Depositing to my karma bank

Sometimes when you just can’t make yourself feel better, doing something for someone else helps.  At least for me it does.  Added benefit of my latest philanthropic efforts is that I will actually get some exercise and take some photos in the process!

I’ve signed up for LifeWalk 2008.  This is my first year to participate.  It is about a 3 mile walk around a scenic area of Dallas on Sunday, October 5.  And it benefits a cause that I strongly support.

Proceeds will benefit Aids Arms, Inc, a United Way agency that advocates for AIDS/HIV education and prevention, helping Dallas residents with health care, resources and the support necessary to manage the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS. (See

  • Dallas leads the state in new HIV infections, with more than 20,000 residents living with the disease.
  • HIV/AIDS continues to be a growing epidemic in the U.S.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that an additional 30 percent are infected and do not know it.
  • African-American men make up nearly 50 percent of all new AIDS cases in the U.S.
  • AIDS is the third leading cause of death for Latinos.
  • Half of all new HIV-infected people are younger than 25.
  • More than 250,000 American women are HIV-positive and make up 25 percent of all HIV infection in the U.S.

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