I have a confession to make.

So, several weeks ago, I signed up on facebook to aid in my checking-up-on-the-kiddos routine.  Knowing that facebook was supposed to be something like myspace, I figured I’d check there, too, to find out what new thing I should want to strangle my niece and nephews over.  Only you have to be registered to search for people.

So I signed up, only to find out that my young family members don’t seem to be on there…at least not that I’ve been able to discover thus far.  However, a number of my friends are and had been trying to get me on there for awhile, so in came the deluge of friend requests from them, which I accepted.

Since that time, I have spent time EVERY DAY on that blasted site.  There is entirely too much to do on there.  None of it worthwhile or valuable or redeemable.  I can buy and sell my friends, take care of my computer-animated puppy, send plants to friends while saving the rainforests, be a mob boss, play word games and Texas Hold ‘Em, give drinks and teddy bears and water globes and hatching eggs to friends….it’s insane.  And I love it.

Hi.  My name is Daisy-Head and I am a facebook addict.

2 thoughts on “I have a confession to make.”

  1. I have not ventured there, I am so far out of the main demographic it’s not even funny. I know eventually I will wonder on and check it out. Facing my own addiction issues with twitter…been on it for 2 weeks, yelled at my friend for asking me to get on it, cuz I thought it was dumb and now I can’t seem to get by without it.

  2. It is damn addictive. I avoided Facebook as long as I could… opting instead to be a MySpace only kind of girl… alas… now I am addicted to both…

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