2nd opinion – now what?

I got through my 2nd opinions last week. The doctors at UT Southwestern seemed to lean towards either watch and wait OR go ahead with the middle fossa surgery. I have been doing lots of soul searching and praying and, while I still haven’t come to a 100% decision, my gut is telling me that I will have to do surgery eventually anyway….so why not get it over with now while the tumor is still small and there is a chance of preserving my hearing.

If I do the watch and wait approach, odds are good that the tumor will grow and I will eventually lose all hearing in that ear…..just no way of knowing whether that would be weeks, months, or years from now. And the larger it gets, it seems to me the more potential damage and complications possible with surgery.

I have gotten in touch with a couple of patients who had these same doctors (and 1 of them actually had the exact same type of surgery) so am talking with them for some more perspective before making any final decisions.

I realize how silly this will sound to my non-smoking friends, but one of the really crappy things (there’s lots of them actually, but this is what I’m stuck on right now…lol) about moving forward with surgery is that I will need to quit smoking a little earlier than I was trying to talk myself into! Seems like an awfully stressful time to give up my favorite vice!! But they tell me the nicotine (not the smoke…so there goes my idea of an e-cig) does something with blood vessels constricting which could prolong or even cause issues with recovery. Damn it.

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