Twitter Weekly: 2009-11-06

  • Dusting this one off from the archives: “You teach people how to treat you.” #
  • Audit presentation for legal went well, even got a kudos from the boss. But now I have a headache T———-H——–I———S big. #
  • @tedforbes it’s very disorienting…i hate it. in reply to tedforbes #
  • @BoredDoe Crazy is too kind a word for some of my co-workers. in reply to BoredDoe #
  • I thought it was at least midnight by now. Even Loki thinks it’s bedtime already! #
  • Has 1 less debt to pay off! Hooray for progress!! #
  • i am once again master of my domain…or at least my fios box! #
  • afternoon off = dr, cleaners, film, eyebrows, and a pedicure! #
  • My doc thinks i must’ve grown a 3rd lung to be able to keep passing these tests as much as i smoke! #

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