I finally broke down and bought the pretty color-changing solar lights I’ve been wanting. All happy and excited, I put them in the backyard today to charge up. So tonight, I was thrilled to see them in all their glowing glory.

I grabbed four of them to move to the front yard as a test…to see if they get stolen. I want to stagger them down my sidewalk as long as they don’t walk away. Anyway, there I am, happy as a lark with my pretty lights, walking back through the house to the front door. I open the door, nearly hit something with the glass door, step out and am standing right in front of this…this thing. It must have taken me a full 2 seconds to register what it was that I was seeing.

No, not a giant monster rat.

A freaking ugly ass, pointy-nosed, rat-tailed, bug-eyed possum! ON my front porch!!! What the hell?! I thought I moved away from the country.

I threatened it with my father and a two-by-four (have I mentioned witnessing that carnage when I was younger? Some mental images just don’t go away). That seemed to scare him off.

2 thoughts on “Recognition”

  1. So exactly how do the solar lights work? Oh, and I’m terrified of possums. They’re mean, and I still shiver when I had to walk past an injured one going to and from church one Sunday when I was in college.

  2. I was @ my aunt’s once and heard a noise on the porch… turned on the outside light and looked through the glass door– BIG A$$ possum (must have been a relative of your possum) was eating cat food… I banged on the glass and it HISSED @ ME! Mean varmits!

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