the following week, to call back.

So….I waited again.  By October 8, I still hadn’t heard a peep from anyone, so I called Dr Kutz’s office again.  Explained that I was waiting to hear from the scheduler and that it had been a week and a half.  They transferred me to the scheduler (Robbie?) and I got her voicemail (of course).  I left a message explaining who I was and that I had not heard from anyone in 1.5 weeks regarding scheduling surgery and asked (very politely) for her to please call me and let me know the status of this.

Next day….still nothing, so I called again.  And again was transferred to her extension.  And again got her voicemail.  Left another message that I still had not heard from anyone even after leaving a message the day before.  Again asked for a callback.

Friday comes….still nothing.  So I use the online “my chart” thing that UTSW sends out to patients and send a message to Dr Kutz’s office that way.  His nurse responds and after several messages back and forth, I am assured that the scheduler has “just contacted” Dr Mickey’s office to find out available dates.  JUST CONTACTED?! What the hell has she been doing for the past 2 weeks?!  Or even what has she been doing for the past 3 days while ignoring my voicemails?  Seriously.  What.  The.  Eff.

This woman apparently has no clue how stressful and scary it is to make up your mind to have this surgery, then to have to sit around and wait for someone to contact you, give you ANY details, a timeframe, etc.  Add to the mix the fact that I went ahead and started my no-smoking journey on Oct 7 (because I was told to expect surgery in 4 to 6 weeks….only to find out that the first 2 of those weeks, absolutely NOTHING had been done towards scheduling it).

To say that I completely “dropped my basket” would be a huge understatement.  If one had been nearby, I’d have smoked an entire pack of cigarettes to try and calm down.  Since there wasn’t, I screamed and cried, called my mother, and basically had a nervous breakdown for well over an hour.

I don’t understand why it seems like EVERY FREAKING THING with these doctor’s offices takes an act of flipping congress to get done.  First it was all the referral nightmare crap trying to get a doctor’s office to send something to another office (and heaven forbid THEY contact each other to see why they aren’t receiving….no, apparently I need to referee that bullshit and play phone tag between them all for days until they finally get it right…or halfway right).  No something as serious as scheduling surgery for someone who has a job title of “scheduler” sits in a pile for 2 weeks, 3 phone calls, and a half-dozen emails before it gets done.

Seriously.  If I was that non-responsive at my job, I wouldn’t have that job anymore.  Ridiculous.  I am so frustrated!!!!

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