Not what I wanted to hear.

Turns out all the problems with my neck, arms, and hands are not carpal tunnel but due to 4 of the 7 vertebrae in my neck having bulging/herniated discs that are pressing against my spinal cord. The neurosurgeon I saw today firmly believes that I need to have neck surgery and quick.

I’m scared to death as that was certainly not what I thought I would hear. I thought maybe some physical therapy was going to do the trick but doesn’t look like I’ll be that lucky. I’ve never had surgery in my life (except tonsils) so to have the first time be at my SPINAL CORD I am more than freaking out right now. I am also worried about how this might effect my job. I’m the primary lead on a huge project and may have to step out of that role at the most critical moment when we are about to begin implemetnation. Stupid thing to worry about over my health, but somebody has to pay the bills.

I have some research to do before I make a final decision, and looking to get a 2nd opinion of course, but what he showed me in my MRI scans looks downright scary.

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