Just have to start all over. Make a new beginning.

Well, my last day AT [company] was Friday. And my first day FOR [company] was yesterday. It has been a bit frustrating to say the least. I’m more than a little stressed, but hoping to ease my mind today with a discussion with the new boss, just to let her know what the status is….which I’m sure is not what has been presented to her.

Meh. Can’t get into it here. Yesterday was orientation all day and I have far too many decisions to make in terms of benefits. Once that was over, I discovered my old email account had already been disabled and converted to my new employee ID. Only problem with that is that my laptop has not been through this conversion. So I have been unable to access or send any emails since yesterday morning. Kind of screwed my plans of working some old job items last night.

Today is my first actual day at my new office. Hopefully I can get the laptop/email issues resolved early because this afternoon I have to spend teaching a class (old job). Then there is the matter of getting my office configured the way I want (hopefully). I know they’ll adjust for my ergo assessment….now I’m just hoping I can shift everything around (don’t want my back to my door) and get it setup for my left-handedness.

It’s early, I need more coffee, and I have less than 30 minutes to get my butt in gear, dressed, and out the door. Mornings suck.

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