Let the gluttony begin!

Tonight begins the first of many holiday gatherings.  My (client) team from work is having dinner at Kitchen 1924.  They are supposed to get a feel for what our likes and dislikes are, and then prepare a customized 4-course meal to us, complete with wine pairings!  Sounds kind of cool. 

Our team was recently made larger by combining us with another group.  At least one, frequently two, of them drives me batty.  I’m making sure I’m on the far end of the table from him.  No telling what would come out of my mouth after a few glasses of wine!  Previous years, our team has always been very laid back, very tell-it-like-it-is, fairly close, and had a good time while emptying many, many, many bottles of wine.  This year, with the additional folks and a pregnant lady, it will be a different environment, I’m sure.

Thursday, my actual employer’s team of people on site at [client] (which also includes the one that drives me batty) are having lunch at the Mercury Grill.  Another place I’ve never been.  I find it funny that our boss had to specify NO JEANS.  At [client], we have no dress code.  Most of us dress business casual pretty regularly.  But some of us also have to meet with customers and lead meetings, etc, which call for more business-appropriate attire.  There is a subset that business casual is as dressy as they get.  And, of course, those people were the first to complain about not being able to wear jeans.  For crying out loud, it’s a free lunch!  Put on some nice slacks and shut up about it.  😛

Friday night is my birthday party.  I’m hosting it at my house again this year.  Nothing says celebrate like not having to drive yourself home afterwards!  Still need to pick up some food for that.  I’m taking Friday off from work, so will probably just go shopping that morning.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I won’t be up before noon!  So I’ll shop about an hour before people are to start arriving, knowing me.

Now that I think about it, I had a meal out last week, too.  Boss [client] took me to lunch at a french restaurant (yet another I’d never been to….can you tell I don’t get out much??) on Thursday to discuss my transition into my new job, which I will be starting next year.  I am actually being hired on by my client company.  I’ve been there for almost NINE YEARS but never actually worked for them.  How crazy is that?  So I’ll be working for that company come 2008.  Not in the same department.  Not in the same role.  Not exactly the same kind of work.  Not in the same building.  So it will be a fresh change of pace and I’m really looking forward to it!  Did I mention I’m getting a heck of a raise?!  :)

I do feel sorry for current [client] boss and team.  I’m trying to prepare them as much as possible with lists and contacts and processes and such.  Hence the massive effort to do a brain dump into the knowledge base before I go.  I know, since I’ll still be there basically, they’ll be able to call me when needed though.

I am so hungry right now.  I had a very light lunch….gotta save room for tonight’s feast!

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