Passports, hockey, and gangsters

Gosh, I miss the days when all you needed was your birth certificate to go to Mexico. I spent two hours in line at the post office yesterday to turn in my passport application, not to mention have the most awful passport photo taken EVER. Oh yeah, and it seems I have no parents…at least not on my birth certificate. $100+ later, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that, when it is processed, they take the time to read the note imprinted by the State of Tennessee regarding the file date.

Last night I headed over to Duckie’s to watch the Stars game with him and C on his gigantimum projection screened wall. Pretty damn cool. I could certainly see the puck more easily. Should be really cool when it is a game broadcast in HD. I’m already envisioning some playoff watching parties at his place!  His house is already more put together in a month than mine is after almost 4 years!

Today I tackled some flylady missions…15 minutes at a time. I’m turning into a believer! I’m working on scheduling my weekly tasks now. Sunday evenings, unofficially, are now slated for ME time…time to watch a movie (completely watch, no internet, no multi-tasking), read a book, whatever, and give myself some spa treatments. Tonight is American Gangster. So, off I go…

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  1. I wish that Columbus was in the Eastern Conference. They’re the only team we can pick up locally. I miss seeing my Devils. :(

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