Let the chips fall where they may.

Despite the wet, cold weather, Thanksgiving at Lake Fork was great. We were trying to figure out when the last time ALL of us kids and our parents were together for a holiday. I don’t think we ever came up with an exact time, but for sure it was more than a decade ago. Add to that all of the nieces and nephews (with the exception of Dilbert’s daughter and her bunch) and it was a madhouse of mayhem, fudge pie, and jailhouse rolls.

Dilbert’s new house was christened with the chaos of its first holiday gathering. It worked out perfectly because there was plenty of room to spread out. Plus RedBaron & fam drove their motorhome out. I think it was their retreat to peace and quiet! Anyway, there was much laughter and silliness, and of course, Texas Hold ‘Em.

Coming back to town and to work was a bit of a drag, but I’m exploring some potentially interesting possibilities. Actually had a job interview today that I think went pretty well. It’s for a position in a different business where I currently work (read where, not for whom). I have until Thursday morning to decide if I want to persue it. The lady I met with wants to make a decision next week and, if I’m game, would consider me on her short list of candidates.

I’ve got a call with GP HR tomorrow. They’ve been circulating my resume internally as well so I want to see what, if anything, they have/can come up with. Plus more followup conversation with my current boss about how he sees my existing role evolving.

Hopefully I’m arming myself with enough information to make smart decisions. And, if nothing else comes of it, I’ve gotten to refresh my interviewing skills and let it be known that I’m open to new opportunities.

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