We use to be so close together.

Reasons I am an idiot:

Walking around all day in the sun without a drop of sunscreen on. When will I learn?

The roundup was fun today. It was neat watching them cook everything. MrsDrillTeam and I got to sample some of the leftovers and thought they were yummy. The sourdough rolls I could eat for days. The chicken fried steak was super tender and crispy. Just yum. AggieGirl said that was the worst they’ve ever done. :( If that was bad, I can’t wait to taste good! She can blame me…she was too worried I was going to get a picture of her ass to concentrate on the cooking! Nicole and I have decided we are more than willing to drive out to Glen Rose and let them cook for us! I haven’t had a chance to download the pics yet, but I hope I got some good ones for them, especially considering…

As fun as today was, a dark cloud hung over me to the point of nausea. It was all I could do to try not to think about it. When I pulled Samuel L out of my bag this morning to get batteries and such ready, I discovered she (yes, she) was badly injured. Her side was gaping open on the bottom corner. WTF?!?! Thirty minutes of panic and tears and much foul language, along with a tiny screwdriver and pleas to the camera gods, I managed to get the piece back in place and had my fingers crossed that I’d mended her. I was running late by this point, so scooped everything up and, with my heart in my stomach, took off for McKinney.

When I got to the roundup and started to take pictures, I realized that wasn’t her only injury. Autofocus: not functioning. Manual focus: barely functioning. The absolute only thing that makes sense is that she was dropped at some point, landed on her edge, and jammed the lens. FURIOUS ANGRY THOUGHTS.

Back to the reasons I am an idiot:

I will NEVER EVER EVER bring her to a happy hour again. While I cannot confirm that this is when it happened, it was the last time I used her and the first time I noticed the time had reset. I don’t know what happened. As far as I’m concerned, I may have done it myself. I know better. She’s not a toy and shouldn’t be passed from hand to hand anyway. Sober Daisy would NEVER allow that.

I stopped at Best Buy on the way back. Thank God I bought the extended warranty!! The manufacturer’s warranty ended a few weeks ago. The shitty part is, they have to ship her off for repairs. And it will be roughly a week and a half before I get her back. That was such a hard decision to make. I’m going to New York for the first time ever next week. And to Tucson the following week. The idea of facing either without Samuel L in hand seriously majorly upsets me. But I figured maybe, just maybe, she’ll be back before Tucson if I get things started now.

So I left Best Buy with my camera bag empty and a lump in my throat. And yeah, there were tears. Screw you if you can’t understand!

Get well soon, Samuel L.

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