I want to get away.

And so I shall…tomorrow I leave for my first-ever trip to New York. I’m still not convinced I’ll get to see much of it while I’m there, but I’ll do what I can. I’m charging the battery and dusting off my old Kodak DX6490 as I write this, so at least I’ll have a camera with me.

I think I’ve got everything I need. Went shopping yesterday and got a new suit…my first time ever shopping at the big girl store, but at least I found something that fits nicely and is pretty darn cute while still projecting a professional image. I refrained from using this as an excuse to buy new shoes, although that would’ve been nice. Instead, I get to be me and wear some chunky brown suede heels I already own.

Oh, and I got 6+ inches of hair whacked off. No one ever even notices when I get my hair cut, but this time it is actually different. Not drastically, but noticeable I think. I’ve got bangs. Long-ish ones, but not long enough to tuck behind my ear. That’s driving me a bit crazy, but in weeks, they’ll be long enough I’m sure. And I have layers! I’ve been wanting some but they always tell me my hair is too thin. Apparently not, because I have them now and I like them. My hair isn’t so limp now and actually has a tiny bit of volume.

I’m all packed except for the camera and the laptop. And a few books to set free along the way. Think I’ll find some dinner and get ready to watch the game!

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