Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

What’s that saying? Too many pots on the stove. Kettles in the fire. Something like that. Anyway, that’s what I feel like. I’ve started all these cool little projects lately and am only half-assing them because realistically, I can’t tackle them all at once. So I’m just going to step back and pick one at a time to give each the attention it needs.

Work is….well, work. I’m going to Tucson again in a few weeks, but am determined not to spend all of the time either at the office or in the hotel room again. I’m going to stay a day and a half over and try to make a mini-vacation out of it. Been doing some research and definitely going to check out the Sonora Desert Musuem as well as the San Xavier Mission. Those both look as though they will provide hours of happy entertainment for myself and Samuel L. I’m hoping to bring either Sparticus or Dee with me, too, if I ended up checking a bag. We’ll see.

I just finished watching Hannibal Rising. I’d read the book a couple of months ago and wasn’t very impressed with it. Sadly, I felt the same way about the movie. While some of Hannibal’s growing guiltless malice was fun to watch, I think they just made that leap too abruptly. Surely he wasn’t the only one to experience the extreme horrors of war…so where are the rest of the “monster”s? The movie does stay pretty true to the book, so I give it credit for that. But the book wasn’t much to work with in the first place. So sad, I expected great things for Hannibal’s back story.

I’m off to the Chuckwagon cookoff this weekend to take pictures of AggieGirl in action! Sounds like a pretty cool event, and another fun photo-expedition. Cat is going to meet up with me to take some photos of her own. YAY! Or should I say yeehaw!

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